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Where-ever law ends tyranny begins.
John Locke
It is understood that the parties hereto and the employees of the
City are governed by the provisions of applicable state law,
the City Charter and City Ordinances.When any provisions of the City Charter or City Ordinances conflict with or are different than the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement are paramount and shall prevail.

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Do you Think the Tacoma Police Department is still Dirty? You be the Judge.

Last year the Tacoma Police played a basketball game against the Tacoma Fire Department (TPD) to raise money for the Hilltop Action Coalition (HAC). The police were paid their salaries to play the game while ther fire fighters did it for free.

Internal Affairs did an investigation.

According to John Hathawy this is what happened after the investigation was completed:

"Tacoma police Chief Don Ramsdell to announce departure"

"According to New Takhoman sources, Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell is going to step down rather than disciplining Assistant Chief Bob Sheehan for paying city cops to play basketball on the taxpayers dime to raise money for the Hill Top Action Collation."

"After a nine month internal affairs investigation a two ring binder report is now sitting on Ramsdell’s desk for adjunction."

"Word has it that Ramsdell would rather take a power than take Sheehan on."

"And why should he be so afraid of the Bobster you might ask Dear Readers."

"Because Sheehan is the keeper of all of Brame’s deep dark secrets." (Brame was the former Tacoma Police chief who had killed is wife then himself.)

"If one cracks they all go down and that is why Chief Don is not willing to take on his, YES, his command staff."

"Ask Sheehan why he entered Brame’s apartment 7 years ago calming to secure a crime scene before the search warrant was ever issued." "Do you really think he will talk?"

"But this reporter has it all."

"If Ramsdell rolls on Sheehan Sheehan will roll on Ramsdell."

"In a heartbeat Dear Readers." John Hathaway (03/03/2010)

I question how deeply did the FBI, WASPC and the WSP dig? Are they continuing a coverup? If so why? What was in Brame’s apartment? Are there missing video tapes? Remember Sheenan wasn’t worried I might disclose the Brame divorce papers. Sheenan was worried about what John Hathaway had written in his daily internet log. Why?

Sheenan was a lieutenant and he jumped over the captains on the TPD to become the assistant chief. Why?

Remember this is the same city where a former Pierce County Sheriff, Mark French had downloaded pictures of adult males having sex with babies. Pierce County Presiding Judge (for 2009 and 2010) Bryan Chushcoff ruled French did not have to register as a sex offender because his actons were not sexually motivated.

Am I the only one who thinks something is materially wrong here? (03/05/2010


Decisions Decisions Decisions

Will the police decide the 9 40 mm caliber bullets fired in front of my house were because of 1. the neighborhood, 2. blame the victim, 3. fate or 4 ?


Lest we Forget

The police are selling 403 Beretas in a lot. This time they are doing it right. The officer has to turn in his weapon which will be given to the purchaser. The officer then has the option to buy the weapon for his/her use.

I thought I would remind the city council about the history of the Beretta in Tacoma. Below are my comments at the Tacoma City Council meeting.

Since the police are unloading 403 Berettas and some of you are history buffs I thought I would educate you on the history of the Berettas. The police had Glocks and wanted a new handgun. They did a firing range study of various weapons. Smith and Wesson was the lowest bidder for the handguns but the police said Smith and Wesson flunkeded the firing range study so the police urged the city council to purchase the guns from the second highest bidder Beretta. The council did what it always does and obeyed. Police management doesn’t lie now do they? I asked for a copy of the range study. The range study showed Smith and Wesson was the highest rated handgun. Why did the police lie to the council?

Then I tried to find out what happened to the 424 Glocks the police were exchanging for Berettas. The police couldn’t account for the Glocks. Where are they? Wonder if the Bulls Eye knows where they are? A person involved in the transaction had a warehouse in Las Vegas. When I went to Las Vegas I called up the warehouse. They hemmed and hawed. I should have gone to the warehouse to see their faces. It would have been priceless. What was even more interesting was while I was in Las Vegas, after the phone call to the warehouse, someone from Italy came to my web site discovertacoma.com.

You think no one knows what is happening here because the Trib won’t print what is happening here. In reality people around the world know what is happening here. You are just fooling yourselves. The police haven’t changed and I can prove it.

Anyone wanting to see the documentation about the Berettas go to my web site discovertacoma.com and look in What’s New. It goes quicker if you look in edit, scroll down to FIND and put in Beretta. You can see the range study and other documentation on the Berettas. (2/3/09)

Tacoma Police Deserve Credit when Credit is Due.

Unbeknownst to me on the 21st of August 2008 my neighbor called the police around midnight to tell them I was being held hostage. (I do not think he was doing well as later I discovered he dyed his hair red.) In reality I had fallen asleep on the couch watching the news. Much to my chagrin four police officers showed up at my home. The Officers, Rodney Halfhill, Robert Vandermolen, Khanh Phan and Levi Hicks were very professional and courteous. I had to chuckle when one officer expressed disappointment that he couldn’t arrest a bad guy. As far as I am concerned they did their job and did it well. I feel safer knowing we have officers such as these men and if I were in trouble I would want them to be the first responders. (8-25-08)

How the Tacoma Police Continue to Save Our Children

Settlement in abuse suit is small consolation


Published: July 11th, 2008 01:00 AM

The horrific abuse eight boys suffered at the hands of a Key Peninsula foster father is rife with tragedy, and the fact that taxpayers are out a whopping $11 million is the very least of it.

That’s a whole lot of money that could have been better spent elsewhere – had police agencies and state social workers done their jobs.

But given their failures to adequately screen Ronald Young and later act on evidence that he was sexually abusing the boys in his care, the payout is the least the public can do to make amends.

It’s small solace to the poor souls sent to Young’s home for safe haven who found themselves repeatedly and brutally assaulted. Photographs of their degradation were shared with pedophiles far and wide.

No dollar amount can ever recover what those children have lost. But money might be able to save other kids from the same fate.

Tacoma and Seattle police both bungled a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that could have helped them find Young earlier and save several of the boys from continued hell.

The agencies acknowledge problems with how they handled Internet child abuse tips. In Tacoma’s case, a detective assigned to the computer crimes unit failed to follow up on the tip for at least two months. The delay is an indictment of not just the officer but also the department. There should have been a method of ensuring that tips didn’t fall through the cracks. 7/15/08

A few observations by John Hathaway (The New Takhoman) on the Zina Linnik murder.

The City of Tacoma has once again made national news in the worst possible way. In the recent past it was the Tacoma Police Chief David Brame murder/suicide and the story of John Malvo, the Washington D.C. Beltway sniper; this time it’s the abduction and murder of 12 year old Tacoma citizen Zina Linnik.

On Friday July 6 an MSNBC news analyst, with the vehemence of a wood chopper, ripped Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell and his department for waiting 12 plus hours before putting out an Amber Alert to ask for the public’s help in finding the girl.

An astute Seattle print news reporter asked the question, “They had a suspect, but they didn’t have the victim, therefore why not an immediate Amber Alert?”

That is a question this publication has been asking since the news of the abduction broke.

To date no satisfactory answers has been forthcoming.

Ramsdell’s excuse for not triggering the alert earlier was that the department had “a very hot lead" relating to a van driver that possibly could have abducted Zina. According to local news reports Tacoma Police questioned the van driver, gave him a lie-detector test and cleared him.

Mr. Ramsdell, why did that process take 12 hours? We await your answer.

But as national radio newsy Paul Harvey says “And now for page 2”.

According to Tacoma Police spokesman Mark Fulghum he and five Tacoma detectives spent a week in Hawaii this past April taking Amber Alert training. Also according to Fulghum TPD currently does not have an Amber Alert policy, but he said the department is working on it.

Will that tidbit bring comfort to the Linnik family and the citizens of the City of Tacoma?

Nor were we enamored with The News Tribune’s Saturday editorial which stated, “Some have questioned whether police were too slow to issue an Amber Alert after Zina’s abduction was reported. So far that does not look to be the case. If anything, it appears that Tacoma police deserve credit for finding a suspect so quickly. A detective acting on vehicle information provided by Zina’s father and a neighbor was able to quickly narrow the search to a van that led straight to the suspect.”

We have already stated that in our opinion the alert was too little too late. But now we have to ask Chief Ramsdell why it took 36 to 48 hours to run those plates.

And now for page 3.

Through a public documents request last week we asked for a copy of Chief Ramsdell’s latest performance evaluation.

What follows is City Manager Eric Anderson’s response which he also sent to The News Tribune and The Tacoma Weekly.

“Regarding your recent public disclosure request for the latest performance evaluation for Police Chief Don Ramsdell, I am writing to let you know that performance evaluations are exempt from disclosure.

The City of Tacoma does not have a comprehensive employee evaluation process in place. The development of that program as part of our overall performance management system is on my list of goals for the organization for the next three to five years, as shared with the City Council during my performance review.

However, I regularly discuss performance expectations and fulfillment with all of my direct reports, often more than once a day. I have advised the Chief that his performance has been superior. I have been especially pleased by the extraordinary leadership displayed in the development of the department's strategic plan, as well as his dedication and involvement in recent high-profile investigations.”

A second public document request would be forthcoming for the minute by minute investigation timeline but that would undoubtedly be denied under “the ongoing criminal investigation” exemption in Washington State public document law.


Does this subject really merit two articles or is something else happening?

City manager gets high marks

Jul 07, 2007 05:44 AM

The Tacoma City Council wants to keep Eric Anderson as city manager for two more years. Anderson won praise from the council in his second performance evaluation, released Friday, though his numerical ranking dropped in nearly every category of measurement compared with last yearâ??s glowing revi...

Council rates city manager 'outstanding’

Jul 06, 2007 12:32 PM

Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson is still a hit with the City Council. Anderson?s second performance evaluation is complete, and though his numerical score dropped in nearly every category of measurement from last year, council members still believe he?s doing an ?outstanding? job. ?Councilman R...

Interestingly enough the article on July 6th can only be found through a search on the web site search feature. Both articles were written by the same reporter Jason Hagey. Could it be the Tacoma News Tribune didn’t like the comments posted for the July 6th article?

1% NOT equal 1%

Submitted by Niner on July 6, 2007 - 1:33pm

. If your salary is $150,000; 1% is $1500.00 If your salary is $30,000; 1% is $300.00 No matter what their salary, the employee cost for health insurance went up $480.00 per employee per year, more for people insuring their spouse and/or children. So after the manager and uw,worker each get "the same 1%" raise, the worker is actually looking at a $180.00 pay CUT compared to the managers $1020.00 pay INCREASE. Not exactly equal

Anderson's pay raise.

