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Now that the Tacoma Police are accreditated by CALEA will that make a difference?

I doubt it. CALEA made me pay $60 to obtain a copy of their 463 standards. I noticed I couldn't find if they addressed the Tacoma Police policy of not notifying parents if their child is listed as a witness in a criminal report if the child witnesses a crime. According to the police it is the child's responsibility to notify the parent and notification isn't required by state law. I am still waiting for CALEA's response.

CALEA requires good community relations. Last month I made an appointment to review the Tacoma Police accreditation papers. (I made the request under the Washington Public Disclosure Act.) When I arrived at the police headquarters I discovered they do not have visitor parking. You have to walk over a tenth of a mile to get to their office. They do have parking space for themselves in front of the building. They also have lobby space for themselves.

I was really impressed with the way they maintain their exhibit in the lobby. What are they trying to tell us?

When I finally found parking I was told their attorney and person who orchestrated the accreditation weren't available. So sorry. What are they afraid of? How does CALEA monitor compliance with their standards? I'll ask? 01/14/2011

The biggest questions are who in Tacoma Police Department Management approved the pay, did the officers get approval to use their squad cars and by whom?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Posted by Ian Demsky @ 08:30:58 am Tacoma News Tribune

The city of Tacoma paid the wages of an as yet undetermined number of police officers while they participated in a charity basketball tournament in late May, city officials said Tuesday.

The investigation, which was based on a “whistleblower” complaint filed with the city manger’s office June 1, is continuing. It was still unclear how many officers participated, how were on duty or whether, as the complaint alleges, additional officers had to cover their shifts on overtime. The anonymous complaint also claims officers were paid for a full 10-hour shift, even through the game lasted only a couple of hours and that they were paid for practice sessions in the weeks leading up to the tournament.

One of the reasons there are so many unknowns is that one of the key individuals has been on vacation, city spokesman Rob McNair-Huff said.

“What we have been able to determine is that there were some police department staff who apparently were compensated while playing in the basketball game,” he said.

The May 29 event was the fifth annual contest between Tacoma’s police and fire departments to benefit the Hilltop Action Coalition.

The “Hilltop Challenge” raised about $7,000 this year, said Jeanie Peterson, the non-profit’s director of community initiatives.

She said she hoped the investigation didn’t overshadow the good the event does. Proceeds from ticket sales and ads placed in the brochure help fund the group’s efforts to clean up the Hilltop neighborhood.

“We’ve reduced crime with by 80 percent on the Hilltop through the partnership that we’ve built over the years with community policing,” Peterson said. “It’s a way for community to give back to our agency.”

She said the event is not only a good way to build camaraderie between the two agencies, but promoted physical fitness among the officers.

This year, the firefighters won 80-68, bringing their total victories to four, the agency said in a news release on its Web site. The Tacoma Police have claimed a single victory.

There were no photos showing the number of police players; 13 people are featured in the firefighters’ victory shot.

KOMO-TV, which reported on the allegations Monday, reported that one firefighter was also on duty during the event. Fire Department spokeswoman Jolene Davis said that upon further review, the firefighter had actually been using a vacation day.

Nor did the fire team get together and practice while on duty, she said. Firefighters are, however, allowed and encouraged to use one hour of their 24-hour shifts for physical fitness.

It was also unclear Tuesday whether city employees have been paid during past years while participating in the game.

Police Chief Don Ramsdell issued a memo to all personnel on June 17 stating that “effective immediately, all events requesting department participation for fundraising purposes will be done on a volunteer basis and not on paid duty time. This will include preparation and/or practicing for the event.”

Wonder have KOMO broke the story?


Tacoma Police Are Not The Only Ones With Law Enforcement Background

This should make them cry since I am suppose to know nothing about law enforcement. Go to the year 1971 and see if you can find Phyllis A. Barrett. I also was a distinguished honor graduate from US Treasury School. Fraud was my speciality until I did too good a job. US Customs Today Women in Customs History



Impartiality at the News Tribune? You be the Judge


Tacoma city manager gets praise, criticism in evaluation

JASON HAGEY; The News Tribune

Published: July 15th, 2008 02:48 PM | Updated: July 15th, 2008 06:22 PM

Council members said Anderson has obtained a “high degree of credibility with the public and the media,” adding that Tacoma’s image is improving. Under suggestions for improvement, one council member wanted to see an increased effort to attract more “marketing” of Tacoma, and rely less on “reporters covering stories.”

They said it I didn’t.


Who Runs Tacoma?

If this doesn’t prove who runs Tacoma and how the police do selective law enforcement nothing does. This is reprinted from the biggest apologists of the police the Tacoma New Tribune!

Fireworks in town? $257 fine Tacoma council makes possession or use of pyrotechnics a ticketable offense

DAN BEEKMAN; The News Tribune Published: June 13th, 2007 01:00 AM

Using or possessing fireworks is a criminal offense in Tacoma, but police haven’t made a fireworks-related arrest in years.

Dropping violators off downtown, collecting evidence and slogging through the court system just hasn’t been worth the time.

That’s why the Tacoma City Council decided to try a new approach to curbing fireworks abuses, voting unanimously Tuesday night to approve an ordinance decriminalizing fireworks violations but establishing a hefty $257 fine.

“This has been a frustrating set of circumstances for the public and this council,” said Councilman Rick Talbert. “We had criminal infractions but no arrests.”

As of June 28, breaking Tacoma’s fireworks ban will be treated as a civil infraction, rather than a misdemeanor.

Think traffic ticket. Think expensive traffic ticket. “We’re attempting to address this problem in people’s pocketbooks,” Talbert said.

The ordinance initially called for a $513 fine, but that amount was reduced for various reasons. Scaling back allows the city room to bump up the penalty if citizens don’t comply. And police officers will be more inclined to write a citation that carries a smaller fine, council members and police agreed.

The Council was quick to defend its decision, insisting that the adoption of a suitable penalty will promote more complete enforcement.

“This shows that we do want our officers to be writing citations,” said council member Bill Evans. “We’re in favor of a safe and sane Fourth of July for our children, grandchildren and animals throughout the city.”

Two police squads dedicated to enforcing Tacoma’s fireworks ban will go on patrol June 28, one in the North End and one in the South. On July 1, two additional squads will hit the streets. They’ll be on the lookout for violators through July 6.

“I don’t know how many arrests we’ll make this year,” said Tacoma police Capt. Mike Miller. “It’ll definitely be a lot higher than zero.”

Of course, the ordinance won’t solve the city’s fireworks problem right away. “Behavior changes over time,” said Council member Connie Ladenburg. “There will still be fireworks set off this year.”

Nevertheless, Tacoma officials believe the ordinance should have a positive effect. “I think it will be a deterrent,” Miller said. “Much more appropriate than jail time.”

No citizens at Tuesday’s meeting expressed concern over the ordinance.

Tacoma also has chosen to scrap its fireworks hot line, where residents were instructed to lodge complaints in recent years. Too much was expected from the hot line, Miller said.

Enforcement information will be available on the city’s Police Department and Fire Department Web sites, Miller said. In addition, the Fire Department will launch an educational program soon with information booths at the Tacoma Dome, Cheney Stadium, Taste of Tacoma, the Freedom Fair and farmer’s markets.

Dan Beekman: 253-597-8876 dan.beekman@thenewstribune.com

Want to read a good fictional book about Tacoma? Try “The King of Methlehem” by Mark Lindquist who is a Pierce County Prosecutor. 6-15-07


The Trib is getting good!

The Tacoma News Tribune, a part of McClatchy, has a propensity to delete my posts on comments on newspaper articles. They outdid themselves today. It took them less than TWO MINUTES! When my daughter was at Stadium High School my daughter said she didn’t feel safe there as kids can bring guns to school. (This was a couple of months before all the shootings.) The assistant principal replied, “Kids do not bring guns to school.”. “You are safe here.” (A kid later brought a gun to Stadium and committed suicide. Now we have Virginia Tech, Columbine and Foss High School)Wow it got put back up.(4/21/07)


Does This Surprise Anyone?

Tacoma detective reprimanded by department

(Cloud is an internet activist on police domestic violence.)

The News Tribune

Published: February 10th, 2007 01:00 AM

Article: http://www.thenewstribune.com/ news/crime/ story/6362812p- 5677226c. html

Comments http://community. thenewstribune.com/?q=node/ 9681

TACOMA IS TRAUMATIC. Submitted by cloud on February 11, 2007 - 11:54am



Of 71 cases investigated in some cases justice was delayed. In other cases, it was apparently denied... KING 5 has turned up an internal affairs report that shows his commanders determined Baker potentially compromised case after case by failing to thoroughly investigate, collect evidence, or write reports in a timely manner. In at least one case, a follow-up report wasn't filed for five years. Rape, child molestation and even voyeurism, all allegedly went under investigated... in one case in which a teenage girl may have been molested, the report says because the case was not investigated in a timely manner the statute of limitations expired and it couldn't be tried... a woman who says she was gang raped but Baker didn't investigate... the most high-profile cases --- rapes, kidnappings and assaults... sexual assault prosecutor Mary Robnette is named as one of the people who filed a complaint against Baker. But she came to his defense... Baker got 20 days suspension and was able to use 10 days of vacation time. He's back on duty working as a detective...

------------ --------- --------- --------- - ------------ --------- --------- --------- -

I cannot IMAGINE how much harm TPD Baker has done. He should owe the city back the money he got paid, and be made accountable for all the victims' sense of ABANDONMENT at their most VULNERABLE time - whose fates, lives, and safety were put into his hands! This IS as bad as it appears, right? What he's done can't be undone. If he gets leniency, let's thin the jail population too because a lot of incarcerated individuals have done much less harm, or only committed mere material crimes. THESE NEGLECTED SEX CRIMES SLAY SOULS. Some girl may have been enduring further MOLESTATION because Baker was on cruise? A GANG RAPE uninVEStigated? Detective Baker KNOWS the DEPTH of uninvestigated sex crimes! As a detective in the SEXUAL ASSAULT UNIT, he KNOWS. As the department's FORENSIC videographer, he KNOWS. This is not a ten-or-twenty- days-OFF- of-work offense! This is beYOND "burn-out." This is beyond how long he's been on the force or what commendations he recieved in days gone-by.

There's no law to jail him under?

Or at LEAST no personnel POLICY that demands that our sworn officers are COMPETENT? Demands that DELIBERATELY neglecting the MOST VULNERABLE & DISEMPOWERED of victims is inTOLERABLE?

Nothing in the policies that say that an officer of this kind must be fired -withOUT the option of "resigning?" He KEEPS his certification?

In TACOMA? I can see it anywhere but here. We here should be TOO THROUGH with half-steppers. Rebuilding trust is going to take PUBLIC displays of handling corrupt (yes corrupt) cops with zero tolerance.

I don't care if he's been on the force a thousand years and THEN went bad. He went bad.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

Too bad to keep. That's not a JUDGEment on his "personality. " It was his deCISion. A RISK he took.

THANK GOD FOR KING5! But this IMPLIES that there is more rot still clinging to the cage wires. King5 shouldn't be able to out anything from Tacoma. TPD and the City of Tacoma should have had this handled before KING5 had to demand the information.

Sad days. Another set of sad days.

Tacoma does not need anymore of this.

Detective Baker blew a good thing - he himself did it, and his good thing needs to be over.

It is NOT a bad reflection on a department to have a bad officer. It is a bad reflection on a department - and city - to keep them.

Please get rid of him, counsel him to adjust to a new career and lessen his risk to himself, etc., but he needs to be gone. And as a person of color, I'd like to see him take The Tacoma PD's "I-hate-f*cking Mexicans" Bill Meeks with him.


Citizen Cloud

Coincidence Time in Tacoma Again?

Bob Sheehan was one of David Brame’s staunchest supporters as was our mayor Bill Baarsma. Brame is history. Bob Sheehan was just promoted from Tacoma Police Lieutenant to Assistant Chief. Assistant Chief Mielbrecht was demoted to captain. Why were all the Tacoma Police Captains passed over for promotion? At a Tacoma City Council meeting I had the following to say until I was interrupted. Councilman Stenger and Mayor Baarsma thought I was insinuating ?.

The detective investigating Moe Wear and Lee Giles for pedophilia was a good buddy of David Brame. The new assistant chief, Bob Sheehan, was a good buddy of Brame’s. At the city council meeting the Tuesday before the newspapers exposed the Brame divorce I told Sheehan I had a copy of Brame’s divorce papers. Sheehan wasn’t interested in the divorce papers nor did he seem concerned I might expose the accusations between Crystal and David Brame. Sheehan was only interested if I had a copy of what Hathaway had put in his e-mail for that Tuesday. Sheehan didn’t look too happy when I showed the e-mail to him.

Stenger and Baarsma stopped me here. What do you think I was insinuating?

Who supported Baarsma for reelection?



Bill's Biography http://www.billbaarsma.com/biography.htm

My Vision for Tacoma http://www.billbaarsma.com/visionstatement.htm

JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT EVENT! Campaign Fundraiser for Bill.

DATE: Thursday, September 29, 2005 TIME: 5:30 to 7:30 PM LOCATION: Rhodes Mansion - (Residence of Geoff Corso & Marshall McClintock) 701 North J Street Tacoma, WA 98403

A commitment to equality, diversity and a progressive vision for the City of Tacoma ....

ENDORSED BY: ... Bob Sheehan...Tom Stenger

When Lakewood had a problem with its officer over a sexual matter they invited an outside agency to investigate. In a press release Thurston County sheriff's Capt. Jim Chamberlain said he preferred to let the Lewis County Sheriff's office speak to the news media about the arrest. It's customary to ask another sheriff's office to investigate allegations against law officers, he said. Why is the TPD, and more importantly Brame’s buddy Shipp, investigating Giles and Moe?

Moe Wear was evaluated for depression at Western State Hospital. She alleges pedophilia is more wide spread then just her and Giles case, but, she is being discounted because of her depression. Giles’ and Wear’s trial is scheduled for 1/23/07. Will they go to trial or will there be a plea bargain?

Politics as usual in Tacoma (1/20/07)


Jeff Shipp Investigates The Face of Tacoma Police Lee Giles an Alleged Pedophile

Tonight I commented to Tacoma Police Chief Ramsdale that some people have concerns that Shipp is investigating Giles. Ramsdale retorted, "He's a good detective." I mentioned he was Brame's friend. Ramsdale, "I don't know about that." He might want to read the WSP report.
"TRANSFER Effective February 24, 2003 Detective Jeff Shipp transfers from the Special Investigations Division to the Office of the Chief of Police."

And in the Brame investigation what was the accusation against Office-of-Chief-of-Police Detective Shipp?

"Removal of items from David Brame's apartment after the 2003 shootings." 8-08-06

Can People Connect the Dots?

When I told a higher level Tacoma Police Department Cop that I have documentation that I am still a target his response was all the people involved in my case(s) are gone from the Tacoma Police Department and I can come to him if something happens in the future. (Fat chance!) How does he know all the people are (supposedly) gone? +Lee Giles+ Moe Wear+ Brame+ Meeks+ New Horizons Sex Club+ Pedophilia+ Hilltop Police Substation+ Mikey+ +. (8-4-06)

If Anyone Doubts Tacoma Police Union Local 6 Runs Tacoma Read Councilman Talbert's Deposition!"


(6 Jan 06)

Property Tax Exemption Program for Multifamily Development

Below is the link for the report. Even though Seattle is the highest priced city in the United State Tacoma uses 90% of the Seattle/Tacoma CPI to determine Tacoma City Employee wages. City employees also get 100% of their medical and their family's medical paid by Tacoma. 52 % of city employees do not live in Tacoma. In the report go to page 62 and read on. The consultant, Greg Easton, advises Tacoma to not require contractors to use HUB or LEAP contractors (Minorities) as that may increase the cost to the developers. He also advises Tacoma not to require developers to pay Tacomans prevailing wages as that may cut into the developers profit. Why does this happen? Tacomans allow it. Here are 2 sample pages as the report can not be copied. If you want the whole report e-mail me at phyllab@hotmail.com and I'll send the whole report.




