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Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us,
nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government,
nor of dungeons to ourselves
Let us have faith that right makes might,
and in that faith, Let us to the end
dare to do our duty as we understood it
Abraham Lincoln

Domestic Violence the Tacoma and Pierce County Way

According to a 23 October 97 Tacoma News Tribune article, Violence exhibit banned from courthouse, the YWCA displayed in the Pierce County Court Building figurines of women who had been killed by acts of domestic violence, but, they were asked to move the exhibit because of complaints. One complainant was Tacoma Municipal Court Judge Ralph Turco who had domestic violence allegations levied against him by his wife. Another complainant was Don Winskill who is currently representing the young man (who has suggested killing me) in the statutory rape charges which have been reduced to possession of pornography./P>

In my own case, I have an anti-harassment order which I felt was being violated by the above mentioned young man. The Tacoma City Attorney Heidi Horst has unavailable to me for whatever reason. (Coincidentally, Heidi Horst and Judge Turco were the subject of a lawsuit. One of the allegations was that certain people received special favors from the City Attorney's Office. Also, Ms. Horst loaned Judge Cushcoff $5,000 for his campaign to become a Pierce County Superior Court Judge. Remember Judge Cushcoff is the judge who greeted a Reserve Air Force Lt.Col "Come on in Col I know how reputable you are.". He did not have the LtCol swear in and allowed the young man who suggested killing me to go home with the Lt. Col. Only thing, the LtCol must have forgotten he had a nine year old boy at home-the young man was not to be around minors, the LtCol had a warrant out for his arrest for contempt of court and owed $170,000 in tax liens.)

It was in Pierce County Court where Pierce County Commissioner Orlando sealed telephone records which indicated a violation of the anti-harassment order, yet, there was no documentation to show who had the records sealed (Through a little sleuthing I determined it was a Pierce County Court employee) or why the records were sealed. It was the Pierce County Court Clerk who stated the telephone company had not wanted me to have the records. Unbeknownst to him just a few minutes earlier the telephone company had faxed me a copy of the telephone records.

Tacoma City Attorney Heidi Horst was elusive, former Tacoma Police Chief Fjetland acknowledged my death would be given low priority, Sgt Braime told me to hang in there and Sgt Young told me not to call when the anti-harassment order was violated.

I got a permit to carry a concealed weapon and attempted to file a civil action under RCW 7.21.030 and RCW 9.A.46.030, but Pierce County Court Commissioner Foley crossed out my legal remedy, stated I wasn't entitled to it and indicated I could go "upstairs" to the Pierce County Superior Court Judges if I didn't like it. At the hearing, in Pierce County Superior Court I remarked my daughter wasn't at the hearing "My child's life was threatened the day before the hearing." Judge Flemming replied. "Well she wasn't here for whatever reason." "Well I trust as a result of this there will be no contact or we will go through this again." The Pierce County Prosecutor is another story all together. He came out in favor of the exhibit. Wonder what made him suddenly so concerned. It was his office who came after me, wouldn't enforce the diversion program and told my kid, "She's the only one who knows what happened and she's not talking." etc. Ones attract one and tens attract tens./P>

I did have an incident where a man who claimed to be from San Francisco stated "It sure would be easy to pick you off with a 30 aught." I didn't make a complaint because I wasn't sure if it was a warning or a threat. Acting Tacoma Police Chief Monner apparently knew of the threat and stated to me the man wouldn't be around to bother me any more. Makes one wonder doesn't it?


Currently my child is in college has become an accomplished pianist and has her art work displayed at a local art gallery.
As a child she was top reader for the Main Branch Library, participated in Dale Chihuly's Art Program at Jason Lee, a local middle school, and had her art work displayed around the world compliments of Dale Chihuly. There are a lot of other accomplishments, too many to mention here.
So why did I put this site up? My story revolves around the authorities. While living in an apartment, we lived next door to a drug dealer who had 50 people an hour "visiting" his apartment. I had 8 bullet holes in my van window, yet, the police could see nothing unusual.
I put up such a fuss he was evicted, but, so wasn't I. I fought back, acted as my own attorney, had a jury trial and won two years back rent.
My daughter and I bought a house. During this period of time I discovered the Tacoma Police use our children as witnesses in criminal proceedings without notifying the parents.(Later I learned this is also standard operating procedure for the Pierce County Sheriff.)
At age l4 my child became acquainted with a young man who was l8. Through this acquaintance I learned: The list goes on. I would caution any parent or any company contemplating coming to this state and possibly more importantly this area to beware.

Stay tuned for the next update. The authorities and parents.

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