Submitted by phyllab on July 6, 2007 - 5:30pm.

Until this year city employees paid nothing for insurance no matter how many family members were insured. This year they have to pay $40 a month for the family. We had one assistant city manager-Jim Walton now we have two Assistant City Managers and two Assistants to the City Manager. Phyllis A. Barrett ps How long before the paper takes this off or takes the article off?

A Pay Raise is a Pay Raise

Submitted by Upgrayedd on July 6, 2007 - 2:21pm

. Insurance is optional. You are not required to get health insurance at all, let alone your employer's insurance. A 1% raise, be it $300 or $1500, is a pay raise. Assume I am earning $30,000/yr, and my monthly expenses are exactly 1/12 of my salary. Now assume I am given a 1% raise and decide to go out and buy a car. My car payments are $400more each year than the payments on my last car were. You wouldn't say I actually got a $100 pay cut would you?



The Trib Sure Knows How to Keep Track of Breaking News in Tacoma or Even Better the City Manager.

Dan Voelpel was Tacoma City Information Officer. He quit and went to work for the Trib. He writes mainly on Tacoma. His wife works for the Tacoma City Manager. A good way to keep someone under the Trib’s thumb don’t you think? 5-15-07


Tacomans keep on getting kicked in the teeth or No wonder they do not want me on the Performance Committee.

I am going to speak about Resolution 37097. Tacomans deserve every pothole and every penny they pay in property taxes. In the next five years Tacoma taxpayers are going to pay a minimum of $19,000,000 for diesel fuel and gasoline for public utilities and city employee’s government owned vehicles. The cost per gallon is based on a daily fluctuating price index. This $19,000,000 translates into a purchase of 10,500,000 gallons of gas and diesel fuel for the next five years. No one in Public Utilities or the city government keeps a daily mileage log. The city uses 1,200,000 gallons of gas a year. Public Utilities uses 900,000 gallons of gas and diesel a year. Tacomans will pay a minimum of $3,800,000 a year or a minimum of $19,000,000 for five years for gas and diesel fuel for city and public utility vehicles. I will repeat no one in Public Utilities or Tacoma City Government keeps track of mileage on a daily mileage log. There is no accountability on how that fuel is used. It is most egregious for the police since they use 200,000 gallons of gas a year or a million gallons of gas for five years. The police use their vehicles for commuting, moonlighting and patrolling. No daily mileage logs and no accountability. The citizens will pay a minimum of $19,000,000 for gas and diesel fuel for the next five years and NOOOO money for pot holes. According to a state auditor the police do not have to keep track of mileage if they do not want to. Obviously, no one in city government or public utilities has to keep track of daily mileage either. If Tacomans sit back and allow this boondoggle then Tacomans deserve everything they get=the pot holes, the ruts and one of the highest property taxes in the state. This is my opinion. I am not insinuating anything. This is down right shameful and pitiful. Feb 1, 2007


Will Tacomans Ever Learn? Tacoma has the Highest Crime Rate in Washington State.

In 2001 Buracker did a performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department. He exposed a practice called “Fat Thursday” where all police officers worked on Thursday so they could have Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. He suggested scheduling officers for when the highest crime rates are. What did Tacoma do? They scheduled most officers to work on Friday so the officers can have Saturday, Sunday and Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off. We now have a modified "Fat Friday". This year alone the Tacoma City Council voted to pay the officers $500,000 in overtime to fight crime.

I asked for an analysis of crime in Tacoma and the schedule changes the police made in response to the crime. Their response is as follows. They made none.

The web site given is http://www.cityoftacoma.org/Page.aspx?hid=2035.(11/21/006) line

No Wonder the Tacoma Police Do Not Study Maintenance Costs!

Maintenance Costs are now down to $186 per month per vehicle, but, below is the information I discovered about accidents.


Tacoma City Manager

I asked under the WPDA for a list of accident claims and a list of maintenance records for the Tacoma Police Department. The accident claim report was from 2-03 to present. (Attachment 1) The maintenance report was for 6 months from 11-05 to 05-06. (Patrol vehicles are to have maintenance every 3 months or every 3,000 miles or after a high pursuit chase.) I reviewed SAP maintenance records for the police patrol vehicles at Equipment Rental.

I found the following discrepancies:

1. The Accident Claim Report does not show the Client Claim Numbers for 24 vehicles.(Why?)

2. The Accident Claim Report shows “undetermined” for 55 claims out off 170 claims.(What does “undetermined” mean?)

3. Vehicles 529, 532, 545, 553, 557, 567, 569, 570, 601, 602, 646 and 748 were missing from the maintenance report but were listed on either the SAP report or the Accident Claim Report as having accidents. Were these vehicles totaled?

4. Vehicles 527, 530, 533, 535, 536, 566, 577, 581, 583, 627, 635, 664, 675, and 739 were missing from the maintenance report and the Accident Claim Report. Where are the vehicles?

5. Are police vehicles numbered in the 2,000 series patrol vehicles?

6. The police are not to do pursuits unless a person’s life is in danger.

7. The police contend they take better care of their vehicles because they are personally assigned vehicles, yet, from 02-03 to 06-06 almost 50% of their vehicles have been in verifiable accidents. How much in claims did Tacoma have to pay to the other parties involved in the accidents?

8. Were the vehicles involved in the accidents being driven while the officers were patrolling, commuting or moonlighting?

I believe I and all Tacomans deserve a response to these questions.

Thank You, Phyllis A. Barrett



Tacoma Police Do Not Keep Track of Mileage on Their Patrol Cars. Am I Really Picking on Them? What Do You Think?

I asked the Pierce County Sheriff’s office how they pay for maintenance on their patrol vehicles. Budget and Finance replied the sheriff pays $.50 per mile The $.50 per mile includes all repairs, maintenance, parts, labor, gasoline and vehicle depreciation for the patrol vehicles. Contrast that with the Tacoma Police Department which pays Equipment Rental another city agency $326 for a maintenance contract not maintenance each month on each patrol vehicle and they rent each vehicle for $321. The police do not keep track of their mileage. My question is how many miles do the police put on the patrol cars for moonlighting, commuting and patrolling? The state auditor said the police do not have to keep track of their mileage if they do not want to. I asked Equipment Rental to see how much gasoline the police use. It took Equipment Rental over a week to run the data. They gave me a list showing patrol vehicle fill ups from July 1, 03 to June 30, 05. The listing cost me $197. Why so much? Equipment Rental gave me 1,314 pages. On each page there is a listing of 43 fill ups per patrol vehicle per page. The printout shows the driver id, the amount of gas purchased, vehicle mileage and the cost of the gas. The police are now paying anywhere from $2.05 to $2.40 per gallon. Some patrol cars have 7 pages of fill ups. That is over 250 fill ups in two years, 10 fill ups per month. I want to know why the police do not have to keep track of their mileage. If you see a patrol car outside of Tacoma the car is either being used for commuting or moonlighting. When you see a car at a construction site running all day the police officer is using the car to moonlight. Below is the letter Equipment Rental sent to me charging me $197, a picture of the stack of pages Equipment Rental sent me and a couple sample pages of the gasoline usage listing.

The stack is 6 inches tall

( August 1, 05)line

You Be The Judge

Former Pierce County Sheriff Mark French was arrested for having child porn on his computer. There were 12 homes raided, but, the court records were sealed. According to the News Tribune Pierce County Superior Court Judge Bryan Chushcoff agreed that as part of the plea bargain, prosecutors no longer alleged French had a sexual motivation for the crime. It will not be considered a sex crime, and he will not have to register as a sex offender.

Do you think this crime was sexually motivated? Read part of the complaint that follows. Which other 12 homes were raided? Why the secrecy?



Tacoma Police Taking Back Tacoma Street by Street



This is the type of police work our police officers are capable of doing. Let's get politics out of the police department and let the officers do their jobs. Let them catch the bad guys. No more "unarresting" political cronies. Lets back the officer on the street. Lets keep the bad guys in jail. Lets make the municipal judges accountable. How many repeat offenders do they see each year? We need a Sheriff Joe Arpayo. He asks why should our young men and women be in Iraq in full battle gear in 100 degree heat while our prisoners are in air conditioned cells?(7/29/04)


Tacoma Police Cars Hard at Work



They Just don't Get It!

Tonight Councilman Evans and Mayor Baarsma tried to tell me and everyone else that 30-40 citizens attend their committee meetings. Following is my email to the council members and mayor. After that is a copy of the Government Performance & Finance Committee Minutes for 2/05/04.

Councilman Evans tonight you and Mayor Baarsma said 30-40 people attend council committee meetings. You said you listen to citizens testimony. You are not on the Public Safety & Human Services committee nor were you on the former Performance Audit Committee which met in room 434. (You tell me how you fit 30-40 people in room 434). You are not on the Public Safety & Human Services Committee either. How do you know who attended the meetings? If you look on the city web site, www.cityoftacoma.org you will find the city put the minutes of the 2/5/04 Tacoma City Council Government Performance & Finance Committee meeting on the city web site. (Those were the only minutes posted for the performance and public safety committees.) No where in the minutes does it show you were there. The minutes reflect no public testimony was taken. Where were the 30-40 citizens whose testimoney you/they listened to? You can look on my web site www.discovertacoma.com and look in "What's New?" to see a copy of this email and the 2/5/04 Tacoma City Council Government & Finance Committee minutes.

Tacoma City Council Government Performance & Finance Committee Minutes

February 5, 2004 – 4:30 p.m. Tacoma Municipal Building, 2nd Floor – Room 248

Interim Chair Lonergan called the first meeting of the Government Performance Committee to order at 4:38 p.m.

Council Members Present: Anderson, Lonergan, Phelps and Talbert Council Members Absent: None

I. Approval of Minutes: No previous minutes.

II. Election of Chair and Vice Chair: Council member Anderson moved to nominate Council member Lonergan as Chair, seconded by Council member Phelps. The motion was unanimously approved by voice vote. Council member Phelps moved to nominate Council member Talbert as Vice Chair, seconded by Council member Anderson. The motion was unanimously approved by voice vote. Terms are for one year.