1. John Ladenberg our current Pierce County Executive Officer was the Pierce County Prosecutor. When he was the prosecutor his office sued me under the Becca Bill. They wanted me to pay $50 a day when my daughter wasn’t in school. I won the court case.

2. I met a fellow who said he came to Tacoma from California. He told me how easy it would be to pick me off on Ruston Way with a 30/ott.

3. Someone used a gun that could have been an Uzi to try to shot my daughter on 5 Mile Drive. The police would not even take the jacket of the bullet out of the back window of her car. David Brame’s brother was supervisor of the Assault Unit. David Brame was supervisor of the detectives. According to Sharon McGavick a former Tacoma City Councilwomen the police determined it was not a murder attempt but aggravated assault so it did not need to be investigated. The Tacoma News Tribune was silent about the incident. A few days later they did print a blurb about someone firing a bb gun on I-5. David Brame bragged he had the Tacoma News Tribune in his “back pocket”.

4. Two weeks in a row in July my dog and a cat “accidently” died.

5. Here is my latest e-mail: From : Richard Chance Sent : Thursday, August 4, 2005 12:13 PM To : phyllab@hotmail.com Subject : police gas | | | Inbox you know what you old whiny bitch. You got a problem with our police force. Tacoma's Police Department is undoubtedly the hardest working, finest police department in the state. If you don't like it take your ass to some uncivilized country like somalia where you don't have to put with the awful fucking police protecting from thieves, murderers, and rapists. Go fend for yourself against large, crazy, horny, coked up militants with AK 47's. God damn those police for protecting from us from rampaging lunatics. fuck you you old hag. (8/5/05)


Will Police Magazine Allow All the Facts to Be Known About Privately Assigned Patrol Vehicles?

The following article was in Police Magazine. Cutting Car Costs by Jon LeSage Despite often prohibitive operating requirements, police fleet managers can realize savings using tricks of the trade. http://www.policemag.com/t_home.cfm

I wrote the following email to david.griffith@policemag.com Can I write a rebuttal on Tacoma take home vehicles? I am very familiar with the Mann report and the Mercury Report which wasn't mentioned in the article. Unlike the article I will use documentation that I have got from Fleet to support my position. Remember this is former Chief Brame terrority. Did you ever read Tacoma's reasoning they made Brame chief? Phyllis A. Barrett, Tacoma, WA 98405 My web site is www.discovertacoma.com. (4-22-2005)


Carroll Buracker did a performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department. He found the police have a practice he called Fat Thursday. Every patrol officer works on Thursday regardless of when Tacoma has the most crime which is on Saturday. The reason every officer worked on Thursday was the police union had a contract where officers had either Friday, Saturday and Sunday off or they had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off hence everyone had to work on Thursday to accomodate the schduling. Last spring Mayor Baarsma announced work scheduling would not be part of a police union contract. Supervisors were free to schedule officers when the supervisors felt the officers were needed. Someone lied. The police still have Fat Thursday. They are working with a 2001-2003 contract. Because of Fat Thursday the police utilized much overtime. Now the police announced they are over budget because of overtime. They added they would have to get rid of the CLO Program because of the budget crunch. The CLO Program has 2 police officers assigned to each of the 4 sectors as community liaison officers. Now the police say again scheduling is a bargaining item for their union contract. We were lied to. Now we are being blackmailed with the elimination of the CLO Program. Tacomans are paying more than they should for supposed police protection. The police union gets to keep Fat Thursday regardless of what Tacomans need. The Tacoma Police Union comes first. The union is one of the first donors with campaign donations for our (supposedly “our”) city council and mayor. If you think this is bad see read on. (12-5-04)


Mercury & Associates Shame Shame on You

I reviewed the Cost-Benefit Analysis of (Tacoma) Assigned Police Vehicles. Professor Donald Lauria, a professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC wrote the study. His area of expertise is water supply and sanitation in developing countries.

One of his theories was to use the cost benefit analysis to study the cost of patrol take home vehicles. To him it did not matter who pays the cost of the program as long as society as a whole benefits. To quote him, “BC (It is now benefit cost not cost benefit.) analysis treats society as a whole and pays no attention to who benefits and who pays.” (p iv) His conclusion is on page 31, “Thus the take-home policy is clearly best for society as a whole.” (74% of Tacoma police officers do not live in Tacoma.) In other words Tacomans should foot the bill as long as the police union members benefit and people in other cities feel safe.

He used a questionnaire to study Tacomans feelings on PAVs (Privately Assigned Vehicles) He admits on page 11 that he gave the questionnaire to Neighborhood Councils, “Whether the respondents represent the citizens of Tacoma is uncertain.” Nothing deterred Professor Lauria he went on to use the results of the questionnaire anyway.

He included detective vehicles in the study when in fact those vehicles were not at issue.

He continued to allude to mileage on the vehicles-commuting distance for officers (p 5): mileage used by officers for moonlighting (p 6) and: he alluded to maintenance costs being based on mileage. (p 23) What Professor Lauria does not mention is the police do NOT keep track of mileage. The police have a maintenance contract for which they pay Equipment Rental whether vehicles are serviced or not. For a brand new patrol cars the police pay more for a maintenance contract on each one then they do for the vehicle. For each motorcycle that costs $13,000 a piece they pay $40,000 for a maintenance contract. The voters decided the city should not buy a Costco Building. The Tacoma Police Union said they would not allow their headquarters to be in the Costco Building. They wanted a separate building. Tacoma bought the Costco building to house Equipment Rental/Fleet Services. Now the city has to come up with 7 million dollars to pay for the Costco building. The city is laundering money through the police department as maintenance contracts to pay for the Costco Building.

Professor Lauria wrote, “Police cars are replaced when they have about 100,000 miles.”. (P 23) While in reality when the police had pool vehicles they retired them at 24,000, 36,000, 65,000 miles. They told me they did not like to drive old cars so they retired the vehicles in batches regardless of the mileage of the vehicle in the batch. On page 30 he says the patrol cars get 15 miles to the gallon when in reality they get 10 miles to the gallon.

Professor Lauria of Mercury & Associates admits he can not compare repair rate for other localities. (p 24) He recommends “Fleet services should make an audit of its costs and services, including comparisons with other municipal fleet departments.

He said when patrol officers (Who he said are being paid $45 per hour.) were not assigned their own vehicles the officers admitted “They (the vehicles) were given rough treatment, abused, dirty and not very well maintained.” (p 35) He wrote about parking costs for the vehicles at Costco as if Costco had no parking space. Get rid of this million dollar albatross of 100 patrol vehicles. So called parking will not be a problem. He also ignored that we are not only going to have a new police headquarters, but, we will have a building for police officers for each sector.

To show you how ridiculous his figures he gave a table showing the average time to check out pool vehicles according to the officers. He mentioned it took the chief- 37 minutes, captains 31 minutes, lieutenants 26 minutes and sergeants 26 minutes. All of these police officers had assigned vehicles. The police chief certainly did not use a pool vehicle. (p 6.)

There were even most inconsistencies in his report and absurd theories like the present value of a patrol vehicle, but, I believe I have demonstrated how out of kilter this $49,000 report is. Now it is up to the citizens to either take charge or continue to pay ever increasing, sales and property taxes and indirectly B&O (Business and Occupational) taxes.

This is a warning if you have a weak or queasy stomach do not go to “What’s New?”. What's New? (5 Dec 04)


Mercury Associates, Inc a Maryland Corporation Will Determine if the Police Patrol Take Home Program is Cost Effective

Is this firm going to look at maintenance costs? The police pay Equipment Rental, another city agency $40,000 for a maintenance contract on each $13,000 motorcycle? NO! Are they going to be looking at maintenance costs for patrol vehicles? NO! Are they going to look at gasoline costs? NO! Are they going to look at commuting costs for the vehicles? NO! Are they going to look at how much it costs the police (taxpayers) to use the patrol vehicles for moonlighting? NO!

What are they going to do for their $34,940 contract? They are going to do a survey to ask the neighborhood councils what they think of the take home program. They are going to look at a pattern of calls for the police to see how the resources are being used.



Tacomans Need a Wake Up Call!

Again I will urge neighborhood councils to send representatives to all the committee meetings. They need to go to Public Safety and the Performance Audit Committees. I knew the police had another set of vehicles they do not speak about. I have learned a Tacoma business buys these particular cars for the police. The interesting thing is the police only pay $45 an hour for automobile repair to this business. Compare that to the $61 an hour Fircrest pays for repairs to Equipment Rental. Compare that $45 an hour to the $480 a month the police pay to Equipment Rental for a maintenance contract on each motorcycle that is under warranty. By the time the police retire the motorcycle the police will have paid $40,000 for a maintenance contract not for actual repairs on a $13,000 motorcycle that should be under warranty. People need to become informed. People are getting exactly the government they deserve.

Below is the contrast between what the police pay a Tacoma vendor for actual repairs and the what the police pay Equipment Rental for a maintenance contract, not actual repairs on police vehicles.



Can You Believe This? No Wonder Tacoma is Broke!

See the chart at the end.

The police are finally getting their long awaited pay raise. One council member wanted to know why it took negotiators so long. When the negotiations for the police pay raise first started the police wanted a 15% pay increase because they carry a gun and drive a patrol car. You need to thank city negotiators for not caving into that outrageous demand.

Where is money coming from for the current pay raise? The police say it is coming from the police budget. Where in the police budget are they finding moneys for the pay raise? The police, before the Brame fiasco, said they could not get enough applicants for police officer. They said that was why they had so many vacancies. Yet, when I asked for a police officer application at the personnel department they said they could not give me one as so many people applied for the patrol officer job.

What did the police do with the salaries they had budgeted, but, did not use? If you said they are going to use the unused budgeted salaries for this the pay raise you are probably right. That is why they did not hire patrol officers

Again we are hearing the police are being very particular about hiring qualified applicants. Do not believe it. The police must need additional unused salary budget money to pay for this pay raise. As long as the police unions run Tacoma Politicians and the Tacoma Police Department there will only be cosmetic changes.

I know another place where the police can find money in the police budget for the pay raise. Where is it? We all know, the police, one government agency, are paying equipment rental, another government agency, $39,000 for a maintenance contract on each $30,000 patrol car. The patrol car should be under warranty.

I just uncovered more information on maintenance fees. Maintenance fees go from one government pot, the police budget, into another government pot at Equipment Rental. The following applies to each police motorcycle which should be under warranty. The police pay equipment rental $40,000 for a maintenance contract, on a $13,000 motorcycle.

We had two studies, Buracker's and Mann's, on the take home vehicle program which show it is not cost effective. It is a drain on the general fund. Even Mayor Baarsma's cohort, Bruce Mann could not prove it is cost effective to bring cars home. Now Mayor Baarsma wants to have a third study. It has to fail because of maintenance costs. Fircrest does have a contract with Equipment Rental to repair its vehicles, but, they pay $61.00 an hour for actual repairs.

I have no problem with officers bringing cars home in Tacoma. It rewards them for living here.

A friend of mine wanted me to ask you a question, "Do you really care about what is happening in Tacoma?"(2-24-04- Tacoma City Council meeting) The reserve is the rental fee. Yearly Reserve X Years = Vehicle Cost: Yearly Maintenance Cost X Years = Total Maintenance Cost


Maybe making this public will slow them down a bit!

With Purchase Resolution 36065 Equipment Rental, a city agency is going to purchase 11 Ford Taurus vehicles for $139,000 to lease to the police. The vehicles are replacement vehicles. The cars they are replacing should already have the bells and whistles-computers, sirens, lights so the total cost with tax of the 11 vehicles should only be around $153,000.

The police then lease the vehicles from Equipment Rental. If the police keep the vehicles for 10 years then the cost to lease each vehicle will be $120 a month. BESIDES paying for the leases the police will pay Equipment Rental another city agency, an ADDITIONAL $326 a month for a maintenance contract on each vehicle. The police will pay Equipment Rental $446 a month per vehicle. $120 will be the lease charge. $326 will be the maintenance contract cost. The police pay for the maintenance contract even on a brand new car. The police pay for the maintenance contract even if the police have no maintenance done on the car. The maintenance contract is almost 3 times the cost of the vehicle.

If the police keep these cars for 10 years the police will pay Equipment Rental $ $152,900 for the lease charges for the 11 patrol cars. In ADDITION, in 10 years the police will pay Equipment Rental $430,320 in maintenance contracts. The maintenance contract is almost 3 times the cost of the vehicles.

There is NO study which justifies the police paying Equipment Rental $326 a month for a maintenance contract. Yes, Fircrest does have a contract with Tacoma Equipment Rental to fix Fircrest's vehicles. But Fircrest ONLY pays Tacoma Equipment Rental $61 an hour for ACTUAL repairs done on the vehicles.

Bruce Mann, a fellow professor of Mayor Baarsma at the University of Pudget Sound did a study on the police vehicle take home program. Even with fudging the figures Mann could NOT prove it is cost effective to bring patrol vehicles out of Tacoma. The performance auditors, Buracker and Assoc., looked at the police vehicle take home program. They said it was NOT cost effective to have the police bring vehicles out of Tacoma. The county did a performance audit on take home vehicles. They found it is not cost effective to bring county cars home. Now your mayor wants to waste money on a FOURTH study to see if it is cost effective to bring vehicles home out side of Tacoma.

76% of police officers do not live in Tacoma. The Tacoma Police Union wants take home vehicles. The police use the vehicles to commute in. The police use the vehicles to moonlight in.

The Tacoma Police Union is VERY generous in their campaign contributions. Candidates want to get elected so the mayor and the council members take campaign contributions from the police union. The mayor and council members let the police union run Tacoma through them. (The following is for citizen's forum.)

For the last police vehicles not including the police vehicles purchased tonight the police are currently paying $326 a month for a maintenance contract to Equipment Rental. Plus they are paying Equipment Rental $321 for lease fees. In all, the police are paying Equipment Rental, another city agency $647 a month for a patrol vehicle. Mayor Baarsma said there is a study justifying the police paying $326 for the maintenance contract. I have asked for the study. There is no study.

Mayor Baarsma then said Fircrest is paying Equipment Rental for maintenance. I got a copy of the contract between Fircrest and Equipment Rental. Fircrest only pays Equipment Rental $61 dollars an hour for maintenance work actually done on the vehicle. I am sure the Fircrest Council would be run out of town on a rail if they paid Equipment Rental $326 a month for a maintenance contract on a brand new car.

Tacoma is transferring money THROUGH the police department to Equipment Rental to pay the 11 million dollars for the Costco upgrade that the voters turned down. Equipment Rental says it's hourly repair rate of $61 is comparable to rates charged by local car dealers. The rate for local car dealer repairs has a profit factor build into the rate. Obviously, if Equipment Rental charges the same hourly rate as an outside vendor then Equipment Rental is being run as an enterprise fund not a service fund. So why doesn't Equipment Rental pay taxes?

On another note, I asked the city manager, "How much money in salaries and/or consultant fees does TUI pay Ray Corpuz?" The answer, Tacoma does not know since the city does not have any public records related to TUI's internal operations. I asked who audits TUI for their contract with Tacoma. Their response, "No one audits TUI as they are not a publicly traded company." "The City determines whether or not we have received the services we contracted for when we verify/approve the invoice for payment." If Tacoma does not audit TUI how do they verify the invoice amount? Their response: "This is a function of contract administration for the TUI contract as it is for any and all other vendor contracts/payments." We are $30 million in the hole and there is no oversight on contracts. We pay whatever the contractor tells us to pay. It looks as if we are going to be paying a good long time on this new computer system that does not work. (If we don't get snowed out tomorrow this is what I'll say at the Tacoma City Council Meeting 1/6/04)


Why would the Tacoma City Council ignore the Tacoma Police paying $326 a month to Equipment Rental for a Maintenance Contract?

(The mayor thanked everyone for speaking tonight at the council meeting, but, me.)Tonight you are openly switching money from one department's budget to another department's budget in this year end biennium budget adjustment process. What is not being shown is how the city transfers other money from one department's budget to another department's budget. For instance money goes into the police department budget and next time you look the same money is in Equipment Rental, another city agency.

Why isn't the transfer being shown as a biennium budget adjustment tonight? How does money get from the police to Equipment Rental? Why do the city council and mayor not want you to know of this money transfer? I think I figured it out.

A few years ago Tacoma asked the citizens to pass Proposition 1. Tacoma wanted to include money for Equipment Rental in the proposed bond issue. Equipment Rental which is a part of Fleet Services had to move into the Costco building. Their old building was badly in need of repairs. The city estimated the improvements to the Costco building would cost 11 million dollars. The city wanted to use part of the bond money for improvements at Costco. The voters resoundingly voted no.

Now the city was in a dilemma. How were they going to raise the 11 million dollars to renovate Costco? Equipment Rental charges city departments such as the police department for leasing patrol vehicles and then sets that money aside to buy replacement vehicles. Catherine Mitchell offered one solution: The city could borrow money from its vehicle fund to pay for the 11 million dollar renovation at Costco.

Vehicle maintenance contract money also goes into that vehicle fund. Equipment Rental charges the police $326 for a monthly maintenance contract on a brand new patrol vehicle. This maintenance charge is outlandish. The city can not justify the maintenance charge. But this outlandish maintenance charge makes sense if the police maintenance contract money goes to Equipment Rental to pay for the 11 million dollar renovation to Costco.

People clamor for more money for public safety. They do not pay attention to how that money is being spent. (12-9-03)

Talk About Coincidences!

Yesterday I spoke with the FBI Agent, Mark Ferbrache. After all was said and done he referred me to the State Patrol. Below is a letter I wrote to him to confirm our conversation. Following the letter is part of a Seattle newspaper article written by Michael Ko: (206-515-5653 or mko@seattletimes.com) which discloses the police have a countywide (I believe higher)dues paying sex club. Notice Ferbrouche's response when I alluded to my daughter's letter in which she wrote, "You will see through my eyes the girl you have raped..."

Agent Ferbrache FBI Seattle 1110 Third Ave. Seattle, WA 98101-2904

This is to confirm our conversation of 11/17/03. If you disagree with anything in my letter please feel free to correct me. Every since the newspaper reported the "new sheriff has come to town" I have tried to contact you. To my knowledge today is the first time you bothered to respond.

We had a 10-15 minute conversation. I spoke with you about people making complaints to the local Tacoma FBI office about the Tacoma Police Department. You agreed the Tacoma office gets "thousands" of complaints a day about the TPD. You said you are busy sorting out people who have gotten a ticket and are just angry with the police. To be quite frank I would not stand outside in the winter time getting 6,000 signatures on petitions for performance audits because I got a ticket. I would not have gone to the WA Supreme Court to force Tacoma to do performance audits nor put up with the chicanery of the Pierce County Court.

As I told you there was a murder attempt on my daughter. Brame was head of the detectives and his brother was head of the assault unit. The police would not investigate. (They were too busy saying I was crazy. I believed in a conspiracy.) Someone tried to shot her. The TPD would not even take the jacket of the bullet out of the back window of her car. You suggested maybe the police had procedural problems. I should tell the WA State Patrol. When I told you I had been to them. They did nothing. When I asked you who I should call at The WSP you did not know. You just wanted me to call someone in Olympia at the WA State Patrol. When I advised you I had been that route and they brushed me off, you continued to tell me to go to them anyway. You said just be specific. By the way did I tell you I have been passing information to the WSP at CHOJEM@wsp.wa.gov, but, funny thing they stopped receiving my emails. The WA State Auditor looks the other way, but, you didn't want to hear that. The WA State Attorney General received my emails at emailago@atg.wa.gov,but, of course nothing has been done. I am sure you are aware Gregoire is running for governor. She has bragged she has received early support of the police unions.

I also spoke to you about the 400 Glocks the TPD can not account for. You did not seem that interested. You only wanted violations of federal law. Is the Rico Act is still in effect? As someone suggested to me maybe another government agency was involved in the transfer of the Glocks?

I told you about my daughter writing, "You will see through my eyes the girls you have raped and the people you have killed..." The TPD only laughed when I tried to tell them about the letter. When the police arrested the young man for rape the TPD response was, "It is only statutory rape." (He was only arrested when an "outsider" Arreola was Chief.) I tried to tell you about the protection offered this young man by an Air Force Lt.. Col., the police and the judges, but, you didn't listen.

This letter is going out on my web site www.discovertacoma.com under "Did You Know?". If you want to straighten me out about any misunderstanding I may have about our 1. conversation today please let me know. I will post your letter. One thing I have noticed at least with HUD when Tacoma was going to use future grant money as collateral for a current grant request I found the only interest in that fact was expressed by HUD in D.C.. The Seattle Office saw nothing wrong with the practice. In fact the Seattle Office was the office who approved the grant.

You said you didn't know who Council woman McGavick is, but you said you knew a lot of the TPD. A few years ago Buracker did a performance audit of the TPD. He outlined the mismanagement in the department, yet, when I spoke with you you never heard of him or his report. The results of the report had been in the paper for for 2 weeks. You seem to become more defensive the more I revealed about the TPD. You think they are good officers. I agree. Maybe an independent investigator should investigate the TPD.

Certified Mail: 7002 2410 0002 0902 6836

Sincerely, Phyllis A. Barrett

Letter is dated 11/18/2003

Following is part of the newspaper article published in the Seattle Times today.

One of the more unusual allegations in the report focuses on David Brame's involvement with other police officers in a countywide, dues-paying "sex club," and it recommends that a further investigation look at whether certain people gained promotions for participating.

The report did not name individual members of the club. But it said that Brame's tenure as chief was marked by a "preoccupation with sex and sexual topics in the workplace," and, at least once, he pursued a sexual relationship with an officer under his command.


Now You See It Now You Don't

Correct me if I am wrong. Feel free to stop me at any time. I do not want to mislead anyone. You have a Greater Tacoma Regional Convention Center Public Facilities District that has imposed motel taxes to pay for the Tacoma Convention Center. By state law, the state collects the motel tax. The public facilities district issues bonds to pay for the convention center. The state transfers the tax to the public facility to pay for the bonds. I have three questions 1. Can the motel tax be given to Tacoma to repay the bonds you are issuing tonight to pay for the convention center or can the motel tax revenues only be given to the public facilities? 2. If there is not enough motel tax raised to pay for the bonds you issue tonight who will be financially liable to pay the outstanding bonds? 3. Where will Tacoma find the money to pay off the bonds if they can not raise enough money from the motel tax?

By history, we know the general fund lent the convention center $15 million dollars. We know when Corpuz needed extra money he went to Equipment Rental, a city department, to get the extra money to balance the budget. Where does Equipment Rental, a city department, get their money? They get it from the police department. The police department pays Equipment Rental, another city agency, $326 a month for each squad car to do routine maintenance. The maintenance includes changing the oil, changing a flat tire. The police pay Equipment Rental $326 a month for maintenance for each patrol car even if a patrol car needs NO maintenance. By the time, the police sell the patrol car, the police will have paid Equipment Rental, a city agency, $39,000 for a routine maintenance contract on a $22,000 squad car. The police have over 200 cars. These figures do not include maintenance the police pay for detective vehicles. If a car needs body or fender work or major repairs the police pay a private company to do the repair work. After the maintenance money goes into Equipment Rental it sits there until the city manager or city council uses it for one of their pet projects.

I like Chief Ramsdale. I feel the police union and our elected officials have put him in a political quagmire. (City Council 10/28/03)

It is Election Year Again. The Citizens Get ******** Again

This proposal for a sales tax increase is ludicrous. We do not need one more tax increase. You never implemented the Buracker Police Performance Audit which showed you how to save money and improve police service. The first two recommendations of the Buracker audit were A. Develop a performance evaluation system for officers up to assistant chief. B. Develop an "Early Warning System" to identify officers with multiple complaints. Tacoma made an officer with complaints chief. Two people might be alive today and we would not have a $75 million lawsuit hanging over our heads if you had implemented the audit.

The auditors said if the police went back to 8 hour shifts instead of keeping the 4 10 hour shifts we would need only 115 patrol officers not 144 officers. The audit pointed out we are paying $49 per citizen more for police services than in other municipalities. Yet, we have the highest crime rate for a city this size on the West Coast. The answer is NOT hiring more officers. We have the highest number of police officers per person for a city our size on the West Coast. The answer is scheduling the officers when we have the most crime. Scheduling is the reason we do not have enough officers available to answer citizens' calls. The union contract dictates when police officers will work. The union contract said detectives would only work week days. The auditors pointed out the detectives are not working when we have the most crime. The auditors also learned the union's contract determines when patrol officers will work. They are not scheduled to work when we have the most crime. They suggested we go to the union and in my own words say, "Pretty please would you please work when we have the most crime?".

The following concept I want everyone to understand. Each police officer is assigned a patrol vehicle/motorcycle to commute in. The police can live wherever they please be it Gig Harbor, Fox Island. They can use our cars to commute to their moonlighting job. For instance, if an officer moonlights at SeaTac Airport an officer can use our patrol vehicle to commute back and forth from Fox Island to the airport.

Maintenance contracts for these police vehicles are a drain on the police budget. The police are paying another CITY AGENCY, Equipment Rental, $326 a month per car for a maintenance contract. The police are pay $326 for a maintenance contract on a brand new car for an oil change. The lease value charged for the patrol vehicle is the REPLACEMENT cost of the vehicle. This makes sense. Paying $326 a month per vehicle for a maintenance contract does not make sense. The police pay approximately $20,000 to $25,000 in lease costs to replace each patrol vehicle. According to the police maintenance contract with Equipment Rental, another city agency, the police will pay $39,000 for a maintenance contract for the life of a $25,000 vehicle. Buracker suggested, we can make the officer pay for the privilege of driving our cars for commuting. The citizens are taxed to the max. We give perks to police officers who do not want to work times when we have the highest crime rate.

Is Equipment Rental a slush fund? A few years back when Corpuz wanted to balance the budget he went to Equipment Rental to get the extra $3 million. The facts I presented tonight are on my web site at www.discovertacoma.com in Did you Know?(Tacoma City Council Meeting 8/19)

Baarsama Tried to Hoodwink the Public Again

Mayor, I asked you what the Tacoma Police Department was doing with the salaries in the police budget that was set aside for new officers. You reassured me the $600,000 would be put to good use. You tell citizens the reason you haven't hired more officers because you are having such a hard time finding qualified applicants. I know why you are having such a hard time finding qualified applicants you are not accepting applications for police officers.

I hope this helps Phyllis A. Barrett, , Tacoma, WA 98405 pager 253, phone 253 ps Did you know a private citizen who shouldn't have been registered to live in Tacoma, Channel 12, the League of Women Voters and the fire union are all busy changing the way Channel 12 handles elections? http://www.discovertacoma.com. That info will be coming shortly. (8/01/03 email to Baarsma)


Let's see Jim Walton our new interim city manager make the following two letters the same. (There was a dispute between Robin Jenkinson, Tacoma City Attorney and Phil Knudsen, Tacoma Human Resources. Knudsen said he asked to have Brame's gun taken from him before Brame killed his wife and himself. Jenkinson disagrees. Walton wants them to get their "stories" straight.) The two following letters speak for themselves. Did city officials know who Forbes and Ferry were? Who do you believe Marshall or Jenkinson? (The check Jenkinson referred to can be found on this page under check.gif)

Where are the 400+ guns? I went around to the gun shops in Tacoma. I asked if anyone had heard of Forbes or Ferry. The only gun shop who knew them was the BULLSEYE.


Why I Think I will Run for City Council.

Tacoma Mayor, Bill Baarsma stated the Tacoma Police Budget has money for salaries for 30 plus officers. He said the department is looking for qualified patrol candidates. Many people have asked me, "Since the police department isn't using the money in the police budget for salaries (We still need to hire the officers) then what is it using the money for?" I thought that was an excelent question so I asked it as the city council meeting last night. Baarsma responded the police have $600,000 extra in their budget that they will put to good use for other things. If I were a city council member I hope I would get a better, more detailed answer.(6/4/03)

Watch Tacoma Dance.

Brame was head of the detectives when the police refused to do an investigation of the murder attempt on my daughter. I filed this request under the Washington Public Disclosure Act today. The response ought to be interesting.

Tacoma Police, This is a request under the WA Public Disclosure Act. In the summer of 98 there was a murder attempt on my daughter and her friend on Five Mile Drive. (You called it aggravated assault.) I want a complete copy of that investigation. To include the investigator's and supervisor's recommendations as to how the case would be handled. As always you can reach me on my pager at...95/14/03)

Brame is only the tip of the iceberg.

Chris Quinn-Brintnall now is Acting Chief Judge on the Wa Court of Appeals, Division II. Brintnall was a Pierce County Prosecutor. In that position she sued me under the Becca Bill while my child was a runaway. Brintnall knew when my daughter was home I brought my daughter to school only to have her go in the front door and out the back door. Brintnall wanted me to give up my parental rights. A state social worker said to me that it would have been easier for them if I was not in the picture. Judge Orlando who sealed the telephone records I had subpoenead is now Pierce County Acting Chief Civil Judge.

Just how high up does this thing go?(5/11/03)


Elected Official Responses.

First let us say prayers for the forgotten ones. The women and children who have been battered and killed, but, their injuries, deaths escaped notice because they were not prominent enough. Could Chrystal's death been avoided if people had acknowledged problems with the police and court systems? Probably.

Dear Phyllis,

There is going to be an investigation by an outside agency—details will be announced soon. I would encourage you to contact that agency if you have any pertinent information.

Mike Lonergan

Tacoma City Council

Phyllis, Don't wait up for my phone call :) - Kevin (Phelps Tacoma City Council)

It is amazing how omniscient you are, Phyllis. I wish we all were as smart as you. (Dave Seago, Tacoma News Tribune)

Hi. I am doing all in my power to manage this situation in a professional and responsible manner. Please trust that I am making choices that I feel will be the best way full depth and gravity of this situation. The City Manager has stepped away from the investigation and his office as part of our effort to conduct a pure and open review of everything and anyone who can shed some light on how all this came to pass. An extensive independent investigation has begun and the investigators have been proved unfettered access to all information and personnel involving this issue. Any proof of wrong doing will be dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner. I want the truth revealed and I want corrections made to our system of hiring and promoting people within the police department. Most of all I want to improve the way domestic violence issues are reported and investigated in the future. We work to prevent any repetition of domestic abuse. I am participating in several efforts currently underway to improve the prospects for a positive outcome. We must break the chain of violence! And we must get back to the business of running the city. Doug Miller, Tacoma City Council Member

Baarsma, the mayor said thanks. (For the inf)(5/9/03)


Trib Complacency

Below is a letter the Trib won't print. Here in capsule form is the controversy. Citizens on the North End are complaining because the city turned off all their street lights. Now Tacoma wants the affected citizens to pay for new street lighting. At one meeting a city employee admitted the bare electric wires were only 5" under ground. The electric company told the fire department if there was a grass fire in the North End then the fire department needed to call the electric company first so they could turn off the transformer.

Coincidentaly the police from the chief down come to city council meetings whether they have any issues or not. They are the only department to do so. The police keep a close eye on our mayor, city council members and citizens who dare to speak.

Here is a letter that the Trib doesn't want to publish:

According to the Buracker Performance Audit Tacoma has the highest crime rate for a city this size on the West Coast. The general fund only has so many dollars for street lighting and public safety. Street lighting on some Tacoma Streets has been turned off because of budget constraints. It can't be turned on because of the electrical hazzard it poses. Tacoma says it doesn't have money to replace the lighting. Citizens feel unsafe.