Ratification of Meeting Schedule: The consensus of the Committee was to schedule regular meetings of the Committee for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month beginning at 4:30 p.m. III. Adoption of Purpose Statement: The Committee amended the draft Purpose Statement to read: “Deliberates and makes recommendations on legislative and policy matters to continuously improve the quality, accountability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of all government services.”

Minutes of the Government Performance Committee February 5, 2004 Page 1 of 3 IV. Adoption of Policy Issues Areas: The Committee amended the draft list of Policy Issues Areas to add “Citizen Committees,” “Competitive Bidding” and “Resource Development.”

The Committee discussed responsibility for Performance Audits. The consensus was that the Committee role was oversight of the existing Performance Audit Committee and its authorizing ordinance.

The Committee discussed methods for identifying focus areas. The consensus was for each Committee member and attending staff member to bring 2 or 3 ideas to the next meeting for discussion.

The Committee requested that Phil Knudson bring a listing of all recent studies, operational reviews or similar reports to the next Committee meeting.

V. Review of Staffing Plan: The Committee agreed with the staffing plan as proposed. This assigns the responsibilities for Lead/Coordinator to the Deputy City Manager (position vacant and Phil Knudsen serves as substitute), Research and Analysis Support to Diane Supler, and Clerical Support to Diane Winebarger. The Committee requested attendance of assigned Department Directors at initial meetings. Later attendance can be by Committee request or if they feel topics are of particular interest. VI. Topics of Upcoming Meetings: The following are ideas to be considered in upcoming meetings: o The Committee should introduce itself and explain its purpose to the Charter Review Committee. o A Committee member should extend an invitation to Joint Labor to send a representative to future meetings to ensure they know what is being discussed. o The Lead/Coordinator should prepare a calendar for meetings for the next quarter that will be filled in with ideas at the next Committee meeting. One idea is to match Committee discussions to issues coming up on the Council Policy calendar. o Council member Talbert requested e-mailing of agendas and documents at least a week prior to Committee meetings to allow for adequate preparation and consideration. o The consensus of the Committee is that their work includes consideration of issues impacting all of the City’s utilities. VII. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 6:15PM.

Minutes of the Government Performance Committee February 5, 2004 Page 3 of 3 Minutes of the Government Performance Committee February 5, 2004 Page 3 of 3 Submitted by: Steve Marcotte (acting as recording secretary in Diane Winebarger’s (3-09-04)


No One Can Doubt Tacoma Police Union(s) Run Tacoma

Yesterday (1/27/04) Tacoma Police Local 26 got an injunction from Pierce County Judge Katherine Stolz so the Washington State Patrol can not continue it's investigation of the Tacoma Police Department. They want to do their own investigation of themselves. They contend the city manager should not be allowed to discipline them. Tacoma Local 6 Steve Shake admitted what I have been saying all along the Tacoma Police Union runs Internal Affairs. (Read down for his article.) The Tacoma Police Department gives generous campaign contributions to certain Tacoma City Council Members and the Mayor. They also endorse the candidates they want in office. The city council and mayor are then beholding o the police. 74% of the police officers do not live in Tacoma.

I have been trying to determine why Internal Affairs did not do any investigations on my complaints. I have been asking the wrong people. I have been asking the Tacoma Police Department. I should have been asking the police unions why they didn't do the investigations. I have remedied this situation. Here is a letter I mailed to Tacoma Police Local 26 today. Following the letter is Steve Shake's assertion that the Tacoma Police Union controls internal affairs. There is also a letter I mailed to Local 6 asking them almost the same questions. Why did no one investigate my complaints?


A Challenge to Tacoma Police Union Local 6

Below is Stephen Shake's letter as printed in the Takhoman

What follows is a reprint from Tacoma Police Union Six's December 2003 news letter.

"The City forged ahead with their plan to have the Washington State Patrol conduct widespread internal investigations of our de­partment related to the fallout from the Brame tragedy. We are opposed to the process as proposed by the City. Our concerns are ech­oed by the two other labor organizations that represent commissioned officers within our department. We do not know the position being taken by noncommissioned personnel but we suspect that they will take the same position that we have.

Our opposition is based on a number of concerns. One concern is that TPD internal investigations are always con­ducted by members of our union. It is consid­ered an unfair labor practice for another group to come in and "skim" work from our mem­bers in the manner proposed by the City. We are open to discussion on this matter but we were never included in the planning of this important issue. If an outside agency is going to conduct internal investigations then the City will need to include us in an agreement for the investigation to occur.

Secondly, the State Patrol has a history of conducting inter­nal investigations at TPD in a reckless man­ner. If an outside agency is going to conduct internal investigations then we wish to have our own union representative present during interviews to make certain we don't suffer officer rights violations like what has oc­curred in the past.

Thirdly, some of the WSP players previously involved in the Attorney General's criminal investigation have some serious baggage themselves that call into ques­tion their credibility to conduct internal inves­tigations.

Lastly, the City has stated their intention to forward all information to the local newspaper, which is unheard of. It is not proper to give out any information that is not sustained, especially before an investigation is concluded." Union Six Secretary Steve Shake

Pat Franz TPD Union 6 President had the following to say in the News Tribune on 2/21/04.

The Tacoma Police Union believes that it is important for everyone to get answers to the many problems leading to, and resulting from, the terrible tragedy involving former Police Chief David Brame. More than anybody, we wish for a solid resolution to these matters as soon as possible In order to reach this resolution, it is our wish that investigations are done accurately and professionally. Sloppy or unlawful investigations will only yield sloppy or unlawful results.

Using an outside agency, such as the Washington State Patrol, to conduct an internal investigation into this matter is a good approach. It helps to ensure that the investigation is not tainted by possible inside manipulation, which is a major allegation of the Brame tragedy. The Tacoma Police Union is working cooperatively with the City of Tacoma in an effort to get the internal investigation going and completed in a professional manner. Because the rights of our union members have been violated in the past during outside agency investigations, we want to make sure that it does not occur again.

We expect to be held accountable at all times, and we are asking the same of others. To act otherwise may be unlawful. To disregard the law (including labor standards and contractual rights), as The News Tribune implies, would be improper, unprofessional and possibly illegal.

As police officers we are expected to act within the law. We would not and could not arrest a person on hearsay, deny them access to an attorney, threaten them to obtain a confession, publish allegations with no basis of facts, or conduct searches without any stated purpose or reason. Ideas like these are being suggested and have already been used.

We would not be comfortable with an investigation that consisted of known violations. The citizens of Tacoma deserve to have a thorough and professional investigation done. This can be achieved correctly and legally without violating individual rights.

The reply if any to this letter will be interesting

(I tried to email this to Tacoma Police Local 6, but, they must of changed the email address I had so I mailed this to them on 1/21/04 CM:7002 2410 0002 0902 6966.)You say you want accountability? You say the union 6 is/was responsible fore doing internal affairs investigations. So why weren'[t my complaints investigated? You are complaining that the WSP may do internal affairs investigations. Well I put this challenge to you. When my car was stolen and totaled by Mr. Rice I was told to keep my mouth shut. Why? When this young man suggested killing me and violated an anti-harassment order the police refused to invesitgate. Why? When there was a murder attempt on my daughter there was no investigation. Why not? When I asked for police records why did the detectives lie to me saying I couldn't have the records because a juvenile suspect was involved? One suspect was in his forties. According to police records no internal investigations have ever been done on my complaints. Why not? Why was Stephen Folsom's murder considered low priority by Pelitier? (The murder has never been solved.) Of course you can go to my web site to see every question I have. If the union is so involved in internal affairs then you ought to b e able to answer my questions. Why no investigations? Ever? Why is the police department paying $326 a month per patrol vehicle to Equipment Rental for maintenance contracts even on brand new cars? Recently my daughter was involved in an accident. The woman left the scene. The woman had no insurance, no driver's license. The detective kept saying if we didn't allow the woman's insurance company handle the accident then he would issue my daughter a ticket. The woman had NO insurance. My daughter got a ticket. I'll put this email out on my web site along with your protestations against having an outside agency do internal affairs investigations. We'll let the citizens make an informed decision. Phyllis A. Barrett


Tacoma Police Rank and File do have Hearts of Gold

The rank and file officers are taking the heat for what the Tacoma Establishment, Tacoma Politicians and Tacoma Police Union did to the police department. The rank and file want a police force they can be proud of. They deserve to have a force they can be proud of.

Each year they put together a football team. They play in the "Bacon Bowl" against officers from the Seattle Police Force. The proceeds go to the children's hospital. At Christmas the Tacoma Police have a program "Shop with a Cop." They bring underprivileged kids out on a shopping spree.

The News Tribune reported stories on December 24th, 2003 and December 25th, 2003 about Tacoma Police Officer Darren Kelly who responded to a call to a family of 7 who had their house and all its belongings burned. Kelly and his wife Paula Jorgensen, a Tacoma Police Officer as well, contacted Susan Barber who allowed the homeless family of 7 to move into her furnished house with a rent they could afford. They gathered presents and money for the family. We do have police officers Tacoma can be proud of.

(12/26/03) line

Where are the State Auditors When You Need One?

I did not know where to start. I picked the following two subjects. The first subject deals with overtime for salaried police officers. The second subject deals with the alleged attentiveness of city council members.

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act defines which employees are salaried and which employees are hourly employees. Salaried employees do NOT receive overtime. Hourly employees are eligible for overtime. In their arrogance, the police did NOT believe this federal law applied to them. Police captains are salaried employees, yet, the following persons who held the rank of captain from Jan 2000 to May 2001 put in for and received overtime. Meeks $5,890, Woodward $3,626, Langford $998 and Mielbrecht $950. I have a lot of questions. Since the police captains were salaried why were they paid as hourly employees? Should these employees be made to give the money back to the general fund? A great deal of money is paid to the police through federal grants. If the city is made to repay the grant money will the captains be held liable? I believe they should be. Should lieutenants have been considered salaried or hourly? How long has this practice been going on? How many other city salaried employees are getting paid overtime? Why isn't the state auditor finding these illegal practices?

Secondly, Phelps was quoted in the Trib as saying: "I bristle at the whole notion that this council doesn't accept public comment or listen to its citizens," Phelps said. "I believe the citizens of Tacoma have great access to the council."

In April 2003 I had e-mailed Phelps asking him: "After all the tragedy that transpired this weekend and the allegations about the sheriff's department would anyone want to speak with me?" Do you all hope this is going to go away if you look the other way? Are the citizens of Tacoma still not good enough to listen to?"

Phelps replied to my email: Phyllis, Don't wait up for my phone call :) - Kevin (City Council 10-07-03)


Crackpot or Fact Finder?

Today I went to the Pierce County Auditor's Office. I had challenged Rich's being registered to vote at his business. I was greeted by Rich, "Are you a crackpot or fact finder?" Mr. Rich was not happy that I had a picture of Amy Heller's campaign sign in his business window. He wanted it off my web site, if I didn't comply then I was a crackpot. This is normal for Tacoma. If you don't do what the in crowd wants then the character assisination begins. It was a real threat when Brame told Chrystal that he had told people she was mentally deranged. He argued nobody would believe her. (I had Meeks, a Tacoma Police Officer and Brame's buddy say that about me in a memo.)Rich if you remember is the one who wrote one e mail to Channel 12 to eliminate the video voter pamphlet. Instead, he contacted the League of Women Voters to hold a debate. He even has questions he want asked. After reading his e mails see if you would trust the League. At the hearing Rich was told he had to vote where he lived.

Afterwards we had another conversation. He wanted to know if I was ready to play dirty politics. I replied "No, I do not intend to lower myself to their level." He genuinely seemed perplexed with my response. He tried to get me to go before the League of Women voters. That is out of the question. They can manipulate the questions and edit the answers.

Below are parts of Rich's e mail to me. We'll play a guessing game afterwards. Can anyone identify the woman waiting in front of Rich's store at 1930? She has dirty blonde hair. She has a child with her, but, I deleted the child and Heller's sign as I said I would.

Here are the e mails. Rich wants something from me, but, look how he continually insults me, talks down to me et al. Subject: Campign sign > >Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 22:18:06 -0700 > > > >I understand you have some kind of weird bug over the candidates forum. So > >I apparently am your newest paranoid project. > > > >That's fine, but you need one thing clarified. The picture of the Amy > >Heller campaign sign you display on your web site was the product of a > >practical joke between two businessmen. It was originally placed on the > >barrier at the front door by the other businessman. When I saw it I placed > >it on his pickup as you can plainly see.

As you say "all I can do is provide the facts", the sign in the doorway and the sign on the pickup truck were one and the same sign. We had a business district meeting in our offices upstairs that evening, that is when Bruce as a joke on me (because he is well aware that I do not allow any politcal signage or info in my store) put the sign on the barrier in the front door area, when I went down stairs I discovered that he had put it there, I promply put it on the top of his pickup as a joke back to him. That is the extent of the facts you so called have about the campaign sign. The facts on the rest of your "investigative dirt digging" is accurate, with NO apology to you or anyone else. I acted out of frustration of my and a lot of peoples opinion that the video voter pamphlet is a useless excersize.

Who is this mysterious lady?


The Intrigue Continues

If you have been following this (See the last posting.) You will know a Rich wrote one e mail to Channel 12. Nancy Johnson changed the format from having candidates do a 3 minute video voter pamphlet to having the League of Women Voters have a debate. Mr Rich on his own contacted the League and even told Nancy there are some questions he would like asked. Now the information given to the public will be filtered to what the League and Channel 12 wants. But read on. I asked Nancy who Rich is? She gave me the following letter. She doesn't know who he is.

Mr. Rich and the News Tribune gave us the answer in todays (8/5/03) Open Mike published on page B2


Why Tacoma gets $75 Million Lawsuits or Censorship at Channel 12

A Tacoma City Ordinance allowed citizens to pay for a 3 minute video voter pamplet to be viewed on Channel 12, the Tacoma city TV channel. This allowed candidates for office to present themselves to the voters. Channel 12 changed the rules in mid stream. They decided the League of Women Voters of Pierce County/Tacoma should host a debate among candidates. Candidates are now at the mercy of the League. In the voter pamphlet the candidate could edit their three minute presentation. With the League it is up to the League and Channel 12 to edit the "debate". I then set out to find why Channel 12 changed the format.

I learned a James H Rich wrote an email suggesting a debate. He wanted the League of Women Voters to host the debate. He would make the arrangements with the League. He, himself, had some questions he wanted asked.

When Channel 12 didn't respond to my question "Who is James H. Rich?" I did a mini background check. I learned he is registered to vote at his store, Guardian Security in Tacoma, but he lives in Steilacoom. (I have challenged his vote.) Guardian Security sells commercial fire alarm equipment. Rich not only stopped the video voter pamphlet with one e mail, but, he has already come out in support of various city council candidates. Rich is supporting Amy Heller.

Deleted at Rich's request.

Coincidentally Heller's husband is a member of the Tacoma Fire Department Union. Rich is also supporting Ken Miller.

When I applied to do a voter video with Channel 12 the city said I couldn't do it.

When I tried to view Rich's Tacoma business license application city staff told me that information is no longer available to the public. The current city council made it secret.

Tacoma refuses to allow citizens to have their own tv channel. This "debate" is a way for the city, the League of Women Voters, the unions and candidates to manipulate the upcoming 2003 election. How do they get away with the lies/manipulation? They know the news, the Trib in particular, will not tell citizens what is really happening in Tacoma. Our elected officials/city staff have learned nothing from the $75 million law suit. It is business as usual in Tacoma. You can try writing to Weil at McClatchy, but, he will only tells Brenner to speak to you as if she doesn't know what is happening in Tacoma. (Mr. Weil, McClatchy Company 2100 Q Street Sacramento, CA 95816-6899) (8/02/03)line

Is ATF much Different then the Tacoma Police?

When I learned the police can not account for over 400 guns I notified ATF, Seattle. According to a memo by Brame's secretary Agent McKinna contacted her. Below is her account of the phone call.

Please note the number of carbon copies sent to various police individuals. The city said there are no files on me.

To try and find out more I asked for a copy of the correspondence between ATF Seattle and ATF DC about being "That type of person". Here is my request:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Seattle Field Division 915 2nd Avenue Room 790 Seattle, Washington 98174-1093

This is a request under the FOIA/PA. On July 14,1998 Agent Scott McKenna spoke with Sandra Manchester, secretary with the Tacoma Police Investigations concerning a complaint I made against the Tacoma Police Department (TPD). I alleged the TPD couldn't account for over 400 Glocks. Agent McKenna allegedly told Manchester, "he would be letting Washington, D.C. know the type of individual they were dealing with... . I want a copy of that correspondence sent to me within the time frame provided for by law. You can reach me at...


The ATF gave me the following response. (By the way you do not have to tell them your personal reasons for requesting documents.)

Following is my response:

Marilyn R LaBrie Department of the Treasury Bureau of ATF Washington, DC. 20226

Re: 122000-MRL

This request is under category E: ALL OTHER REQUESTERS. I discovered the Tacoma Police Department was telling the city council that ATF was giving the police department donations to its firing range. This ought to have been a red flag, but, it was not. I also discovered the police lied to purchase a certain make of weapon. They could not account for over 400 Glocks, S&W, etc. I called the Seattle ATF office. The female agent told me, "I'm going to tell on you." "I'm going to tell the Tacoma Police you are telling on them."

Later I sent documentation to both ATF Seattle and ATF DC, Internal Affairs, (I cannot remember what you call that unit.) to prove my contentions about the missing guns. Apparently Agent McKinna called up the secretary in the Tacoma Police Criminal Division and asked about the allegation. (Brame was supervisor over the CID unit. The city manager promoted him to police chief.. Brame murdered his wife and then killed himself..) The secretary wrote in a memo telling Brame that she spoke with Agent "McKenna," ATF Seattle. She added McKinna was going to tell the Washington, D.C. that I was "That type of person.". From what I can find out McKinna did not look any further into the matter. He just took the word of a secretary. (There had been a murder attempt on my daughter two weeks after I discovered one of the city manager's slush fund. Brame was head of the criminal division and his brother was head of the assault unit. They refused to take the bullet jacket out of the back window of my daughter's car.)

Incidentally, when I tried to learn who facilitated the gun purchase the firm Forbes and Ferry came up. What I did not think was important, but, now I know it is-the only gun shop in the Tacoma area that knew Forbes, Ferry & Ass. was the Bullseye. I am sure you have heard of it. They personally knew Forbes and Ferry. Apparently they allowed gun sellers to use it's store to sell weapons. Most of the information is detailed on my web site at www.discovertacoma.com. The current posting to Did You Know? might give you more information. You might want to look in What's New?

As to my credibility, I went out and got 6,000 signatures on petitions for city performance audits. The whisper campaign against me failed because of the horrendous report by the performance auditors of the police department. I was dead set against Brame being chief. Unfortunately, his wife had to die to prove my case. Who knows how the events may have changed had ATF done a further investigation of the Tacoma Police when I first contacted them in stead of being smart mouthed by their agent? Agent Horace, ATF Seattle, said he would call me a couple of Fridays ago about this situation. He has not.

I agree to pay any search, photocopy fees, etc.. I am asking for information about myself. If you have any questions you can page me at (253.... I hope this is enough information for you.

Sincerely, Phyllis A. Barrett

(7/29/03) line

My First and Last Philosophical Discussion

I want to talk about the duplicity in Tacoma. But, I think the following 4 points are more important to make right now.

1. It is no secret I was no fan of David Brame. I did not think he was qualified to be chief. Yet, he does have two children. Like it or not he is a part of them. No one wants to think his or her father is a completely bad person. I am sure these kids have fond memories of him. We should not take these fond memories away from them. They are going to be able to heal when they can recognize both the good and the bad sides of their father. One of the hardest theological concepts for people to grasp is: God loves our enemies as much as he loves us. A friend of mine, Bay, use to say, "Pray for your enemies.". Bay died a few years back and if you ever see me talking to myself I am probably arguing with Bay. The conversation starts out with, Bay telling me to pray for the persons who wronged me and I am replying I know what I want to pray to happen to them.

2. Blaming everything on Brame and Corpuz is not going to do anything to change the system. We need to get all the facts into the open. We have a system's problem in Tacoma. The police have become political animals not law enforcement officers. Some of the wrong people got promoted and some of the wrong people were passed over for promotion. 74% of the police do not live in Tacoma, yet, they give campaign contributions in the city counsel and mayor elections. The union expects to be rewarded for these campaign contributions. Citizens need to think for ourselves. We do not have to vote the way the police union tells us to.

3. The Trib will not print all the news. It is trying to protect and promote Tacoma. Yet, people are more likely to do the right thing if they know their actions will be publicized.