How do the Tacoma Police spend their public safety dollars? Off duty police officers drive their Tacoma Patrol Cars to moonlight at SeaTac Airport. (SeaTac is in King County. Tacoma is in Pierce County.)Public safety dollars (Our general fund dollars) pay for the gas, maintenance and wear and tear on these vehicles. Do you want to spend public safety dollars on street lighting or so off duty police officers can use Tacoma Patrol Vehicles to commute to the airport to moonlight? (3/4/03)


Corpuz Check Mates the North End

Tacoma says the budget is 19 million dollars in the hole. The Mayor says the Convention Center money has nothing to do with the General Fund. I beg to differ with him. The Mayor voted on two of the following ordinances. These ordinances 26428, 26559 and 26649 show the general fund loaned the convention center 15 million dollars. Have those loans been paid back? How many other loans are outstanding and owed to the general fund by outside entities like the convention center? The city says the most current loan information they have is for December 31, 2001. The document they gave me shows the loans between government departments. The general fund lent Muni Bldg Construction $3,645,046, the general fund lent $1,000,000 for Track/Bridge repair, it lent Costco Construction Fund $6,400,000 and so on. My next question was, "Are loans owed to the General Fund considered as revenues for the upcoming budget?". Suppose Costco Construction repaid the $6,400,000 loan. Would that $6,400,000 loan repayment be considered one time special revenue? If we made Costco Construction Fund repay the loan now would that lower the general fund deficit? The response given by the city attorney to my inquiry 'There are no records responsive to your request.". The city attorney reminded me of someone taking the fifth amendment. How do they keep the accounting records in their heads? (See the answers after the documentation.)

I asked for a copy of the study that justifies the upgrades to the city computer billing system. There has been no response. I asked for copies of the studies that justified buying a building for the computer personnel and for paying above market value for the building. Again the city takes the fifth, "There are no documents responsive to your request.". If the city tried to give me an answer tonight I wouldn't believe them if their tongue came notarized.

The city knows the North End wants its fire station and parks so they decided if they make the North End believe the only money available is by keeping the casinos opened longer and increasing Casino taxes then they will have minimal protest from the public. I wonder if Luciano's or the other casinos extend lines of credit? If they do extend credit who do they extend credit to and for how much? Anyone who wants to see this documentation for yourself can go to my web site at www.discovertacoma.com. Look in Did You Know. I suggest the voters in this city write, call the mayor and council members ask them to provide you with written current financial data as to the general fund outstanding loans and the General Funds permanent transfers of money out to other funds within this last biennium. (Will be given at TCCM on 11/26/02.) (Supporting documents are below as is an explanation of Note 3) )


Note 3 Explanation

I looked at an old Tacoma CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). I looked up the accounting definitions Tacoma Accountants use to describe the budget. (I found it in the CAFR General Purpose Financial Statements Section where Note 3 is found.) I also went out on the Internet and brushed up on some accounting terms. According to the Internet 1. Due In and Out are for short term loans and 2. Transfers In and Out are permanent money exchanges. (Note 3)

CAFR states "the modified basis of accounting is utilized in Government Funds" (General Fund). "...material revenues are recognized in the accounting period in which they become susceptible to accrual, that is when they are both available and measurable." (For your info Federal grants and assistance awards are reported as intergovernmental receivables and revenues.) (Intergovernmental has nothing to do with the General Fund extending money.) Here comes the best ADVANCES TO OTHER FUNDS "Fund balance of the loaning government fund (General Fund) is reserved to indicate it is not available for appropriation." I have the same questions: What loans are outstanding from the General Fund? If loans from the General Fund were collected early would that relieve the balance deficit? I think yes since the loan money wouldn't be reserved any longer.

Transfers which support the operations of other funds are treated as interfund transfers by the city and are classified as 'Operating Transfers In/Out'." (Note 3) "Transactions that would normally be treated as revenues, expenditures or expenses if they involved an outside entity are treated as revenue, expenditures or expenses when occurring between funds." (Transfers are shown under Other Financing Sources (USES)") Now I am also questioning transfers in and outs. What money was transferred out of the general fund? Why? How many transfers are slated for this next biennium?

Corpuz has silenced the North End. The same people who would object to continued gambling in Tacoma are the same people who would lose their fire station and parks if, according to city officials, gambling is not continued for two more years. My final questions are, "Do the casinos extend line of credit?" "If they do then to whom and for what amount?"(11/25/02)


Reprinted from the Tacoma Weeky for 11-15-02


Tacoma's Budget 19 Million Dollars in the Hole! Parks, Libraries to Close! What Do the Mayor and City Council do? Spend 50 Million Dollars to Upgrade a Computer Billing System!

Tacoma is in supposed dire straits. It needs to find $19 million to balance it's budget. The city says it now needs to upgrade it's computer billing system to a tune of $50 million dollars. I did a dangerous thing in this city I started asking questions under the WA Public Disclosure Act. I asked for a copy of the study that justifies buying a building for the computer consultants who will set up this computer system. Response-there is no document responsive to your request. I asked for a copy of the study which justified paying above market value for the building that will house the consultants. Response-there is no document responsive to your request. I asked for a copy of the study that justifies the upgrade of the city computer billing system. Response-"The Legal Department has been advised that documents...will be available on or before November 12, 2002." "Please be advised that the City will provide existing records but will not compile records in response to your request that do not presently exist."

Corpuz, Tacoma City Manager, says we have to let fire men go, but, not police. Yet, the Buracker Performance Report/Study suggested letting go of detectives if they refuse to work nights or weekends unless they are paid overtime. Apparently, your police department has never heard of shift differential, comp or adjusted time. The city council and mayor say we will have to close libraries and parks. The city council and mayor do what the city manager tells them to do. They are betting the public will complain about the cuts then take no action. Everyone will speak out, some might write letters to the editor in the end the public will accept park and library closures. They will vote for whichever candidate the police union tells them to vote for. I can't help, but, wonder if we are being punished for voting for state tax cuts. I like one little word RECALL. Next I will discuss the boon doggle of the police take home vehicles. The police pay $61 for an hour to change two tires on a squad car, yet, we don't have money for parks and libraries.

Everyone is upset about the characterization of Tacoma having a dark woods. They disagree gun shots are heard in the middle of the night and nothing is done. Let's look at the facts. There was a murder attempt on my daughter at Point Defiance. The police refused to investigate because they said there are so many people firing guns at the park every day. This is out of the mouth of a detective. They mayor and city council accepted that statement from the police. You say the police have a dangerous job. You agree they should be paid higher salaries than police in Boston, New York City, etc. because they have such a dangerous job. It follows they must work in a more dangerous city than Boston or New York. 74% of police, 69% of fire fighters and 52% of other city employees refuse to live in Tacoma. What do they know that we don't know? You have police writing letters to the editor in the Tribune saying when they come to work they are coming to a war zone. Your Police Chief, Brame, Tacoma City Grown saw what was happening in Tacoma so he moved to Gig Harbor. He was told if he wants to be police chief he HAS to move back to Tacoma.

Now let us switch to the subject of the lack of money for Tacoma. Police waste in this city has been going on for years. The police use to sell 6 year old patrol vehicles when they had 24,000, 38,000 miles on them. They said they didn't like driving old cars. Nothing is too good for our police department. Now, every police officer has a take home vehicle to commute in no matter where he/she lives. 74% of the police do not live in Tacoma. They use to put an average of 29 to 37 miles per shift on patrol vehicles. Now, with take home vehicles they are putting up to 75 miles per shift. How much is that mileage is for commuting, patrolling or moonlighting. We don't know. Why? The police do not keep track of the mileage they put on the vehicles. The WA State Auditor's Office condones this practice because the police do not want to keep track of the mileage. Every study that has been done on the take home vehicles says it is not cost effective to bring the vehicles out of Tacoma. What good does it do for Tacomans for a patrol car to sit in front of a police officer's home in Fox Island? How do Tacomans react? They vote for the candidate the police union endorses. I wonder when confronted with facts how the mayor and city council would respond to questions by 60 Minutes.(11-3-02)


Tacoma Lost One Good Officer

I think you will notice that I never mention beat police officers names. Having said that there is one police officer I want to mention. That police officer is Murphey Kahuhu, the police officer who died of a heart attack last month. He practiced community based policing. But, he wasn’t a pushover. He was firm when he needed to be. One night when the police were here in a show of force Murph and I were in the back talking. One speaker made a point. Murph had facial expressions that spoke volumes . You could tell by his expression that he agreed with the speaker. Without saying a word he looked at me to ensure I understood why Murph was there. With this same look Murph asked if I had heard what the speaker said and asked if I understood what the speaker had said. All I could do was smile and shake my head yes.

Murph loved kids. He went out of his way to speak with them. He was willing listen to them and to share his own life experiences with the kids. His willingness to open himself up was an endearing quality which is rare for a man. Men will keep a conversation neutral unless you know them real well.

The police will miss Murphey at the Bacon Bowl. I know Murph played out of his love of kids. But, Tacomans whether they know it or know will miss him patrolling our streets. There is something now missing in our police department.(Comments I made at the Tacoma City Council meeting. June 02)


Do Unions Have Influence in Tacoma?

A few weeks ago Mayor Crowley stated it was my opinion that union money influences council members. Tonight let’s play Guess Who? Anyone ever heard of COPE? John McGinnis was the president. He is running for Tacoma City Council. In August 97 COPE gave Crowley, Phelps, Kirby $100. Thornhill and Nancy Pease-Hogan ran for the Tacoma Civil Service Board they received $250. In Oct. 97 COPE gave Crowley, Kirby, Thornhill and Phelps $250. Who is COPE? COPE is the Pierce County Political Education committee which is part of the AFL-CIO.

Anyone ever heard of the Committee on Political Support? They are the ones who pay for ads in the newspaper endorsing politicians. In 97 they paid $1,205 in ads for Bob Evans, Phelps, Kirby, Pease-Hogan and Thornhill. In Sept. 99, they gave McGavick and Bill Evans $1,000 each. In Aug. 99 they gave Bill Evans $1,000. In Nov. 99, they paid $2,226 in ads supporting Bill Evans, McGavick, Amy Hogland, Beckie Summers and Ebersole. This year they spent $6,000 supporting the propositions the voters defeated in May. So far this year they have paid over $ 4,000 to Baarsma for mayor and over $ 2,000 to Beckie Summers. Since 97 they have paid over $40,000 to influence campaigns. Who is the Committee on Political Support? COPS is the Tacoma Police Union. 76% of the police won’t live here, but, they sure are generous in political campaigns in our elections in which they can not vote. I wonder why?

Anyone ever heard of IBEW 483? They represent our city employees. Since 97 they have contributed approximately $47,000 in campaign contributions, but, they seem to focus on state elections. In Aug. 97 they gave Phelps $1,000. In Oct. 97 they gave $500 to Thornhill and Crowley each, Kirby $1,500. In May 99 they gave McGavick $750.00 In October 99 they gave Evans and McGavick $500. In March of this year they gave, Baarsma, McGinnis and Summers $1,000 and in May 01 they gave Summers and McGinnis $500 each and Baarsma $1,000. 52% of city employees won't live in tacoma

Anyone heard of AID-Active in Democracy? Since March 98 they have paid $80,000 plus in campaign contributions. Ever wonder how the political signs get made? AID buys the signs, staples, lathes for their candidate. They then have sign parties for their candidates. For example in July 00 alone, they spent $2,027 for sign material. In 99 they donated political signs for Hoglund $250, Bill Evans $485 and Summers $212.

On Nov. 7th 2000 they reported $547 for a political PreFunction at the Landmark Convention Center. In 97 they gave Crowley $300. Who is Active in Democracy? Your Tacoma Fire Fighters. 69% of your fire fighter don’t live in Tacoma, therefore, they can’t vote here.

By Oct. 99 the Washington Teamsters in Seattle gave a total of $700 to Bill Evans. The unions seem generous to a fault to help Tacomans with our elections.

There is one shining star and that is Judge Gary Sullivan. In his last election he gave money back to the unions and individuals. He graciously thanked them for the contributions, but, stated he didn’t feel he could take the contributions since he was running unopposed. That a way to go. We need more people like him.

Anyone wanting to know about Tacoma please go to my web site at www.discovertacoma.com (Aug 7, 2001)line

I am Going to Miss Him We All Are

Dave De Forrest, Tacoma councilman, dies of cancer Martha Modeen; The News Tribune

Working on city business until the last days of his life, maverick Tacoma City Councilman Dave De Forrest died Wednesday after a yearlong battle with cancer.

Friends and colleagues who learned of the news were stunned and saddened. After undergoing aggressive cancer treatment earlier this year, De Forrest described his health as being on the upward swing.

He was days away from his 57th birthday on Sunday, and his goal was to complete a second term as councilman in December. He even talked about running some day for Pierce County Council. But it was not to be.

"Oh no. This is just heartbreaking," said Susan Odencrantz, Tacoma Public Library director, herself a cancer survivor. "He had more guts and more courage and tremendous dignity. I don't know anybody who could have handled a serious illness better than he did."

"I just can't believe it," said deputy mayor Kevin Phelps, noting he worked with De Forrest until 7:30 p.m. Monday evening on city business. "He was just so much more positive. Doctors had notified him that some portions of the tumor had shrunk. We had a good smile about that, and as far as we could tell Monday, he seemed to be doing better."

Tacoma Mayor Mike Crowley said flags at city buildings would be lowered to half-staff today.

"I had a great deal of respect for Dave's integrity," Crowley said. "We've had numerous disagreements (about issues), but he truly voted his conscience."

First elected to the council in 1993, De Forrest was re-elected by a wide margin in 1997. To many, De Forrest seemed to personify East Tacoma: not flashy, but possessing a grit that commands respect. Before becoming a councilman, De Forrest served as president of the Greater McKinley Booster Association, an organization he helped form more than 20 years ago. He also served as president of the neighborhood group Eastside Improvement.

Many often described him as a "populist," a committed neighborhood activist who enjoyed representing the common person.

"He was really a champion of public safety," said former City Councilman Steve Kirby, who's now a representative in the state House of Representatives. "I'm a pretty nervy guy. But I'm nothing next to him. He was really the voice of the underdog."

An ally of labor unions, De Forrest regularly spoke up for employees and citizens, who knew him as the pol to go to with a problem. One of his last public statements was to speak out against attempts to push stalled police-contract talks into arbitration.

"It's quite clear morale is bad. Arbitration would make it worse," he said Monday in a voice made hoarse from cancer treatments.

De Forrest could be counted on to read his thick weekly council packet from start to finish. He often asked the most seemingly trivial or detailed question - queries that made obvious other council members' lack of knowledge by the blank or perturbed expressions on their faces.

"I'm sorry. I don't cry very often," Doug Delin, a longtime East Side buddy, said Wednesday upon hearing the news.

"Damn!" John Hathaway, a longtime friend who shared a love of city politics, said upon learning of De Forrest's death. "He was an honest man."

De Forrest never shied away from being the lone dissenting vote on a controversial issue, such as the time in 1999 when he was the only member to reject a plan to give $5 million in cash and land to the new Tacoma Art Museum. He also was the only council member to spearhead an effort that year to revise the city charter and eliminate the city manager form of government.

He also wasn't shy about his disapproval of certain colleagues.

But still, they gathered around him when he learned in May 2000 that he had a cancerous tumor outside his lungs. They accompanied him to his weekly chemotherapy sessions. De Forrest found his staunchest opponents offering rides to the hospital and home-cooked meals.

"I've worked with Dave for six years, and even though you disagree, you build a relationship," Crowley said at the time.

De Forrest, in true form, was grateful for the help then but ready with a joke: His illness, he said, would never interfere with his ability to vote "no" on an issue.

De Forrest never married or had children. He lived with his sister on the East Side.

After a brief remission of the cancer in November, De Forrest learned that the tumor began to grow again, so he underwent aggressive treatments again last winter. His weight dropped from 165 pounds to under 120 pounds, leaving him gaunt and his hair thinning. But while his strength waned, his spirits didn't.

On Monday, his friends Kirby and Beckie Summers took him out for a strawberry milkshake after a trip to his doctor.

"He was a little shaky. He just wanted a milkshake," she said. "He just never gave up the fight."

- - -

Staff writer Kim Eckart contributed to this story.

* Staff writer Martha Modeen covers Tacoma. She can be reached at 253-597-8646 or martha.modeen@mail.tribnet.com.

© The News Tribune (7/12/01)


See What the Tacoma News Tribune Thinks of the Tacoma Police Department Audit.

Police, city resume negotiations TACOMA: State mediator joins contract talks; performance audit could influence bargaining

Martha Modeen; The News Tribune

After 10 months of talks, the City of Tacoma and the city's police officers' union begin meeting with a state mediator today.

The 341 members of Local 6 have been working without a contract since Jan. 1, when the union's two-year agreement expired. Local 6 represents Tacoma's patrol officers, detectives and sergeants.

Roughly 12 of 32 contract items still need to be resolved, said Pat Frantz, Local 6 president.

A city official, however, characterized labor talks as largely fruitless so far.

"The whole contract is open," said Phil Knudsen, Tacoma's human resources manager. "We've made very little progress. That's why we have the mediation process."

Today's negotiations come just two weeks after the release of a performance audit of the police department. The timing of the report could exert added pressure on talks.

The consultant doled out criticism of both the city and the union, noting that "relations between Local 6 and the city have been contentious and adversarial." Knudsen acknowledged the topics addressed in the report likely would be discussed.

Representatives from both sides will meet at an undisclosed location with Ken Letsch, a mediator with the state Public Employees Relations Commission. Both the union and the city representatives declined to discuss what is stalling negotiations, saying to do so would violate ground rules both sides have agreed to.

The City Council will receive updates on talks in closed-door meetings.

In the recent police audit, Carroll Buracker, former chief of the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia, suggested that Local 6 successfully has gained ground in scheduling and disciplinary matters, sometimes to the detriment of the department or the city. That's a charge Frantz disputes.

"The union doesn't get things without the city signing off on them," Frantz said.

Buracker also wrote that until recently Local 6 "seemed better prepared than management to enter into contract negotiations."

"There are a number of provisions in the (union's labor) agreement which make it difficult to manage the department effectively and efficiently," Buracker wrote.

For example, Buracker said police are scheduled to work criminal investigations according to what's stipulated in the union contract rather than when crimes are occurring. Officers in criminal investigations work from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. or 9 a.m.to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, not at night or during weekends when prostitution, drug dealing, assaults and robberies occur.

Buracker also faulted the department's performance review system set forth under the union's contract. Performance reviews only can be used to counsel employees on strengths and weaknesses and future training and goals, rather than to determine assignments and promotions.

"This is contrary to 'best practices' police management," he wrote. "It is as if a commissioned officer's past performance track record simply just doesn't exist."

Frantz called the consultant's report "skewed."

"The union doesn't have $84,000 to put their side of (the issue) out right now," he said.

Meanwhile, on a different front, Local 6 members are unhappy with last month's failure of a $32 million capital bond measure that would have allocated $25 million for a new police headquarters.

Tacoma's headquarters were described by the consultant as the most substandard he's seen in the nation. More than 200 police employees continue to work at a former Washington State Patrol building near South 38th Street that was designed for about 50 employees.

The lack of adequate headquarters has lowered morale and hinders potential crime-solving communications among officers, police said.

In months to come, Local 6 members will urge city officials to make a new police headquarters a priority, Frantz said. "We're no closer now than we were eight years ago," Frantz said of a new headquarters.

Council members also said they want new police facilities, but last week decided to wait until February to try again for a bond measure to allow more time for planning.

- - -

* Staff writer Martha Modeen covers Tacoma. Reach her at 253-597-8646 or martha.modeen@mail.tribnet.com

Turn back two pages for a shocking read

It'll never show up on any bestseller lists, but Tacoma taxpayers should find the contents of the two preceding pages compelling reading. It's an outrageous story of mismanage-ment, inefficiency and waste in the Tacoma Police Department.

On today's Insight and Perspectives pages, we publish key portions of an independent performance audit that shows the department badly needs major changes to deliver the kind of service Tacoma residents deserve and expect.

The audit, performed by a nationally recognized law-enforcement consulting firm, publicly blows the whistle on a number of department practices that Tacoma's citizens and elected leaders simply should not tolerate.

For example, the consultants said they knew of no other police department in the nation that has the kind of patrol work schedule that gives Tacoma "Fat Thursday." It's called "Fat Thursday" because every officer on duty is scheduled to work on Thursday, a low-crime day, while only half the force works on weekends when crime is highest. This absurd schedule has everything to do with accomodating the police union and nothing to do with fighting crime and protecting the public.

In a similar vein, the audit reveals that Tacoma's police detectives work only regular daytime hours Monday through Friday, instead of being scheduled to rotate through nights and weekends when serious crimes most often occur. The result is either delayed investigations or unnecessary overtime.

There's more. Tacoma's police budget has increased by $20 million over the past six years - but the percentage of "cleared" cases of serious crime has fallen. Tacoma easily leads its West Coast peer cities in the number of sworn officers per 1,000 residents, yet the city has the sixth-highest crime rate among 34 peer cities nationally.

This page editorialized at length on the audit's findings last Sunday. This time we invite our readers to read the most disturbing parts of the audit's executive summary for themselves - and to join us in calling for a careful but thorough overhaul of the department's management and practices. 6/24/01

Agenda 2001: Blackout unjustified in police contract talks With public safety at stake, public should be in loop

It's troubling enough that the City of Tacoma and the Tacoma Police Union have been negotiating for the last 10 months without settling on a new contractÊ- and that a state mediator has been called in to help.

That fact alone would seem to call for some explanation. Yet city and union officials have mutually agreed not to provide the public with any information at all about what has led to the impasse, not even a general description of the issues at stake.

But this blackout is especially disturbing in light of the recent performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department. The audit, conducted by respected former police chief Carroll Buracker, concluded that the department was rife with inefficiencies - some of them rooted in past union contracts.

Take "Fat Thursday," for example. Thursdays have acquired this nickname within the department because the contract mandates 10-hour shifts, four days a week, for all patrol officers. The days off are either Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which means that every patrol officer in the force normally works every Thursday.

But the crime rate spikes on weekends, not Thursdays, so deployment doesn't reflect the city's public safety needs.

Similarly, the contract mandates 8 a.m.-to-4 p.m. or 9 a.m.-to-5 p.m. shifts, Monday through Friday, for detectives. This means the city must often must pay expensive overtime - on top of an already generous pay scale - when investigative work has to be done at night or on weekends.

Such disparities between needs and scheduling contribute to the higher-than-average cost of police protection in Tacoma - and perhaps to the department's lower-than-average rate of clearing crimes.

None of this reflects on the skills or professionalism of individual officers; the inefficiencies Buracker identified are institutional in nature. To a large extent, the Tacoma Police Department's disappointing bang-for-the-buck can be attributed to labor agreements that seem geared more to perquisites than public safety.

That's why the shape of the next contract is the public's business, not a private affair between city and union officials. Tacoma wound up with arrangements like "Fat Thursday" because unwise concessions were made behind closed doors, then presented as done deals to a compliant City Council. It isn't "bargaining in the media" to simply explain what is on the table; many labor contracts are successfully negotiated without making state secrets of the contested issues.

Given the impasse and the findings in Buracker's audit, it's wrong to deny ordinary Tacomans any information about what is going on in these talks.


Tacoma's Answer to the Energy Shortage.

The proposed ideas of the mayor, city council and city manager this past month are outrageous.

1. On Mar 30, 01 the News Tribune applauded Mayor Crowley for exercising leadership on the energy shortage. He wanted to pass an ordinance if there were an utility emergency then the city would fine citizens $100 a day for heating a hot tub or swimming pool. When people started saying hot tubs used a large amount of electricity did anyone bother to check out the facts? Would kids be told at school to report their parents or their neighbors. The police do have a policy that they can use children as witnesses without telling their parents because state law doesn’t require them to. The best idea he can come up with is to bankrupt citizens? Why not lower the surcharge for citizens who conserve This is turning Tacoma into a totalitarian state. How would the $100 a day fine be utilized.

2. The city is charging 6% tax on the surcharge for electricity. The News Tribune reported the city now is getting an additional 8 million dollars into the general fund. The mayor said at a city council meeting that the city was going to use that money to assist businesses and people adversely affected by the surcharge. I haven’t heard of any such program. Could this 8 million dollars be a replacement for the money the city lost because of 695? Is this 8 million dollars going to be used to build the convention center or finance some downtown project?

3. The city manager buried a consultants report because it didn’t say what he wanted to hear, the council never asked to see the report.

4. The city still is going to have city light pay for street lighting even though the attorney general has ruled the city should pay for the lighting.

5. The city manager is getting ready to raid the TPU’s assets. He has already drained Equipment Rental. He needs more inventory. The city manager wants to economize by making Fleet Maintenance a part of the city government. Equipment Rental a city agency charges other city agencies $61 to change two tires in an hour.

6. Lastly, I asked to see any documentation to show if the city is going to keep the police substations open. There is none. Didn’t the police have to submit a proposal as to the need for the police palace, as to how many officers would be working out of the station. Apparently not for the city attorney wrote “There is no public document responsive to your question as to whether the sector substations will remain open.” How can one plan a police palace if you don’t know how many people are going to be in it? They even have office space for the DARE program. This is not a city manager form of government. It is a dictatorship.


Money Money Who has the Money?

Let me explain about Equipment Rental. Let’s pretend I am Equipment Rental and you are the police. I buy a squad car for $40,000. We both know in 8 years the car will be worn out. Each year for 8 years you give me $5,000. I will SAVE that money for you in a replacement fund . In 8 years we will have the money to get a new squad car. Not only that but I am going to charge you, the police, 7.75% interest for the use of my money. In 8 years, we should have $40,000 in the replacement fund and $3,000 in the interest fund. With 2 cars you would have $80,000 in the replacement fund and $6,000 in the interest fund. The more squad cars we have THEN the more money we can put into replacement fund and in the interest fund.

Along comes the city manger he needs money to finance project A. He looks around for the money and FINDS there is money in the Equipment Rental interest fund so he takes that money to finance project A. Later on in the year, the city council wants to do projects B, C and D. The city manager looks around for more money. He SEES the money in the Equipment Rental replacement fund. So what does he do? He takes the money out of the replacement fund for the squad cars to pay for projects B, C, and D. Now 8 years later there is no money left in the replacement fund to purchase new squad cars or new equipment. I asked how are you going to replace these worn out squad cars and equipment if there is no money left in the replacement fund to buy the squad cars? They replied they are going to start BORROWING the money to replace the squad cars that are leaving the city daily.

Let’s recap the money people believe is going to fight crime is actually going THROUGH the police department to Equipment Rental. Once in Equipment Rental’s hands the money is being given to the city manager to pay for various projects the city council wants. Now there is no money left to purchase worn out equipment. It has been drained out of the Equipment Rental Fund so we have to borrow money to replace the equipment. Now that the city manager and city council have bilked the interest fund and the equipment replacement fund for their own special projects there is no reason to replace so many squad cars. Let’s get rid of the take home vehicle program. You know the police take home vehicles that are going to Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Fox Island so the citizens in Tacoma can feel safe.


They are coming!!!!

3 years and 6,000 signatures later we are going to finally have a performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department. Also, one of their performance measures for 2001-2002 is to have ethics classes. I can't wait to see the curriculum and see who teaches the course.

Tacoma Police Department Audit


Did you know who really runs Tacoma?

This is one more smoke screen. (The city manager, Ray Corpuz, now wants to create an Office of Management, Budget and Analysis, which will be managed by him, to do performance audits on city agencies.) Suppose you went to the bank to invest the per diem that some of you take for doing your jobs. You ask the bank to see a financial statement. The bank gives you one. They add they AUDIT themselves. You would be a fool to invest your money in that bank. This is the same thing with this Office of Management, Budget and Analysis. It will be under the control of your city manger. In essence the city manager will be auditing himself. What we need is an INDEPENDENT auditor. EVERYTHING in this city is under the control of the city manager. The city council has no staff of their own. City staff write up the ordinances for the city council, city staff present the information to the city council. If the city council has a question they get an answer from city staff. On Fridays the city council is given a packet about the upcoming city council meetings and events in the city. The packet is all prepared by city staff. City staff naturally owe his/her allegiance and his/her job to the city manager. Information is power. The city council has no power. They are only told what the city manager wants them to know. That is why they rubber stamp everything that is put before them on Tuesday evenings. They literally don’t know any better. They won’t listen to the citizens of Tacoma.

If the Office of Management, Budget and Analysis was under the control of the city council then I would be for it. We need separation of powers between the executive branch and the legislative branch here in Tacoma. We need performance audits by an independent, truly, independent auditor who is NOT under the thumb of the city manager. Anyone who wants to learn more about Tacoma please go to my web site at www.discovertacoma.com.

(Discussion at Tacoma City Council Meeting on 6/27/2000) line

Police Now Sex Offender Experts

The other night I went to a community meeting on sex offenders. The Tacoma Police passed out the following handout:


When I asked the police what type of educational credentials they needed to qualify them to determine the level of risk of a sex offender Lt Miller replied "None". They might rely on psychologists reports!

Secondly I am sure it didn't escape you, for Level I sex offenders "...information IS shared with law enforcement. For Level II sex offenders "...schools, neighbors and community groups MAY be notified and for Level III sex offenders "...press releases MAY be issued. "Of course the police NEVER arrested the Frugal Gourmet! This information makes you feel secure in your neighborhood doesn't it? This is one more example of how police can influence politics! (4 Sept 99)


Clueless in Tacoma

On 27 Aug 99, Hector Castro, a Tacoma News Tribune reporter, wrote about the drive-by murder of a 13 year old Hilltop youth. He reported there had been five drive-by shootings in the week before the murder. (None of this had been reported in the Tacoma News Tribune.) He added in July 99 neighbors went to a Tacoma city council meeting to voice their concerns about the neighborhood. Of the murder Jim Mattheis, Tacoma Police spokesman, was quoted as saying, “It’s something that put a red flag up to us.” “Mattheis said of the shooting.” HAC, Safe Streets partner in “crime solving”, will hold a community meeting on 31 Aug 99. The shooting was all the citizens fault. The police had pulled back on patrolling because there had been criticism they were harassing minorities. The police have not a clue as to what community based policing is all about. The Justice Department continues to send millions of dollars in grant money to Tacoma for community orientated policing. The Edwards Deming Institute considers this city a model of it’s philosophy.


Tacoma Must Have PHD Tire Changers!

At last week's city council meeting I asked Fleet Service, a city agency, if they were going to charge the Tacoma Police Department, another city agency, the shop rate of $61.00 to change the patrol car tires. Below is the response. According to Fleet Service, "Fleet Services doesn't service Fire Department vehicles.". "The average cost to replace a tire on a police vehicle is $30 for one half hour of shop labor...". I wonder how many people spend $120 to have four tires put on their car and then pay $240 for the tires? No wonder Tacoma City Manager Ray Corpuz will not have performance audits. No wonder the Tacoma News Tribune will clamor for Pierce County performance audits, but, not Tacoma performance audits.

Tacoma Police Department Maintenance
(10 Aug 99)


Independent Investigation?