4. Whether we admit it or not, we have all been effected by the events in Tacoma and in Iraq. If you read nothing else please read "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin DeBecker. The book explains how to protect yourself. It may just save your life. A second marvelous book I recommend for healing from losses is "A Grace Disguised" by Jerry Sittser. Anyone wanting to know more about what is happening in Tacoma please go to my web site at www.discovertacoma.com. You can see the names of the books in What's New? (Tacoma Cuty Council 6/3/03)


Does Tacoma Really Want an Investigation of David Brame? I Don't Think So.

The city is still trying to block me in every way possible. I think they are afraid of what I might find if I am given complete access to police/city manager/council and city attorney's files. I was a US Treasury Agent.(5/10/03)


Pierce County isn't in the clear yet. Who else has to die for this to come out?

(I spoke to the Pierce County Council on 5/6/03.)

The reason I am here is to suggest you folks are not in the clear and maybe you need to look at the sheriff's department and the Pierce County Superior Court. Here are a couple of examples (of things that happened to me.). In a court case I subpoenaed telephone records of calls made to my house. When I did not get a response to my request I called the telephone company. They faxed me a copy of the telephone records. They also informed me they had sent the same information to Pierce County Court. I went over to Pierce County Court to see what happened to the telephone records. I discovered a judge sealed the telephone records the telephone company sent to the court. When I asked the judge, Who filed a motion to seal the records? Why did he seal the records? He replied just give him an order and he would unseal the records. I was able to track down the culprit who wanted the records sealed. It was court staff.

With both the court records and the records the telephone company sent to me I went to the court clerk. I asked him why his staff wanted the records sealed. He replied, "The telephone company did not want you to have the records."

(Now Pierce County is sealing the records involving former sheriff Mark French and others 0in a pornography investigation. The federal courts sealed the records involving David Brame in a former rape accusation.)

Here is another trick the judges thought was cute. I had a mandamus suit filed against Tacoma. The Pierce County Judges recused themselves saying they could not hear my case. A supposedly independent judge, Judge Conoley, from Kitsap County came to Pierce County to hear my case. She ruled against me. Two weeks later I discovered this supposedly independent judge is married to our very own Pierce County Judge Verharen. Anyone wanting to see more please go to my web site at www.discovertacoma.com.

(5/8/03) line

Chrystal Brame died today

Please take a moment to pray for everyone involved in this mess. I learned the police lied to get and keep their accredition. They said they did performance evaluations on its officers. They don't. The city council, mayor and city manager have known for six years that city employees are not given performance evaluations. Buracker's first recommendation in his performance audit was, "Implement evaluation system for all sworn personnel at the rank of police officer through Assistant Chief". Would David Brame's ascent in the police department been shortcut by performance evaluations? A psychologist recommended he not be hired as a police officer. Later in his career he was accused of rape

Tacoma has a public safety committee. Bill Baarsma, Rick Talbert, Connie Ladenberg and Mike Lonergan are on the committee. Former Chief Brame said he had a "vision" to implement the audit. The public safety committee had a couple of meetings on the police performance audit implementation. The audit was soon disregarded. The police wanted an extra million dollars for their budget. The public safety committee rolled over and played dead for the police. Assistant Chief Woodward (Who is now on paid administrative leave.)presented reasons why the cost of a false burglar alarm should be raised to $65.

Tonight the city council has voted to have WASPC do an investigation into which city employees knew what, when did they know it etc.? I think the mayor and city council ought to be investigated also. The council now want to appoint Rick Talbert, Connie Ladenberg and Mike Lonergan to be liasons with WASPC. Business as usual here in Tacoma. If these individuals were not effective on seeing the implementation of the performance audit do you think they are going to engage in disclosure or cover up?.

WASPC is an organization compromised of law enforcement agencies in Washington state. They try to push through legislation that will benefit them. WASPC needs the Tacoma Police Department to fill its membership ranks. Some Tacoma Police Department Officers have held elective office in the WASPC organization. (5-3-2003) line

Tacoma's /Pierce County's Cops/Top Cops"

Pierce County's former top cop, Mark French, had his computer confiscated. He and others in Pierce County are the subject of a pornography investigation. The judge closed the search warrant records so citizens will not know who else was the subject of a search warrant. Nothing is new in Tacoma/Pierce County. Cover ups continue as usual.

A police officer shoots a dog. He said the dog was attacking him. The vet said the dog was running away. Bonney Lake prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to prosecute the off duty Tacoma Cop.

Maybe I am the lucky one. Last meeting I was at with Chief David Brame he kept staring at me while I was reading my book. Saturday (4/26/03) Tacoma Police Chief Brame shot his wife, Crystal, and then killed himself in front of his 5 and 8 year old children. Brame was in the middle of a divorce with his wife, Crystal. Crystal said in her affidavits that Brame would remind her they were married "until death do us part". He said accidents happen. According to Crystal he said he could choke her if he wanted. In a psychological report the psychologist referred to Crystal's complaints of requests for sexual requests by David Brame for threesome and foursome trysts which she refused. It is a well-known fact if a women is to die because of an abusive husband it is when she leaves her husband. The city manager, Ray Corpuz, said there would be no investigation of Crystal's domestic violence complaints voiced in her divorce papers. Now one person, David Brame is dead, his wife, Crystal is fighting for her life and there are two traumatized children, aged 5 and 8.

The city manager, Ray Corpuz, has been city manager during this abysmal period in the police department's history. The Buracker Performance Audit exposed the defects in the police department. Corpuz appointed Brame chief. Brame did not implement the audit. Corpuz, who flew first class to Australia to learn how a 50 million dollar computer software purchase would work discontinued performance audits as TOO expensive.

The police can't account for 426 handguns, the Beltway Sniper was testing out his gun in the middle of Tacoma, the feds to include the ATF and Justice Department know of the deficiencies in the Tacoma Police. They just keep on giving Tacoma money for law enforcement. No wonder we have the highest crime rate for a city this size on the West Coast. No wonder we had 9/11. (4/27/03)


I Found the 18 Million Dollars!

Last citizen's forum I asked where Council Member Ladenberg found the 18 million dollars to balance the general fund. Not one city council member nor the mayor nor the city manager could answer that question. Well I found the answer to my question. The city attorney responded NO RESPONSIVE DOCUMENTS EXIST.

In a second answer the city attorney said, "NOT APPLICABLE-DONE BEFORE BUDGET DEVELOPMENT."

The voters have been taken. What we need is someone up there representing the citizens of Tacoma. We need someone who is not afraid to ask questions, demand answers and inform the public what is happening in Tacoma.

I would like to remind people that the police just bought 30 patrol vehicles. They said they had to retire 30 95 models because they had over 100,000 miles on them. The kicker is the police drive squad cars home no matter where they live. If an officer lives on Fox Island he puts 70,000 miles on a vehicle in 7 years. So in 7 years 70,000 miles of those 100,000 miles are for commuting. The police do not have to keep track of mileage for patrolling, commuting or moonlighting. The police do not have to reimburse the city for the miles they put on the vehicles for commuting or moonlighting. The police pay $326 a month for maintenance contracts even on brand new vehicles. What idiot is going to pay more for a maintenance contract then they do for the vehicle? Your city manager thinks performance audits are a waste of money. You agree with him. This take home program costs the taxpayers millions of dollars. Do you feel safer with a patrol car on Fox Island or with your street lights on?

I was talking with a city employee. She said people in Tacoma could not qualify to work for the city. City employees do not want to live here anyway. City employee terminal uniqueness is going to bankrupt this city. Let's try a little experiment. Give the employees a 1% raise. See how many will leave their jobs. Not many, the employees are already vested in retirement and it would be hard to duplicate the generous health benefits they have for themselves and for their families at another job. You remind me of little kids trying to buy friendship.(City Council 2/04/03)


The 18 Million Dollar Question.

Last year you (Tacoma City Council and Mayor) engaged in scare tactics. You said we would have to close libraries, parks, close the Proctor Fire Station and get less funding for the police. You said we were in a budget crunch. You would not allow the West End Council to spend the funds given to it as they saw fit. You said we had more than an 18 million dollar deficit in the general fund because the voters rejected R-51. Yet, on December 10 you approved a biennium budget for 2003/2004. In order for you to approve the budget you had to balance the general fund. Where did you find the 18 million dollars to balance the general fund? The newspaper said you cut programs and increased fees. In Jan 03 the paper advised us to go to a web site to see the additional fees and budget cuts you implemented to balance the budget (www.cityoftacoma.org/servicecuts). Those figures in no way add up to 18 million dollars. The web site does not say when the city proposed these programs cuts or when the city proposed the rate increases. Is everyone with me so far? Do you have any questions? You all voted to pass the budget Council Member Ladenberg presented to the council on December 10, 2002. Specifically how did you balance the general fund? What fees did you increase? What programs did you cut? (Tacoma City Council Meeting 1/7/03)line

More Gouging of Tacoma Taxpayer Dollars by the Police and Equipment Rental

Lets look at police take home vehicles. Remember when I discovered the police were paying equipment rental $61 an hour to do maintenance? For instance they paid Equipment Rental $61 to change two tires on a squad car. The good news is Equipment Rental doesn't charge the police $61 an hour for repairs any more. The bad news is the police now pay Equipment Rental $326 a month for a maintenance contract even on brand new cars which should still be under warranty. Let's look at this a little more closely. The police pay anywhere from $19,000 to $29,000 for a squad car. The police pay Equipment Rental $326 per month for a maintenance contract. The police pay Equipment Rental $3,912 a year for a maintenance contract and if the police keep the vehicles for 10 years without wrecking them they will pay Equipment Rental over $39,000 in maintenance contract fees for a $20,000 car regardless if the car needed maintenance or not.

Again let me emphasize the police will pay Equipment Rental over $39,000 in contract maintenance fees for a $20,000 patrol car. The police have almost 200 patrol cars, they have motorcycles, special motor equipment, unmarked cars and detective's vehicles. I would suspect they have well over 400 vehicles.

I questioned how many miles are put on patrol cars for commuting and for patrolling? For example if an officer lives on Fox Island the round trip commute per day is 40 miles. If the officer works 20 days a month he/she put on 800 miles a month for commuting and 9,600 miles a year for commuting. What good does a patrol car in Fox Island do the citizens of Tacoma? What good does it do the citizens of Tacoma if 9,600 miles are put on patrol cars for commuting.