According to the Tacoma News Tribune the Tacoma Police Department conducted a drug raid on 11 June l999. They brought the drugs back to the station, but, "forgot" $12,000 in cash in a brown bag on the kitchen table.
The Pierce County Sheriffs Office is to do an "independent" investigation to determine what happened to the money. Below is a copy of a letter Craig Adams, Legal Advisor to the Sheriff (Pierce County) sent to me On 17 April 1998. On the right hand corner of the letter is a stamp, "Received Apr. 21 1998 Office of Chief of Police". The bottom of the letter shows a bc (Blind Copy) of the letter was sent to "Cheryl Carlson TPD". Ms. Carlson was the city legal advisor to the Tacoma police Department.

Pierce County Sheriff letter to Tacoma Police Department

I wonder how many blind copies of investigative reports the Pierce County Sheriff will send to the Tacoma Police Department on the "loss" of the $12,000?(3 July 1999)

Tacoma Police Department accredited?


I filed suit in court. The police refused to respond. I asked the new Tacoma Police Department Legal Advisor, Heidi Horst, if the police were accredited. She refused to tell me. Finally, I asked the question at a Tacoma City Council meeting. The city manager's office sent me a letter, 29 June 99. They said the police "chose" not to proceed with accredition in December 1998.(3 July 99)


In late 1979 Chrysler was having a difficult time financially. Chrysler wanted the government to back a loan to help out them out. President Carter originally said, no. In November 1979, I am told someone wrote a letter to Doug Fraser who was then President of the UAW with a c c to Chrysler and Treasury. The following was in the letter:
I read with interest your comments concerning Toyota. You might want to write or go to the Office of Regulations and Rulings, att: legal reference areas, room 2404, U.S. Customs Service, 1301 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20229 and ask for CSD 79-34, Value:Proper Method of Valuation for Pickup Trucks Manufactured Abroad, Date: October 4, 1978, File: R: CV: V TLL, 054737 and also ask for ruling 541133.

I think you'll find Mr. Lehman's rulings very revealing and enlightening.

Basically, Customs was giving Toyota a special low duty rate. I am told someone also pointed out in another letter the government could end up spending a lot of money to retrain workers who may have been put out of work because of imported automobiles.

President Carter then changed his mind. He decided he would back the loan for Chrysler. Mr. Fraser was gracious enough to send a thank you. Who knows maybe these letters contributed in a small to UAW workers keeping their jobs.


Tacoma's City Council Meeting 2-2-99

A couple of weeks ago there was a question if the city should pay a firm $150,000 to create a sculpture for the dump. You tabled the matter for a future time. At that time, mayor you articulated the policy of the city council. IF city staff presents you with a resolution/ordinance you feel you have to pass the resolution/ordinance. Yet, 51% of city staff, 69% of your fire fighters and 74% of your police officers do not live in Tacoma. Even your new Chief of Police and his assistants DO NOT have permanent residences in Tacoma. Lets give Tacoma back to the citizens who live here.

This brings me to my favorite subject-the Tacoma Police Department. A while back Chief Hairston came before the city council to have you accept donations to the police firing range. The TPD charged the agencies $25.00 per hour DONATION fees to use their firing range. I e-mailed the state agencies to thank them for their generous donations. They e-mailed me back to say they paid service fees for use of the firing range. They added it is illegal for a state agency to give donations to a city agency. (Here are a few copies of the invoices and e-mails from the Chief of the State Police and the WA State Liquor Board to me. ((They are at the end of this article.)) ) Hector Castro of the News Tribune stated he didn?t write about the controversy because everyone knew the donations were really service fees. (As an aside I wonder how many people are aware the Tribune had a policy that reporters could be fired if they received a moving traffic violation. I hope that policy does not/has not influenced the way reporters report on the Tacoma Police Department.)/H4>

The state auditor’s office looked at these transactions to determine if they were in fact donations or service fees. The auditors stated the police received donations not service fees because the police hadn’t asked the city council to set up a fee schedule. Now YOUR state auditor is in a pickle if the invoices represent bills for service than your police department tried to mislead everyone including you. If the invoices represent donations than the state agencies are in violation of state law. The state auditor’s office is trying to figure out a way to show the invoices represent donations to the Tacoma Police Department, yet, at the same time represent bills for services for the state agencies. I am wondering why his office never looked into this until I brought it to Governor Locke’s attention. Stay tuned to learn about the police budget that is a hoot.

Tacoma Police Department donations

Subject:WSP Donating Money to Tacoma PD
Date:Mon, 02 Feb 1998 14:56:24 -0800
From:CHOJEM@wsp.wa.gov (CHOJEM, Carolyn)
Organization: Washington State
To:phyll@accessone.com ('Phyllis')
Thank you for your recent e-mail to Governor Locke relating to the Washington State Patrol (WSP) using the Tacoma Police Department*s (TPD) firing range.
In October 1995, the WSP entered into an agreement with TPD for use of their firing range commonly referred to as the Tacoma/Harrison Range.
The WSP has a contractual agreement with TPD for use of their firing range. By the terms of this agreement, TPD charges the WSP $25 per hour for range use.TPD forwards a quarterly invoice to the WSP Property Management Section in Olympia. Per the terms of the contractual agreement, WSP remits payment directly to the TPD, and not the Tacoma City Treasurer.
For further assistance or copies of documentation relating to this subject, please call Lieutenant Greg Meinzer at (360) 753-****. Sincerely, Chief Annette M. Sandberg

(The Washington State Patrol sent me a copy of their CITY OF TACOMA HARRISON RANGE RENTAL AGREEMENT FOR 1993 TO 1995. The agreement was signed by Tacoma City Manager Ray Corpuz.)

Wa State Liquor Board
charitable contributions
Date:Fri, 9 Jan 1998 10:47:32 -0800
From:Governor Locke
Thank you for your recent e-mail to Governor Locke relating to the Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB) and Tacoma Police Department. We appreciate this opportunity to respond on the Governor's behalf.
After speaking with a representative from the LCB, we were informed that LCB has paid the Tacoma Police Department for use of their firing range for their required firearms training. The Board does not maintain its own range facilities as they believe it is more cost effective to rent space from both private, as well as public ranges, when necessary rather than building and maintaining their own facility. The Tacoma Police Department was paid a rental fee of $25.00 per hour. The Board has no control of how the Tacoma Police Department accounts for rental income. I hope that this information addresses you concern.
Again, thank you for taking the time to contact the governor.
Constituent Services Office of the Governor


Economics Tacoma Style

On 1 Dec. 98 I advised the Tacoma City Council Chief Hairston built cost overruns into the police budget. The police budgeted no moneys for the maintenance of its 300 vehicles. Mayor Ebersole stated that was my opinion. Now according to the Director of Finance Report,"... the Police Department budget is above expected expenditure level by 2.1%..." "The deficit includes expenses in excess of budget in MAINTENANCE."

I couldn't figure out why I could see that the police were being over charged by Fleet Management for its vehicles yet the police couldn't see the over charges. I couldn't understand how anyone with any sense could believe it is cost effective to bring patrol vehicles home to Bremerton, Moses Lake, Fox Island etc.. (UPS Professors Mann and Goodman wrote a report stating just that. See the Mann report below.) Then it dawned on me, the police rent their vehicles from Fleet Management. The more vehicles the police rent from Fleet Management the more profit Fleet Management makes through its rental fees. Fleet Management's retained earnings become a slush fund for the city manager. As a point in fact, the city manager is going to take $7 million dollars out of Fleet Management's retained earnings to bail out the upcoming 99/00 budget./H4>

The council and mayor aren’t concerned since election time is coming. They want the police union endorsement so they have agreed to let each police officer have his/her own vehicle to drive home. Which is stupid since 74% of the police officers do NOT live in Tacoma.

The city council just gave the city manager a 12% raise. They looked at salaries of California government employees. They forgot to adjust the salaries for cost of living variances between California and Tacoma. The council did not give the city manager a performance evaluation to justify his $154,000+ salary nor did they give the public advance notice of the upcoming raise.

Public Utilities told the public to run their water while Tacoma was having a freeze. Yet, when I lived in other cities if we had a freeze the city officials would beg people not to run their water. They reasoned if too many people were running water, water pressure would drop. If there was a fire the low water pressure would make it difficult for fire fighters to fight fires. Why would it make sense for Public Utilities to tell people to run their water? The answer is easy. Sewage rates for the summer are determined by one's water usage during the winter!

The city council has spent 31% more this biennium then it did in 96/96. Yet, the council is still over budget as of Oct. 98 by almost 110%. Could it be those $50 per diem requests by Councilmen Phelps, Miller and Crowley and Mayor Ebersole are taking their toll? The paper laments that this city hasn’t prospered like Seattle and other cities north of here. But, honestly would you invest your own money in an entity where there is no accountability? (6 Jan 99)


Did You Know What Makes A Tacoma Cop Nervous?

Let him/her know you have had his/her home address since July 97. Let him/her know the listing was made available compliments of the Tacoma Police Union.(11/24/98)


Does Bruce Mann's Study Reflect the Quality of Education for Tacoma or for the West Coast?

The Tacoma Police Officers want to take their patrol vehicles home. Bruce Mann of the University of Puget Sound along with some of his colleagues were awarded a contract to do a cost analysis study.
I found what I thought might be errors in the study which I reiterated in my letter to the Wa State Auditor:

Wa State

The attachments show why I believe an auditor should never accept the word of the city without going to the source documents. Attachment 1 is the cover sheet for An Assigned Vehicle Program: Assessment of the Benefits and Costs.
Attachment 2 shows the audit team allowed the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) to pick which officer vehicles would be studied rather than using a random sampling table to select the officer’s vehicles. Attachment 3 is a listing of the residences of most of the TPD officers. Some live in Eatonville, Bremerton, Kent, Fox Island, Buckley, Ellensberg etc., yet, the TPD only picked officers who lived in Gig Harbor and Spanaway (for the study).(The question marks are for officers who listed Tacoma, but, may in reality live in Spanaway, Fircrest, Lakewood or Parkland.)
Attachment 4 shows fleet management allegedly advised the auditors that “...on average patrol vehicles are removed from the patrol fleet at 89,000 miles.” The auditor than calculated “Thus the average pool patrol vehicle remains in service for four years.”... “The average assigned vehicle would remain in service for 7.25 years.” ...”For accounting and analytical convenience an eight year program life-cycle was adopted.” (I would suggest 7.25 should be rounded down to 7.)
Attachment 5 is a memo from Danny Marshal which shows TPD vehicles are retired after 3 and 6 years regardless of mileage. The TPD retires the vehicles in blocks.
` Attachment 6 is a listing of mileage I obtained from Catherine Mitchell on vehicles the TPD intended to sell. (I am not sure if they sold them after I made a ruckus or if they were some of the ones used in the pilot program.) Attachment 7 is a listing of vehicles they sold, the mileage at sale and the year sold. (Page 2 of Attachment 7 reflects the proceeds were given to the TPD, but, Catherine Mitchell said they weren’t.) Attachment 8 is the number of vehicles sold according to mileage. It reflects the mean, mode and median mileage average of TPD vehicles sold. Only 9 or 12 % had mileage 89,000 or above.
Attachments 9 and 10 reflect the pool vehicles didn’t even remotely match the assigned vehicles.
I have attempted to obtain a copy of the contract Fleet Management has with the TPD. Attachment 11 is Cheryl Carlson’s reply. There was none. But, Catherine Mitchell admits the TPD had a lease, but, won't provide me with one until August. 98. (As a precaution, I have found it is best to look at the original documentation for I have discovered white out on documents e.g. a bid, an endorsement on a canceled check)
Lastly, attachment 12 is a narrative about a shooting incident that involved my child.
With all the efforts to slant the figures in favor of police take home vehicles, Mann still couldn't prove it was cost effective to bring the vehicles out of the city and it is questionable if it is cost effective to bring the vehicles home in Tacoma.
The following "intelligensia" see nothing wrong with the report: Tacoma Mayor Ebersole was a guidance counselor in the Tacoma Public School System and now is an administrator for Bates Technical College. Councilwomen Sharon McGavick is Administrator of Clover Park Technical College. Delores Silas was a long time teacher in Tacoma. Councilman Baarsma is a colleague of Bruce Mann at the University of Puget Sound. All agree with the report as does Ray Corpuz, the Tacoma City Manager and the Tacoma News Tribune./P> line

Update on Beretta Purchases

After much stalling the Tacoma City Finance Department agreed to give me photcopies of the checks the city wrote to Beretta for the weapons and holsters purchased by the Tacoma Police Department. At first they stated the checks had been destroyed, but, after some persuasion I was able to see not only the photo copies of the checks but also the originals. If you look closely at the check for the holsters you will see the endorsement for the check came through the photocopy. It showed Forbes, Ferry & Associates, Reno Nevada, For Deposit was stamped on the back of the check as the endorsement. Yet, when I examined the original check it showed the stamp along with two signatures were whited out. A Beretta stamp was stamped over the white out. Beretta which is in Maryland states they have never heard of Forbes, Ferry & Associates which is in either CA or Nevada or in both states. The city uses our taxes to pay the state auditor $54.00 an hour, $250,000 a year, to do financial audits. The auditors didn't find the check and they don't seem too interested in following up on the information I gave them. The state auditor gives the city kudos for its financial records.(29 Mar 98)

Beretta's "Donation(s)"

Now, on 24 Feb 98 Cheryl Carlson wrote there were more "donations" to the Tacoma Police Firing Range. Beretta on 11/19/93 "donated" $4,126.00 to the police firing range. I wonder how many other vendors who receive contracts then give "donations" to city departments? Why didn't the finance department give me a complete listing of the "donations"? In this city the police ""trade" services with other government agencies like the Coast Guard, Burlington Northern Security etc.

Also, Danny Marshal had written in a memorandum, " According to our records the balance due after credit will be $4,664.00." "A final invoice should be submitted to the Police Department in order to receive the final payment for this purchase." The finance department allegedly gave me all their records on the Beretta purchase and Glock trade ins, but, this payment wasn't reflected in any of the documents. Remember Beretta is a foreign manufactured weapon. With other goodies added in Beretta may indeed have been the lowest bidder. Now why wouldn't they or the police want that reflected on the official records? Since the police have such a strong union why wouldn't they want to support United States workers? (3/1/98)/p> line

Beretta Manages Tacoma Police Gun Inventory

I have been questioning what happened to 427 handguns the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) stated they traded in for 400 Berettas. Below is a letter from Cheryl Carlson the TPD Legal advisor dated 17 Feb 98

Dear Ms. Barrett:

Staff's search has resulted in the finding of the enclosed documents. The enclosed is not and does not purport to be a listing of all serial numbers of all weapons for which a trade-in credit was due and received by the City. Beretta provided officers an option of "purchasing back" weapons and, as the firearms dealer was responsible for keeping tract of all weapons involved in the transaction(s) (Emphasis mine.) The City kept track of the TOTAL number of weapons for which trade in credit was due( Emphasis mine.)The City also recorded the serial numbers of all weapons which were boxed and shipped to Beretta, which is what the enclosed represents. (They enclosed a list of serial numbers for 72 Smith & Wessons and 231 Berettas and a list showing 670 Glock magazines. Originally they were to trade in 3 magazines for each Glock traded in, 357 Glocks and 70 Smith and Wessons.)The September 17,1993 memorandum, acknowledged by Beretta, was final confirmation of the total number of weapons for which the City was entitled and received trade in credit.

As regards the Glock purchase documents, no records were located at the Department and none are known to remain in existence.

These are city weapons yet Beretta was .."responsible for keeping track of all weapons involved in the transactions(s)." Sounds like Danny Marshall asked for all officers to turn in his/her weapon, if, a weapon wasn't turned in then was assumed to be purchased by the officer. Afterwards it was up to Beretta to get the money for the weapon. How would they know the serial number of the guns on hand? How would Beretta know who turned in weapons and who didn't? How would they know the names of the officers who didn't turn in his/her weapon? Wonder who the officer made the check out to for the purchase of the weapon?


Where is the Wa State Auditor, News Tribune, WASPC or Tacoma Police Union?

Assistant Police Chief Hairston recently told the Tacoma City Council that the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) had received over $49,000 in "donations" for their Harrison Firing Range. The city council dutifully accepted the donations. After some stalling by the city I obtained a list of "donors" and personally e-mailed or telephoned them to thank them for their generosity. Below is the response I received from the Chief of the Washington State Patrol.
:Subject: WSP Donating Money to Tacoma PD
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 14:56:24 -0800
From: (CHOJEM, Carolyn) Organization: Washington State
To: phyll@accessone.com ('Phyllis')
Thank you for your recent e-mail to Governor Locke relating to the Washington State Patrol (WSP) using the Tacoma Police Department*s (TPD) firing range.
In October 1995, the WSP entered into an agreement with TPD for use of their firing range commonly referred to as the Tacoma/Harrison Range.
The WSP has a contractual agreement with TPD for use of their firing range. By the terms of this agreement, TPD charges the WSP $25 per hour for range use. TPD forwards a quarterly invoice to the WSP Property Management Section in Olympia.
Per the terms of the contractual agreement, WSP remits payment directly to the TPD, and not the Tacoma City Treasurer.
For further assistance or copies of documentation relating to this subject, please call Lieutenant Greg Meinzer.
Sincerely, Chief Annette M. Sandberg

The taxpayers of Tacoma pay the Wa State Auditor almost $50.00 per hour to do financial audits. Why didn't the auditors find the theft at the Tacoma Dome? They let the same person do purchasing and receiving. The city didn't and still doesn't do physical inventories on small, but, attractive items valued under $5,000. The auditor stated the thefts couldn't have been avoided? Now, they let the police department bill and have the remittances sent to the police department not the city treasurer. This allowed the police to say the funds were "donations" not revenue. Wonder who else does their own accounting?

The police union doesn't want accountability eg performance evaluations and protest if the subject is even raised, yet, when one of their top cops lies to the city council you don't even hear a whimper out of them.

The News Tribune is totally silent on the police lies. They have even helped cover up the lies.

Now, you have the police maintaining their own accounting records and making up lies about the money they receive. This isn't remarkable considering they made up a system of performance evaluations to obtain their accreditation from WASPC, but, didn't and still don't do annual performance evaluations. They also can not account for 427 handguns. The Tacoma City Council can't understand why people are voting with their feet and moving out of Tacoma. I can't understand why the feds and state continue to pour money into Tacoma where NO ONE is held accountable. line

Tacoma Police Lie Again and Again?

The Tacoma Police Department (TPD) had requested the Tacoma City Council accept over $49,000 in donations to their firing range. I questioned who provided the donations and finally I was able to obtain the list of donors which included the FBI, US.S. Customs, ATF, Wa State Liquor Control Board etc.Donations to the Tacoma Police Firing Range.The Governor's Office e-mailed me the money from the state was a range rental fee not a donation. I believe good accounting principles dictate the fees should have been put in the city general fund as income to the city.

On 8 Jan 98, Deputy Chief Hairston advised the city manager, Ray Corpuz, "It was determined after meeting with City Finance that the "Crime Prevention Trust Fund-8745", which is used for DARE, Harvey & Beulah, and K-9 donations to the department, would be used for range donation deposits."..."The first donations to the Tacoma Police Department Range were deposited on November 12, l993." "City Council has accepted $67,402.46, reflecting range donations deposited from November 12, 1993, to June 30, l997." "Donations received from July 1, 1997, in the amount of $23,353.30, are currently in the process of being scheduled for acceptance by City Council." "To date, donations received on behalf of the range total $90,755.96." "The department has expended $17,740.36 for specific range improvements and materials."

After reviewing this memo, I made the following request to Deputy Chief Hairston under the Washington Public Disclosure Act, "If the department has expended $17,740.36 on specific range improvement and materials what did the department do with the rest of the $90,755.96?" Chief Hairston has requested an extension of time to give me a response.

Contrast Hairston's memo to the city manager with Tacoma Finance Director Peter C. Luttropp's memo to the city manager on 9 Jan 97. "We have confirmed that all "donations" received from use of the Police Department's Harrison Range have been used for maintenance of the range."..."Both (donations and user fees) have been identified as "donations" and have been accounted for on a separate Work Order within the City's accounting system since l993." "This Work Order has been used to track the receipt of these moneys as well as their use for range maintenance." Since the creation of this Work Order, a total of $90,755.96 has been received."

The only thing they agree on is the total donations $90,755.96. While Hairston had the money in fund 8745, the finance director had the money in fund 6412. (Luttropp has AA8745 as a work order.) Hairston has only spent $17,740.36 while Luttrop has spent $90,755.96. If the funds were donations then Luttrop has spent more money than has been accepted by the city council. Actually Luttrop listed the fund as a default account. Wonder if this is a slush fund and if so how many other accounts like this exist for the city? If you look at the link you will note the police actually received $131,045.57. Fund 6412 History l993 through l997, Work Orders AA8745 and AE0069


Tacoma Police Lie Again?

On 20 October l992, the Tacoma Police Department(TPD) submitted Resolution No. 31951 for the purchase of .40 cal, double action only pistol etc. to the Tacoma City Council. Smith and Wesson (S&W) was the lowest bidder at $137,160 with a trade-in (357 Glocks and 70 Smith and Wesson 38 Revolvers) of $110,1174.40 = $26,985.60. Beretta submitted a bid of $151,600 with a trade in of $115,528.00 = $36,072.00. The TPD advised the council, "The bid from Smith and Wesson...(is) unacceptable as a result of a lengthy and detailed evaluation of police officer handguns conducted by the sic Police Department." After going to court I was able to obtain a copy of the police department evaluation of handguns. (The evaluation is copyrighted by the TPD.) The TPD rated the weapons a scale of 0 to 10. Grendel was rated 0. The Beretta 96D .40 S&W cal was rated number 1 at 8.3. The third and fourth highest ratings went to S&W with 7.7 and 7.4 points. Yet, the TPD rejected the lowest bidder, S&W, saying the range found the weapon unacceptable. S&W's were only six tenths and nine tenths of a point less than Beretta!
I am trying to ascertain the serial numbers of the weapons that were traded in, but, the TPD still hasn't furnished them to me. I guess it looks like another trip to court which will be my seventh under the Washington Public Disclosure Act. Wonder why the TPD bought the Glocks and then did this study? (1/22/98)

Accountability? at the Tacoma City Treasurer's Office

On 7 August l997 the Tacoma Police Department Legal Advisor, Assistant City Attorney Cheryl Carlson, sent me a letter advising me I could obtain Tacoma Police Department Documents if I paid reproduction costs of $23.40. On 15 August l997, I went to the Tacoma City Treasurer, produced the letter, paid them $23.40 in cash. A clerk stamped the letter PAID and sent me on my way. There were no receipts made to reflect the transaction. I went to the Tacoma Police Department showed them the letter. They gave me the documents. I kept the letter.
When I spoke with the City Treasurer on 9 Jan 98 about another matter I mentioned how in the summer I hadn't received a receipt from his office. He asked why I was disturbed with the transaction? I got my documents didn't I? I stated I was disturbed since to my knowledge the City Treasurer had no record of the transaction. He asked me to bring him a copy of the 7 Aug 97 letter. On 12 Jan 98, I brought a copy of the letter showing I paid the $23.40, waited for him to find the transaction in his records, but, after a couple of minutes left because he couldn't find a record of the transaction. He said he would page me when he found it. That happened at 9:30 am. It is now almost 6:00 pm and no page. As I was leaving I was told they sometimes don't give out numbered receipts because of a down sizing in staff. The lack of internal control for our taxpayer money is amazing. What is more amazing is that the Washington State Auditor does annual financial audits and finds nothing wrong!>line

The Feds and Tacoma or Why Tacoma is Publicized as having the Third Highest Crime Rate on the West Coast and is the Home of the Frugal Gourmet

Assistant Chief Hairston of the Tacoma a Police Department advised the Tacoma City Council that various donors had come forwarded and donated over $49,000 to the Tacoma Police Department. The contributions were given for the sole purpose of supporting the Tacoma Police Range. "Donations" to the Tacoma Police Department Firing Range.
I spoke with or e-mailed various donors to the Tacoma Police Department Firing Range thanking them for their generous contributions of over $49,000.
US.S. Customs stated the inspectors paid rental fees and did not give donations to the range.
Governor Locke's Office e-mailed me the following:
Subject: Wa State Liquor Board charitable contributions Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 10:47:32 -0800 From: Governor Locke To: "'Phyllis'"
Thank you for your recent e-mail to Governor Locke relating to the Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB) and Tacoma Police Department. We appreciate this opportunity to respond on the Governor's behalf. After speaking with a representative from the LCB, we were informed that LCB has paid the Tacoma Police Department for use of their firing range for their required firearms training. The Board does not maintain its own range facilities as they believe it is more cost effective to rent space from both private, as well as public ranges, when necessary rather than building and maintaining their own facility. The Tacoma Police Department was paid a rental fee of $25.00 per hour. The Board has no control of how the Tacoma Police Department accounts for rental income. I hope that this information addresses your concern. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact the governor. Sincerely, Constituent Services
The Washington State Liquor Board e-mailed me:
Subject: RE: Charitable contributions to police firing ranges Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 16:36:15 -0800 From: "Zenk, Gigi M" To: "'phyll@accessone.com'"
Dear Phyllis, Thank you for your inquiry regarding contributions. As a state agency we are unable to give charitable contributions to any entity. All funds are appropriated by the state legislature. We did pay the Tacoma Police Department $25 per hour for use of their firing range for our enforcement agents who have required firearms training. We used there facility for about 36 hours or 4.5 days. We believe that paying rental fees is much more cost effective than building and maintaining our own range facility.
The ATF and FBI are different animals. ATF Information Officer Jim Provencher stated the ATF uses the range for firing practice. He believes the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) displays the highest professionalism. He added too bad the Tacoma City Council doesn't give the TPD money for their firing range and forced the TPD to obtain the money by saying the rental fees were donations. (Tacoma does budget for the firing range. The police just got greedy. They wanted more funding without telling the citizens why they wanted additional money. It is the TPD who lied to get their accreditation and to qualify for COPS grants).
As always, the FBI was silent, but, that is probably because when they do speak they put their foot in their mouths.
On 13 January l998, the FBI SAC Burdena Pasenelli will present an award to Hilltop Action Coalition (HAC) for it's crime fighting efforts. HAC is an offshoot of Safe Streets.
Back in l989, when a drug dealer lived next to me in a one bedroom apartment he had 50 people an hour "visiting" him. One paid $30.00 to go in. People were lined up in the hallways awaiting entry. (The $30.00 included the cost of crack and a place to smoke it.) ($30 crack x 50 people per hour, x 8 hours per day ((The apartment was open 24 hours a day, but, I am being conservative))x 90 days = $1,080,000))
The FBI did nothing. Customs wanted to know if the crack (cocaine) was imported. I forgot the answer DEA gave for their noninvolvement. The TPD stated they didn't have probable cause to obtain a search warrant. If they saw something in the apartment they couldn't do anything even if the dealer appeared at the door with crack since that would be entrapment! The crack dealer, who furnished the crack to Hilltop moved out because he hadn't paid his rent and because the tenants, who received no help from Safe Streets, complained so much.
Eighteen street people than moved into the vacant apartment. Tacoma which has CARES (Representatives from different city agencies inspect buildings for code violations where drug dealing is suspected.) did nothing. The police did nothing. The tenants turned off the electricity and heat to the apartment, but, three vagrants Dee, Love and the Iceman remained. They threatened to burn the building down. It was the tenants without the benefit of Safe Streets who made the three vagrants move.
Since, I was one who was affected the most and protested the loudest, the rental management agency filed an eviction notice against me. (I later learned why they wanted the vacancy rate to skyrocket at the complex, but, that is an entirely different story.) I countered sued, acted as my own attorney, had a jury trial and won over one year back rent.
HAC is just a conduit to get Justice Department grants. Darlena Grey who was head of HAC and whose salary was paid for by the grants remained head of HAC, yet, moved to Ruston Way. (In the summer, the police have 15 to l8 police officers patrol Ruston Way, which is a two mile stretch of waterway, to ensure people aren't playing their car radios too loudly. Last summer two people were killed on two consecutive nights in Tacoma, yet, the police put most their resources on Ruston Way.) Of course, when HAC wants publicity the News Tribune comes running and prints whatever propaganda the city or it's offshoots want.
Safe Streets, HAC count their membership as anyone, whoever, whenever attends any of it's meetings. The FBI, ATF, Safe Streets, HAC and the TPD all congratulate each other for the good job they are doing. The missing pieces are the honest cops who fear saying anything because they fear retaliation and the citizens who have been robbed, mugged, assaulted or killed. (10 Jan 98) line
Earlier I had asked if anyone knew why the Tacoma Police Department would tell the Tacoma City Council they received donations, not user fees for their firing range. The answer is easy-user fees are put in the general fund as revenue to the city. This way the police have added more money to their budget without having to justify why they need it to the Tacoma City Council and more importantly to us, the taxpayers. The "donations (were) made to the Tacoma Police Department for the sole and specific purpose of supporting the Harrison Shooting Range..."(Ordinance 26179) This fraud was done with the blessing of the Tacoma City Attorney's Office.

"Donations" to the Tacoma Police Department Firing Range.


Donations or user fees?

On l6 December 97 the Tacoma City Council voted for Ordinance 26179 "...to accept donations made to the Tacoma Police Department for the sole and specific purpose of supporting the Harrison Shooting Range between January 13, l995 and March 14, l997, in the amount of $49,824.10 and to accept said sums for the purpose of depositing them into the Miscellaneous Trust Summary Fund."

Assistant Chief Hairston was to provide me with the names and amounts of monies donated to the police range. He didn't provide me with the information so I went to the city finance office. I learned from Jan l995 to September l997 the police received $57,487.10 in "donations".

The donors were but not limited to US.S Treasury (Probation) $400, Boeing Support SVCS $2496, State of WA Liquor Cntl Brd $900, Wa St Crim Jst Trng $1,000, City of Fife, $342 FBI $300, ATF $500 etc. After July l995 the list of donors is listed only as Range Users or Police Range Contributions. This sounds more as if the police were collecting user fees. So why lie and state the fees were donations?

I did attempt to hand Councilman DeForrest the documentation, but, he ignored it. When I determine who gave all the charitable contributions I will update this site

I spoke with Tacoma Police President Blystone who stated if I were nice to the police officers then they might do their jobs. Today the newspaper printed a question of mine. Do the sheriffs and city police have random ua's for drug use? Blystone answered for the Tacoma Police Department that they didn't do the ua's. I commented to him that I heard "on the street" that some officers may be "smoking" and it was quite possible some officers were appearing in court with less money and crack then was seized. His response, "I heard you have been nosing around." He also advised me to tell internal affairs. Internal affairs haven't taken any of my complaints so why would they now be interested in what I have to say?