Your city manager and elected officials tell you they have no money for parks and a fire station. They have the money. They just chose to spend it on such things as gas, maintenance and for an unnecessary $55 million dollar computer upgrade.


Tacoma Shocked as Feds Search for Bullets at Home Resided in by John Allen Muhammad. (John Allen Williams). They shouldn’t be.

My gun was stolen. It was fired into a residence on Sheridan Ave., Tacoma, WA. The police reassured me I had not filed a stolen weapon report. My copy of the report had been taken from my home. Finally when I was able to ascertain the incident number the police admitted I had filed an oral report. They then recanted and gave me a written copy of the report I had filed.

They knew a young 18 year old had a 9 mm Lugar Handgun. The detectives said that was okay 18 year olds in Tacoma could own a gun. (The age is 21.)

A person outside my home fired a gun. My neighbor and I went to check on our vehicles. The police were parked on the corner, but, did not arrive until we had come out of our house and checked on our vehicles. I found out who had fired the weapon, but, the police had already left.

The Tacoma Police lied to the Tacoma City Council so they could purchase Beretta handguns rather than Smith & Wesson handguns. The police can't account for 427 handguns. They allegedly have only a few documents concerning the sale. The police allowed Beretta to keep the records. Some guns allegedly traded in to Beretta are also the same weapons the Tacoma Police Department says it has on hand here in Tacoma. The Justice Department has looked the other way as has the local newspaper. AFT told me they were going to "tell" on me for reporting it. Officials in Tacoma have protected the "sale". I have been fined $350.00 by a local judge.

There was a murder attempt on my daughter at Point Defiance a popular park in Tacoma. The police would not even take the jacket of the bullet out of the back window of her car. They refused to investigate saying there are numerous people firing guns as Point Defiance. A city council person "inquired" into my complaint. The council person was satisfied with the police answer, "It wasn't attempted murder it was only aggravated assault." See the rest of my web site for substantiating documentation. (10-26-02)



On 6/11/02 the city council accepted donations for the Tacoma Police Department K-9 unit. The city council then appropriated $3,200 for the K-9 Agility Course. I testified as follows: A lot of these donations were given by kids. ($1,200 from the students at Fawcett Elementary School for bullet resistant vests, $434.10 and $11.51 from St. Charles Borromeo School for the K-9 Agility Course.) The police department should be ashamed of themselves. I saved this for after the vote on accepting the donations because I didn't want the kids to hear what I have to say. (The cops didn't even invite the kids to the city council meeting!) What the kids did is admirable-now to the police

On Feb. 18th, 02 the Trib wrote an article about the Tacoma Police K-9 unit. I was flabbergasted when I read the police needed donations for the dogs. The article said the police budgeted $525,000 for 2 years for the K-9 unit. 93% of that covered salaries, benefits and for especially equipped cars for the three handlers. Some of the budgeted money was given for the police operating costs. That left $7,400 annually for the dogs for their medical bills, equipment, food and training. The department can find money for police vehicles that are going home with the officers. 74% of the officers do not live in Tacoma. The cars in Bremerton, Gig Harbor etc. don't do the citizens in Tacoma a bit of good. Plus the officers use the vehicles for off duty work. The city picks up the tab for the gas, maintenance and repairs of these take home vehicles. You have money to pay detectives overtime because they will only work week days, but, you don't have money for the dogs.

Most police departments will tell you the dog is the policeman's best friend. You would think if the Tacoma Police Department felt their dogs are the officers best friend then the department would find money to take care of the dogs. Instead of saying, as an after thought, "Golly Gee we don't have money for the dogs in the K-9 unit." "We spent it all on ourselves."

I kept on asking myself since the K-9 unit wouldn't exist without the dogs then why wouldn't the police find the money for the dogs' care? Why are they having the dogs contribute to the police operating costs? I came up with one possible answer: the dogs don't belong to the police union.

You expect the police department to be self serving. Well I don't. I want to see the community give and in this instance the kids ponied up and gave to the K-9 unit out of their hard earned money. I want a community oriented police department that gives back. You (I was addressing the city council)have the attitude, What can I do? You don't need to be afraid to say anything about the police for fear they might not like it. That is called self censorship.

To add insult to injury the police played on the heart strings of the kids and they didn't even invite them to the city council meeting to see where their donations went. The police could have used this as a way to help teachers teach a civic lesson. But, no the police got what they wanted to hell with the kids. (6/14/02)


The Protection Goes On and ON and ON !!! So What Else is New?

LESA Director,

I want to appeal Ms. Huber’s, Assistant Director LESA, refusal to release information under the WA Public Disclosure Act. concerning Mr. Michael J. Rice’s , DOB 11/03/**, SSN: ***-**-**** conviction for shoplifting CR 41774. The shoplifting hearing was held in Tacoma Municipal Court. On 3/22/02 the LESA Clerk at the desk was not even going to allow me to put in the request. When I insisted she gave me the form for the request. That same day, 3/22/02 Ms. Tina Huber, Assistant Director, LESA, 798-7441 refused my appeal for the record. Why do you continue to protect Mr.. Rice? He just got arrested and convicted for forgery. The forgery court record reflects he was also arrested for shoplifting. This is the same individual who was arrested for rape. As one of your “high ranking” Tacoma Police Officials said, “It was just statutory rape.” It was only when Philip Arreola became chief of the Tacoma Police Department could Mr.. Rice be prosecuted.

Did Ms. Huber do this action on her own or was she told not to release the information by someone in the Tacoma Police Department/Pierce County Sheriff's Department? This request is for a clearly identifiable document. Obviously some form of protection is going on. Why?

You can read more about this refusal on my web site at www.discovertacoma.com in “What’s New?”. I also want to know who is a Tacoma Police Department advisor to LESA. I also want a listing of who is on the Board of Directors for LESA. I also want a listing of the state/federal grants that LESA has been granted to include, but, not limited to grants procured by LESA, Tacoma, Pierce County and/or WA State.

I expect an answer within five working days as is provided for by law. As always I can be reached on my pager at ***-6276 or at my home phone number ***-9001.

Sincerely, Phyllis A. Barrett

cc: Huber

LESA Board of Directors (3/23/02)


The Trib Let Me into an Editorial Board Meeting!

Actually the meeting was kind of fun. Here is my take on it.

Board of Directors, McClatchy Newspaper P.O. Box 15779 Sacramento, CA 95852

I want to acknowledge Betsy Brenner’s, Editor of the News Tribune, response to my letter concerning the editorial about Western State Hospital. I think a lot of fruitful discussion can happen with her openness. Things as I perceive them may not be the desired result of an editorial.

On 3/19/02, I went to one of the News Tribune’s Editorial Board Meetings. I was impressed with the way the room was set up. It allowed the “visitor” to be made part of the process so one did not feel like an outsider. The seating arrangement automatically makes you part of the group. The seating arrangement also gives one the impression that the board members are secure enough that they can allow a non board member to be made part of the group. Each member acknowledged me when they came to the meeting. They were gracious enough to ask my opinion. I was impressed with was the knowledge each person had of the topics being discussed. Each person brought his/her own perception/knowledge of the topic. There was good natured “teasing” on one of the topics. I felt they were more then fair in their presentation. I am glad they offer the public a chance to see this process. I hope more people avail themselves of this opportunity to see how the newspaper operates.

Finally, I do truly enjoy the letters to the editor as they give a balanced view of the news.


Phyllis A. Barrett

cc: Weil


Seago (3/23/02)


They Call Me Paranoid?

Editorial Board meetings are open to visitors The News Tribune's editorial board welcomes visitors to its daily meeting, held at 10 a.m. each weekday to discuss news and editorial topics.

For an appointment, contact editorial writer Cheryl Tucker at 552-7033 or by e-mail at che@p.tribnet.com.

I'd like to go to one of your meetings. Phyllis A. Barrett, --- - -------, Tacoma, WA 98405 phyll@accessone.com --------

Mrs. Barrett, I received your request to attend a daily editorial board meeting. In your case, I need to ask what you have in mind, because I doubt that your intent is to merely observe our daily discussion. If your intent is to repeat your request for an apology, the editorial board is not the place for that. I reviewed our original editorial on your performance audit initiative and see nothing that requires an apology. We gave you credit for putting performance audits on the city agenda but felt your proposal was flawed and suggested an alternative. David Seago The News Tribune

David Seago Editorial page editor The News Tribune P.O. Box 11000 Tacoma WA 98411 david.seago@mail.tribnet.com FAX 253-597-8451

You folks are a trip. You made a statement that the public is welcome to come to see how your editorial board works, but, now you say that isn't true. You have to know WHY a person wants to see the board in action. You made the offer with no strings attached I accepted it. Phyllis A. Barrett, --- -. -------, Tacoma, WA 98405 pager (253)----6276 (Also sent to brenner.betsy@m.tribnet.com) ----- Original Message ----- From: "David Seago" To: Cc: "Cheryl Tucker" ; "Patrick O'Callahan" ; "Peter bacho" Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 9:37 AM Subject: ed board meeting

Mrs. Barrett, I will be glad to meet with you personally and hear whatever you want to say. At this point, I see no need to convene the editorial board to meet with you. David Seago

What is his problem?



Truth in Tacoma

Below is the recommendation for a resolution by Deputy Mayor Phelps. Phelps admitted as did the Tacoma City Manager's Office that the recommendation in the resolution was not made by the performance auditors. See what the auditors did recommend. Below are pages 80 and 81 of the performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department on traffic in Tacoma. Would anyone really want to do business with these folks?(July 19, 2001) line

See What the Tacoma News Tribune Thinks of the Tacoma Police Department Audit.

Police, city resume negotiations TACOMA: State mediator joins contract talks; performance audit could influence bargaining

Martha Modeen; The News Tribune

After 10 months of talks, the City of Tacoma and the city's police officers' union begin meeting with a state mediator today.

The 341 members of Local 6 have been working without a contract since Jan. 1, when the union's two-year agreement expired. Local 6 represents Tacoma's patrol officers, detectives and sergeants.

Roughly 12 of 32 contract items still need to be resolved, said Pat Frantz, Local 6 president.

A city official, however, characterized labor talks as largely fruitless so far.

"The whole contract is open," said Phil Knudsen, Tacoma's human resources manager. "We've made very little progress. That's why we have the mediation process."

Today's negotiations come just two weeks after the release of a performance audit of the police department. The timing of the report could exert added pressure on talks.

The consultant doled out criticism of both the city and the union, noting that "relations between Local 6 and the city have been contentious and adversarial." Knudsen acknowledged the topics addressed in the report likely would be discussed.

Representatives from both sides will meet at an undisclosed location with Ken Letsch, a mediator with the state Public Employees Relations Commission. Both the union and the city representatives declined to discuss what is stalling negotiations, saying to do so would violate ground rules both sides have agreed to.

The City Council will receive updates on talks in closed-door meetings.

In the recent police audit, Carroll Buracker, former chief of the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia, suggested that Local 6 successfully has gained ground in scheduling and disciplinary matters, sometimes to the detriment of the department or the city. That's a charge Frantz disputes.

"The union doesn't get things without the city signing off on them," Frantz said.

Buracker also wrote that until recently Local 6 "seemed better prepared than management to enter into contract negotiations."

"There are a number of provisions in the (union's labor) agreement which make it difficult to manage the department effectively and efficiently," Buracker wrote.

For example, Buracker said police are scheduled to work criminal investigations according to what's stipulated in the union contract rather than when crimes are occurring. Officers in criminal investigations work from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. or 9 a.m.to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, not at night or during weekends when prostitution, drug dealing, assaults and robberies occur.

Buracker also faulted the department's performance review system set forth under the union's contract. Performance reviews only can be used to counsel employees on strengths and weaknesses and future training and goals, rather than to determine assignments and promotions.

"This is contrary to 'best practices' police management," he wrote. "It is as if a commissioned officer's past performance track record simply just doesn't exist."

Frantz called the consultant's report "skewed."

"The union doesn't have $84,000 to put their side of (the issue) out right now," he said.

Meanwhile, on a different front, Local 6 members are unhappy with last month's failure of a $32 million capital bond measure that would have allocated $25 million for a new police headquarters.

Tacoma's headquarters were described by the consultant as the most substandard he's seen in the nation. More than 200 police employees continue to work at a former Washington State Patrol building near South 38th Street that was designed for about 50 employees.

The lack of adequate headquarters has lowered morale and hinders potential crime-solving communications among officers, police said.

In months to come, Local 6 members will urge city officials to make a new police headquarters a priority, Frantz said. "We're no closer now than we were eight years ago," Frantz said of a new headquarters.

Council members also said they want new police facilities, but last week decided to wait until February to try again for a bond measure to allow more time for planning.

- - -

* Staff writer Martha Modeen covers Tacoma. Reach her at 253-597-8646 or martha.modeen@mail.tribnet.com

Turn back two pages for a shocking read

It'll never show up on any bestseller lists, but Tacoma taxpayers should find the contents of the two preceding pages compelling reading. It's an outrageous story of mismanage-ment, inefficiency and waste in the Tacoma Police Department.

On today's Insight and Perspectives pages, we publish key portions of an independent performance audit that shows the department badly needs major changes to deliver the kind of service Tacoma residents deserve and expect.

The audit, performed by a nationally recognized law-enforcement consulting firm, publicly blows the whistle on a number of department practices that Tacoma's citizens and elected leaders simply should not tolerate.

For example, the consultants said they knew of no other police department in the nation that has the kind of patrol work schedule that gives Tacoma "Fat Thursday." It's called "Fat Thursday" because every officer on duty is scheduled to work on Thursday, a low-crime day, while only half the force works on weekends when crime is highest. This absurd schedule has everything to do with accomodating the police union and nothing to do with fighting crime and protecting the public.

In a similar vein, the audit reveals that Tacoma's police detectives work only regular daytime hours Monday through Friday, instead of being scheduled to rotate through nights and weekends when serious crimes most often occur. The result is either delayed investigations or unnecessary overtime.

There's more. Tacoma's police budget has increased by $20 million over the past six years - but the percentage of "cleared" cases of serious crime has fallen. Tacoma easily leads its West Coast peer cities in the number of sworn officers per 1,000 residents, yet the city has the sixth-highest crime rate among 34 peer cities nationally.

This page editorialized at length on the audit's findings last Sunday. This time we invite our readers to read the most disturbing parts of the audit's executive summary for themselves - and to join us in calling for a careful but thorough overhaul of the department's management and practices. 6/24/01

Agenda 2001: Blackout unjustified in police contract talks With public safety at stake, public should be in loop

It's troubling enough that the City of Tacoma and the Tacoma Police Union have been negotiating for the last 10 months without settling on a new contractĘ- and that a state mediator has been called in to help.

That fact alone would seem to call for some explanation. Yet city and union officials have mutually agreed not to provide the public with any information at all about what has led to the impasse, not even a general description of the issues at stake.

But this blackout is especially disturbing in light of the recent performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department. The audit, conducted by respected former police chief Carroll Buracker, concluded that the department was rife with inefficiencies - some of them rooted in past union contracts.

Take "Fat Thursday," for example. Thursdays have acquired this nickname within the department because the contract mandates 10-hour shifts, four days a week, for all patrol officers. The days off are either Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which means that every patrol officer in the force normally works every Thursday.

But the crime rate spikes on weekends, not Thursdays, so deployment doesn't reflect the city's public safety needs.

Similarly, the contract mandates 8 a.m.-to-4 p.m. or 9 a.m.-to-5 p.m. shifts, Monday through Friday, for detectives. This means the city must often must pay expensive overtime - on top of an already generous pay scale - when investigative work has to be done at night or on weekends.

Such disparities between needs and scheduling contribute to the higher-than-average cost of police protection in Tacoma - and perhaps to the department's lower-than-average rate of clearing crimes.

None of this reflects on the skills or professionalism of individual officers; the inefficiencies Buracker identified are institutional in nature. To a large extent, the Tacoma Police Department's disappointing bang-for-the-buck can be attributed to labor agreements that seem geared more to perquisites than public safety.

That's why the shape of the next contract is the public's business, not a private affair between city and union officials. Tacoma wound up with arrangements like "Fat Thursday" because unwise concessions were made behind closed doors, then presented as done deals to a compliant City Council. It isn't "bargaining in the media" to simply explain what is on the table; many labor contracts are successfully negotiated without making state secrets of the contested issues.

Given the impasse and the findings in Buracker's audit, it's wrong to deny ordinary Tacomans any information about what is going on in these talks.


Supreme Court Rules

When I received this you could have knocked me over with a feather. line

Fact or Opinion?

I made the following statements at Citizen's Forum in January 2001. I was told the statements were my opinion so I made the following statements and accompanied them with documentation at February's Citizens Forum. Your choice were the statements fact or opinion?

Now that electric bills are going to be outrageous we need to economize. One way is to get rid of the utility tax. Secondly, we need to get rid of government waste. I spoke about the police take home car issue at the last citizens’s forum. I was told that was my opinion. Well lets look at the take home car issue again. This time with some enlargements of documents I obtained from the city.

First, let’s see what Mann’s report said about the cost effectiveness of the police take home cars.

If it isn’t cost effective to bring squad cars out of Tacoma then why do we continue to do it? Let me explain about Equipment Rental. Let’s pretend I am Equipment Rental and you are the police. I buy a squad car for $40,000. We both know in 8 years the car will be worn out. Each year for 8 years you give me $5,000. I will SAVE that money for you in a replacement fund. In 8 years we will have saved enough money to get a new squad car. Not only that but I am going to charge you, the police, 7.75% interest for the use of my money. At the end of 8 years, we should have $40,000 in the replacement fund and $3,000 in the interest fund. The more squad cars we have THEN the more money we can put into replacement fund and in the interest fund.

Along comes the city manger he needs money to finance projects A, & B. He looks around for the money and FINDS there is money in the Equipment Rental interest and in the Equipment Rental replacement funds. So what does he do? He takes the money out of the interest and the replacement funds for the squad cars to pay for the projects. Here is a page from the city financial report which shows exactly what happened this last biennium.

Let’s recap the money people believe is going to fight crime is actually going THROUGH the police department to Equipment Rental. Once in Equipment Rental’s hands the money is being given to the city manager to pay for various projects the city council wants. Let’s get rid of the take home vehicle program. You know the police take home vehicles that are going to Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Fox Island so the citizens in Tacoma can feel safe.


They are coming!!!!

3 years and 6,000 signatures later we are going to finally have a performance audit of the Tacoma Police Department. Also, one of their performance measures for 2001-2002 is to have ethics classes. I can't wait to see the curriculum and see who teaches the course.

Tacoma Police Department Audit

More of What the Tacoma City Council Doesn't Want you to Know>

This ordinance provides, (Comments made at the Tacoma City Council meeting on 1 Aug 00) “The City irrevocably convents that unless the principal of and interest on the Series B Notes ... are paid from other sources, it will make annual levies of taxes upon all of the property in the City subject to taxation and as part of the tax levy permitted to cities WITHOUT a vote of the electors.”. In plain English if this city needs money to repay the loan for the convention center and parking lots then the city is going to use our property taxes to repay the loan without letting the citizens vote on whether we want the convention center and parking lots.

The city manager, city council and mayor have already made a management decision to loan 15 million dollars from the general fund to finance this convention center. That loan meant the city manager, council and mayor decided to spend 15 million dollars on a loan to buy land for the convention center rather then spend the money on public safety. Because of that decision we lost 12 police officers, 12 fire fighters, 2 civilians who supported the fire fighters, the fire boat on Ruston Way and the fire station on Ruston Way.

The city manager has stated all departments, agencies and programs have to cut their budgets by 2% for the next biennium budget. This translates into a loss of more fire fighters and police.

A performance audit by an independent auditor is crucial right now, but, your city manager, city council and mayor have chosen to fight me in court as to whether the issue of performance auditors by an independent auditor should be placed on the ballot. They do not want the citizens to vote on performance audits nor do they want the citizens to vote on this convention center and parking lots.

We pay the highest property taxes in the state. People need to stand up or they are going to be forced out of your homes by property taxes. We get grants from the state because of our high crime rate yet the city manager, city council and mayor let go of 12 police officers so they could fund the convention center. We are being told our insurance rates may go up because of the lack of fire protection yet the city manager, city council and mayor let go of 12 fire fighters, we lost our fire boat and we lost the fire station on Ruston Way, so they could fund the convention center. People need to call the city manger’s office, call the city council and call the mayor to voice their opinions about these management decisions. If citizens don’t want to speak up then the citizens deserve what they get- high property taxes, higher insurance rates and less public safety.