Stay tuned for more little known facts and maybe a history lesson. Why did Chrysler get the backing for it's loan and why did they become such good friends with Toyota. Little known facts about Sea-Land and U.S. Customs


  • More facts the News Tribune won't print.
  • The Justice Department gives COPS grants to local police departments for community orientated policing. The more the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) says we love them the more money they get. Too bad, the Justice Department doesn't ask the citizens, read citizen comments in our local newspaper (What comments they will print.) or look at my web site.
  • Requests for Justice Grants are to reflect if the police have or had problems with discrimination. The police must have forgot the discrimination suit won 13 years again by a female officer. That is why they settled the current female officers' discrimination suit, yet, state they are not admitting they discriminated against the female officers. The TPD is just generous. Too bad they are generous with our tax money. Too bad 74% of them don't live in Tacoma and therefore their taxes would pay for the discrimination they don't do. Could this explain why minority citizens feel their complaints aren't being addressed? Could this be why TPD Internal Affairs harass folks who file a complaint? The COPS grants might be jeopardized?
  • In the application for the grants the TPD aver they are in compliance with the Washington State's Bryne Grant Strategy. According to the TPD, one week the state doesn't have a strategy, yet, two weeks and one grant later the TPD is in compliance with the strategy. I wish the TPD would make up its mind.
  • I learned in early l997 the TPD advised the Justice Department in it's grant requests that since 1991 they have conducted several community meetings a year in each of the city's four geographical sectors so citizens and officers could get together. When I reported this lie the TPD decided to start the meetings. (The South Sector was the only sector having these meetings.) Now, you know why all the sectors have been so anxious to meet you folks this year. Could it be they are having a meeting a month in each sector to make up for all the meetings they haven't had?
  • The TPD used computations to show how more officers would be available if the department had a dictation staff. This is the same department which doesn't know where it's officers are deployed.
  • After the grant monies were depleted for the dictation unit the TPD asked the city council to disband the dictation unit because it wasn't effective.
  • In the interim Pierce County obtained a grant for computers to interface with the dictation unit that no longer exists. Pierce County gave the grant to the city to administer.
  • The grant funds are to be used to "...Improve the responsiveness of our agency's officers to members of the community by having timely and accurate information readily available for the community policing officer to share with the members of "his/her" community." That is why on 24 Nov 97 I will file my sixth amended court complaint to force disclosure of documents from the TPD.
  • The TPD is suppose to have performance audits done to monitor the grant's effectiveness. Yet, when I asked for performance audits on the grants the Assistant City Attorney, Cheryl Carlson, advised me, "Therefore, your request for a copy of performance audits is denied as no such document is known or understood to exist.".
  • When I showed performance audits were required, the police finally admitted for just one grant the Justice Department telephoned and asked the police to rate if things had improved on a scale of one to five. Of course, things improved!
  • 42 USCS section 3789g(b) requires, "All criminal history information collected, stored or disseminated through support under this title shall contain, to the maximum extent feasible, disposition as well as arrest data where arrest data is included there in." Surprise, the TPD doesn't do that. I believe this isn't done thanks to former Chief Fjetland.LI>Remember former Chief Fjetland lied to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs so the TPD could get accreditated. He said the TPD did annual performance evaluations of it's officers and it doesn't. They are to do Internal Affairs investigations and at least in my case they won't. There is no Blue Code (Cover up by police officers of other police officer wrong doing.) here. Too bad, the new Chief, Arreola, who complained about a Blue Code is now looking the other way. Guess he just wants to be one of the good old boys.
  • In l995 the TPD ordered over $500,000 in police vehicles although the city council voted down their request. In the papers, the purchasing officer was characterized as being overly efficient. The cars sat at the city dump because they couldn't equip them. (We need grant money because we don't have enough money in our budget for community orientated policing.)
  • The TPD Union has a special contract with a telephone company for a special rate for cell phones for union members to use at home. They requisitioned more cell phones. Councilman Baarsma wisely asked why they needed more phones if they weren't using the cell phones they already had on hand (They weren't using them because it cost too much for air time.). The police said they would get back to him. The Tacoma City Council rubber stamped the purchase anyway without getting the question answered. We know why they wanted more cell phones don't we? (The TPD gets grant money because they don't have enough in the budget to do community orientated policing.)
  • The TPD now wants lap top computers.
  • No physical audits are done on small but attractive items values under $5,000 eg on computers, high powered rifles, ammo, cell phones etc..
  • The Justice Department came to a Tacoma City Council meeting and apologized for only giving the city $200,000 for a Weed and Seed grant. Thank God for small favors.
  • Grant money is our taxes.


The Milwaukee Police Union was upset Chief Arreola would fire two officers after they returned a naked, bleeding boy to Jeffrey Dalmer. Dalmer went on to kill five more people. I'll take that criticism any day.

The Tacoma Police Union invests in our politicians and the Chief invests in our kids. Adhering to the belief that the well-being of the community is directly linked to education, the HCCW also administers the HCCW Education Fund/Philip Arreola Scholarship program, awarding significant scholarships annually.Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Wisconsin

Some people in Milwaukee appreciate Chief Arreola

Posted by Jon on June 25, 1997 at 13:34:05: It occurs that Police Chief Arthur Jones has set his officers to work writing jaywalking tickets to protect the citizenry. No, not from traffic, from frustrated officers brandishing handguns in after-hours street and bar confrontations, roaring (and crashing) around the city in 90 MPH chases after "criminals" with burned-out taillights and beating suspects in alleyways. God forbid anyone should actually man a community policing station when there are (gasp!) jaywalkers running roughshod over downtown Milwaukee. Former Police Chief Philip Arreola had made strides towards turning around the sorry reputation of Milwaukee's finest during his term in office. Sad to say, Chief Jones has so far done nothing but undo Arreola's work. Jones insistent dedication to trivial programs like expensive dress uniforms and jaywalking enforcement in addition to questionable cases like the mishandled arrest of Milwaukee Common Council President John Kalwitz for expired license plates all conspire to make the department look, at best, frivolous. Jones' "saturation patrols" and questionable searches of citizens in Walker Square after the local (unoccupied) police station was shot at don't help matters. Chief Jones' time would be better spent concentrating on the quality of the department instead of establishing "high-profile crackdown" operations against easy targets. Perhaps Jones could work on better hiring procedures, improved officer training programs, teaming officers with community members, and erasing the adversarial relationship MPD has had with the citizenry in years past. Milwaukee and its police officers deserve better. Much better Jaywalking in Milwaukee

  • According to the Tacoma News Tribune (11/5/97) there was a Tacoma Police Shooting Review Board, but, one officer appointed to the board by Tacoma Police Union President Blystone felt he was being coerced by both Cpt Darland (Darland thought the officer was asking too many "hard" questions. Everyone can be union but the chief.) and Blystone as to how to vote. Blystone feels the officer is subordinate to him since he selected him for the board and therefore should vote the way suggested by Blystone. This is Tacoma, Wa Justice. The citizens live in fear of their community oriented police. The Union wants Chief Arreola fired. How dare he even suggest performance evaluations of officers! The Tacoma City Council (with a couple of exceptions) and mayor are busy accepting their campaign contributions from the police union. The state attorney general and head of the state police feel we have no problem here. The feds are busy getting certificates of appreciation from the Tacoma City Council
  • An employee stole over $500,000 from the Tacoma Dome. The state auditor's office did six financial audits in a row of the City of Tacoma and gave them an A plus. The employee was allowed to do both purchasing and receiving. All items stolen were valued under $5,000. In some cases he had the vendors make two invoices to lower the cost to under $5,000. Tacoma does not do physical inventories on items valued under $5,000 (Even small ,but, attractive items like high powered rifles, ammo etc. are not inventoried). After the theft was detected, because of the volume of items he pawned, the state auditor's office reviewed the situation and couldn't find anything that could have been handled differently. This is Washington State where your tax dollars go ?
  • According to the Tacoma News Tribune (26 Oct 97) the Tacoma Police Union offered to use its funds to reimburse the city for the money it spent in finding Chief Arreola because they want him fired. Could it be because he wants them to have annual performance evaluations etc.? Wonder what made them think the city would take their union funds? Wonder who audits their union funds?
  • To show their displeasure for the new chief the police stated they wouldn't go out unless a complaint is made. What else is new? If you called for an officer you would be told one wasn't available. But, if you went to their substations, Marilyns, Sheris, Dennys, St. Joe's, Tacoma General or Puget Sound Hospitals or during the day to coffee shops on S. 9th or on Pacific you could find an officer. You might, also, follow me. They did stop me five times in two and one half weeks. (All I was doing was getting petitions signed for performance audits for city agencies which we now have.) You might also come to my house where they sit surveillances. Funny thing when shots have been fired and they have been sitting around the corner they didn't respond until after 911 was called. When my neighbor and I met to discuss the situation they then appeared and ordered my neighbor and myself into our houses.
  • Did you know the Cpt Councilman Kirby wanted to be chief is retiring because of stress. The Cpt was the same person who told me to keep my mouth shut about favoritism by the Tacoma Police Department for a certain individual in Tacoma or I wouldn't get an accident report. I didn't keep my mouth shut consequently I didn't get an accident report. I wrote three letters to the mayor and finally got a report which showed favoritism. I am waiting to be killed. The Tacoma City Council isn't happy with me and it is insinuated I could have an ordinance written against me or I could be jailed. I didn't know if my child was dead. The police weren't any help. The Cpt is stressed? If there is no blue code why hasn't Internal Affairs done an investigation? Why do the city council and mayor look the other way and want to write an ordinance against me? Why would someone give up a $60,000 a year job to run for Tacoma City Council which only pays $18,000 and is part time? Beats me!

Tourist Alert

Police have to assume the worst

The following letter to the editor was published in the Tacoma News Tribune on 21 October, l997.

I'm writing concerning the article, "Minorities perceive harassment by police"(TNT,10-19).

Would you want a police force that would ignore a person crouched under a broken steering column in a high crime area? I don't think so. Would you want a police force that would foolishly walk up to that person and politely (Ask) him them what he is doing? Maybe he is stealing the car. Maybe he does own the car. Would you bet your life that he owns the car? Don't expect the police to, either.

Would you want a police force that believed right away that a person was telling the truth without checking out the story? Would you let that person get what he says is a driver's license out of the armrest? Would you bet your life he was telling you the truth?

Would you like to be scrutinized on how you're doing your job by people who have never done your job? I don't pretend to be a surgeon because I've been to see the doctor or because I watch "ER".

The subject of the story was scared that day, but, only because the police were doing their job and doing it as safely as they possible could. In order for them to safely live another day they must make the bet that the suspect is a bad guy. They want to go home when the shift ends and see their families just like you do.

Until you go to my work, sometimes a battle zone, and fear for your own life and the lives of others, don't you dare make assumptions that I don't know how to do my job and don't expect me to foolishly risk my life. I won't do it. You wouldn't either. Signed Joseph McDonald.

The incident referred to in the letter concerned a young man who in the middle of the afternoon was trying to fix his car's steering wheel so the car would run. The police approached him with guns drawn, cuffed him and put him the the squad car. (He also expressed concern that he had needlessly been roughed up.) Sad to say, but, this officer reflects the police department's attitude that Tacoma is a war zone.

Most of the Tacoma City Council and the Mayor show complete support for this union and therefore it must logically follow they support their views. In fact, the Tacoma City Council and Mayor Ebersole have made the police union above the laws and ordinances of this city. See What's New, The 1997-l998 Addendum to the Tacoma Police Management Master Agreement approved by the Tacoma City Council in Feb 97.

I would suggest you not bring your dog to this city as a couple have been shot recently. From what I have observed you might want to practice defensive driving around these officers also. The department avers they are just following departmental guidelines. Personally I question the guidelines.

Do come and have a good time, enjoy the Thea Foss Waterway, the University of Washington, The Washington State Historical Society, the Tacoma Art Museum and the future Chihuly Glass Bridge.

I also noted last night (21 Oct 97) Tacoma Police Union President Blystone speaking with Councilwoman Silas. Could he be trying to mend fences? Last week she set me straight to her knowledge no police officer lives in her district , yet, they gave her opponent $10,000, not $5,000 in the last election to defeat her. (74% of the police officers do not live in Tacoma.) We may be poor on Hilltop, but, we aren't stupid.


Today (17 Oct 97) I went to the downtown Tacoma YMCA, which is a member of the United Way, to ask who was on their board of directors. My simple inquiry resulted with me having to provide ID to prove who I am, two telephone calls to United Way and three telephone calls to a Mr. John Thomas, YMCA. I finally was told the names of the officers of the Metro Board of the YMCA, but, Mr. Thomas would not release any other names of board members. (The officers are Tom Taylor, Stephen Hill, Todd Silver, Paul Anderson and John Wiborg) He stated people were possibly being secretive because they thought I was trying to sell a big valued item to volunteers or maybe I was trying to find board member telephone numbers. I reassured him I just asked (over and over) for the board member names. I especially wanted the names of those who had voted for Ray Fjetland to be President/CEO. When I asked if their board minutes were open to the public he replied," Yes". I should call a board officer. Since I don't know any telephone numbers I asked when the next board meeting would be. He didn't know-maybe in the middle of November. I did mention this site and he wanted to know if Ray Fjetland could page me to which I replied in the affirmative. I added Fjetland should know me well from when he was Chief of the Tacoma Police. (Fjetland had assured me my death would be low priority for his police officers.) WHY THE SECRECY?


  • Most of you know Tacoma is the Home of the Frugal Gourmet, but, did you know he owned the Judicial Annex, a local downtown eatery. Wonder who frequented the restaurant and who had him cater his/her parties? Tens attract tens and ones attract ones.
  • Did you know Former Tacoma Chief Fjetland, the chief who lied so the Tacoma Police Department could be accreditated, is now CEO/President of the Young Men's Christian Association here in Pierce County? Wonder why the Tacoma Police Union feels they could get along with former Chief Fjetland and his hand picked "executives", but, can not get along with Chief Arreola? Tens attract tens and ones attract ones.
  • Did you know in this city that brags about community oriented policing that more then one person has expressed a fear of my early demise. Wonder why?


  • I was initially refused Tacoma Police Reports because they stated someone born in 1943 and someone born in l952 were juvenile suspects. (See Pierce County Superior Court Case NO 96-2-08736-5)
  • Did you know as late as 1991 the Tacoma Police asked female secretary applicants "Are you in your menstrual cycle" on a lie dictator test? They also to know wanted if the applicant suffered from PMS (Pierce County Superior Court Case No:94-2-11854-0, second amended complaint, page 6 and see answer), yet, they don't know where it's officers are assigned or the disposition of arrests. Makes one wonder where they priorities U>lay?

  • On ll Oct 97, the News Tribune published an article Report on charged policeman withheld. In the article Tacoma Police Union Robert Blystone called Tacoma Chief Arreola's handling of an alleged assault by a Tacoma Police Officer on a woman while in handcuffs because she looked at him weirdly as "political grandstanding", yet, the Tacoma Police Union has a pac called COPS. 74% of the police don't live in the city and no Tacoma Police Officer, to my knowledge, lived in Council woman's Silas district, yet, the pac contributed $5,000 to Silas' opponent in 1995. (Then they contributed $950 to Councilwoman McGavick U>after she won the election. They also contributed $4,500 to Mayor Ebersole in l995. This year, they have contributed $1,000 to Councilman Kirby's campaign.) They appear to be generous to a fault don't they? I am sure they don't expect anything in return.
  • In that same article Blystone stated, "I've got a lot of angry officers who don't liked being called corrupt, and that's exactly what that term (blue code) implies-a secret society of people who will cover up each other's indiscretions." If the shoe fits wear it!
  • Only 30 percent of Tacoma city employees receive annual performance evaluations.
  • The Tacoma City Manager who earns $125,000 just in salary alone hasn't had an annual performance evaluation since l993.
  • The city has no policy on conducting annual physical inventories on small, but, attractive items such as ammunition, high powered weapons, lap top computers.
  • Tacoma is publicized as having the third highest crime rate on the West Coast,
    • Crime is determined by crime reports accepted by the police and LESA. LESA is overseen by the Pierce County Sheriffs Office and the Tacoma Police Department.
    • Neither the Tacoma Police Department nor the Pierce County Sheriffs Department perform random UAs.
    • Neither the sheriff nor police keep track of the number of convictions per officer arrest.
    • Both the Tacoma Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriffs Department use our children as witnesses in criminal proceedings without notifying parents because the state doesn't require them to notify parents. (The state doesn't require them to ask for pay raises, but, they ask for them anyway.)
    • The Tacoma Police Department set up a system of annual performance evaluations in order to obtain their accreditation from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, yet, they didn't actually do the performance evaluations.
    • The head of the Tacoma Police Department Internal Affairs was also the police union representative. (Now you know why your complaint went nowhere.)

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