If you want to learn more about what is going on in this city and at the Pierce County Court please visit my web site at www.discovertacoma.com.

(1 August 2000)line

"Reputable" Firm Decides Tacoma Citizens Want a New Police Station? You be the Judge.

Below are the tax liens against Market Data Research. R is the lien. E means the lien was satisfied.

Tacoma Police Survey?
(15 May 2000)


Whose is confused? or More Pierce County Court Tricks.

I asked the Pierce County Superior Court to give me documentation to show if a judge recuses himself/herself how another judge selected to hear the case. Compare this response with the response they gave me in "Pierce County Superior Court Tricks? It's too late.". (The following article dated 9 March 2000.)Pierce County Court Visiting Judge
Pierce County Superior Court
(18 April 2000)

linePierce County Superior Court Tricks? It's too late!

The Pierce County Superior Court Clerk sent me a letter dated 25 February 2000
Pierce County Superior Court
Yet she didn't mail the letter until 7 March 2000.
Pierce County Superior Court
Could my filing of a suit (00-2-05783-6) on 3 March 2000 against the County be a reason for her to back date the letter? (I asked to see the Policy and Procedure's Manual showing how a judge is originally assigned a case or if a judge recuses him/herself how is a judge then assigned the case.) I still want to see the Policy and Procedures Manual for Pierce County Superior Court. Why don't they want the public to see it? (9 March 2000)


Do Pierce County Superior Court Judges Believe They are above the Law?

Of course they do. I have filed suit to force Tacoma to put the issue of performance audits on the ballot. Judge Chushcoff wisely recused himself. I was told the court administrator would ask the other judges if anyone of them could be impartial. If a judge could be impartial he/she would be the judge assigned to the performance audit case. Never mind that the Pierce County Judges are now subject to performance audits. They are screaming like wounded pigs. I asked the Pierce County Court Administrator the following questions:
Pierce County Superior Court
Do you think they could answer those simple questions? Of course not! They asked me questions which I don't have to answer nor do I intend to answer.Pierce County Superior Court Judges
Pierce County Superior Court Judge
Judge Cohoe who just purchased a building from Tacoma Public Utilities stated he could be impartial. (16 Feb 2000)


Blackmail Possibilities?

I hope everyone saw Saturday’s headline (30 Oct 99) about Pierce County performance audits that was on the front page of the Tacoma News Tribune. I was told the Tacoma News Tribune will NOT write about the LACK of INDEPENDENT performance audits for Tacoma because people would NOT be interested. What is the TACOMA News Tribune afraid we will find out about Tacoma?

We also learned on Saturday the Tacoma News Tribune wants more openness in criminal justice records. The following is an example of openness I’ll BET the Tacoma News Tribune does NOT want you to know about. I learned there is a two tiered system of justice in Tacoma. Normally, if someone commits a felony they are charged with a crime, brought before a judge/jury and if they are found guilty they are sentenced. The record of the proceedings is OPEN to the public. There is ANOTHER program in Pierce County called ELCID, Enforcement of Law Through Correctional and Intervention Diversion. It is a program that was set up by the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office about 20 years ago. That was around the Janovich era wasn’t it? There probably are 2 other programs like it in Washington. One is in Vancouver and one in Everett. Seattle did away with their program. With ELCID there is NO record of the court case or the proceedings. Once the criminal completes the terms agreed upon by the prosecutor they are then released from the ELCID program. There is NO public record of THEIR felony. I wonder who receives this special treatment? I was told some of the people in the program have committed welfare fraud, but, what about the others? Could it be some of our FINE upstanding citizens are actually crooks? Everyone is suppose to be equal under the law. In Pierce County it appears some people are more equal than others. The government says trust us. Right! Stay tuned for more information on ELCID. (6 Nov 99>


Why Was Tacoma Mayor Ebersol Sooooo Testy Tonight?

All I said at the Tacoma City Council meeeting was: Your city manager has you approve contracts that do NOT exist. For Example, on 3 August 99 you authorized the execution of an agreement with the WA State Department of Transportation Services to provide relocation services to individuals and businesses displaced by acquisition of a site for the Central Police Facility. On 31 Aug 99 you passed a resolution authorizing officers of the City to review and approve or disapprove offers of relocation benefits procured by the WA Department of Transportation. There is one slight problem. The addendum to the original contract was NOT signed by your City Manager until 2 Sept. 99. The Department of Transportation did NOT sign the contract until 14 Sept. 99.
Washington Department of Transportation Letter
I was told this is not an unusual practice with Tacoma. Some contracts aren’t signed until nine months after you okay work to begin. City employees just make the contracts retroactive.

Next. The Fire Department’s biennium budget is $68,000,000 while the police department’s biennium budget is $99,000,000. Just 8 months into the new budget the police are already over the projected budget by $1,664,000. What do we get for this $99,000,000 plus? Tacoma receives GRANTS from the state. $375,000 is given because of Tacoma’s VIOLENT crime rate. $2,800,000 is given because of Tacoma’s HIGH CRIME rate.

If you are wondering where some of the police budget is going you might want to look at Fleet Services a Tacoma City agency. Fleet Services leases patrol cars to the police department for a profit. Not only does Fleet Services make a profit on leasing the police it’s patrol cars, but, it makes a profit on repairing patrol cars. For August 99, Fleet Services bragged their repair REVENUE is UP ONE million dollars from last year because of the increase of their shop rate to $61.00 per hour. $12,886,000 is tucked away in Fleet Services retained earnings. A good deal of Tacoma Fleet Service retained earnings reflects the PROFIT Tacoma Fleet Services made off the Tacoma Police Department. If I-695 (Initiative 695 states all motor vehicle owners will only have to pay $30.00 for his/her license tabs. Now citizens pay for license tabs based on the car manufacturer suggested retail price regardless of what price the car owner actually paid.) passes Fleet Services Retained Earnings can be used for police/fire services.

Now you know why your city manager/mayor/ council do NOT WANT and WILL NOT HAVE a PERFORMANCE AUDIT. I predict after the November elections Performance audits will NO longer be required for Tacoma. Since the Tacoma News Tribune doesn’t want citizens to know performance audits are now required for Tacoma it will be silent when the city council VOTES to do AWAY with them.

Finally, hasn’t anyone asked if 69% of the fire fighters and 74% of the police do NOT live in Tacoma WHY does it matter if they endorse a candidate? They can’t vote in Tacoma. Could it be Tacoma is actually run by outsiders?

Mr. Thomas of the Wa Department of Transportation sent me a copy of a Government Agreement for Aid between WADOT and Tacoma. The Government Agreement in part states, "...in accordance with its policies (Wa Department of Transportation) does NOT desire to perform services for a public agency by entering into or otherwise interfering with competitive bidding by private enterprise in response to advertisement or solicitation by such public agency... Wa Department of Transportation...is willing to furnish such services as the AGENCY, and both deem is in the public interest..." Tacoma City Resolution stated, WHEREAS in order to FACILITATE the WADOT's procurement of bids from independent contractors to furnish moving and other relocation assistance, IT IS IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CITY TO WAIVE THE ORDINARY COMPETITIVE SELECTION PROCESS..." Why was it in the best interests of the city to waive the competitive bid? Why the hurry? Why the push to have WADOT do the work? Police are suppose to be patrolling in their $40,000 patrol cars. Remember you (Tacoma City Council/Mayor) wanted each police officer to have a $40,000 police car so he/she can be out patrolling not sitting in an office? You have police at two park offices; at the Tacoma Housing Authority, on 38th St.., on McKinley Ave., at the County City Building and in the annex here on St. Helens. If you are so worried about I-695 taking money away from critical services how come you have money for this (police)palace, for the Tacoma Art Museum and for (Dale)Chihuly’s art? (5 Oct 99)

Someone told me I made one or more “intelligence” agencies nervous when I started dabbling in Russian? I am sure it was a joke. What do females know about such lofty matters? (5 Sept 99)

Myopia is Contagious!

I believe I found the gun that may have been used in the murder attempt on my daughter, but, a Pierce County sheriff denies he ever recovered a gun! What is even more intriguing is Pierce County Sheriff Mark French had the deputy investigate himself. I have been ensured there will be NO Internal Affairs investigation of the "missing" gun. Murder anyone? As an aside the Pierce County Sheriff's Department is the department that tried to make me think my child was dead. It was a big joke to the detective. They also tried to peg me as the "crazy" lady.

Pierce County Sheriff

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is allegedly investigating the Tacoma Police Department to try to determine what happened to $10,000 the police accidentally left on a drug suspect's table. Any guesses as to the results of that investigation? (4 Sept 99)


Tacoma City Council Etiquette

What city council member, during the middle of a city council meeting, bounded off the throne on high to give a city employee a business card suggesting the city might want to give business to a certain company?

A good book that should be required reading by all citizens is On the Take From Petty Crooks to Presidentsby William J. Chambliss Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Sociology Department at the George Washington University. (28 Aug 99)


Tacoma Schools Superintendent Shoemake Listens

On 15 May 1999 I wrote I felt officials at the Tacoma School District officials were avoiding me. Mr. Shoemake met with me last week. He did listen. He seemed emphatic. I hope and pray he will listen to others. The stories the kids told me when I was looking for my daughter were incredible. Mickey Rice put a gun to a kid?s head, there was threat to kidnap a baby etc.. The authorities did nothing.
Below is a little background. My car was stolen. Tacoma Police Lt. Williams told me to keep my mouth shut. My gun was stolen. Tacoma Police Sgt.. Joe Stevens told me I didn’t make a report even though I had personally handed the report to him. (This assertion was made after my copy of the report was missing.) I had 23 checks stolen etc. Here is a copy of the police report Det. Joe Stevens told me I didn’t make.

Tacoma Police Department Gun Report

Tacoma Police Department Gun Report
During this time I brought my daughter to school. She walked in the front door and out the back door. She hung out on the sidewalk in front of Stadium HS with Mike Rice. I begged the school to pick her up for truancy. The Tacoma School District’s Response was to sue me under the Becca Bill because my child wasn’t in school.
Before this meeting Tacoma Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Apostle tried to ignore me. I discovered some interesting facts. Mr. Apostle grew up with some of the same police officers who were trying to keep me quiet. In the stolen gun report I mentioned Mr. Kempesie, Stadium HS security, knew what was happening. It was Mr. Kempesie who told me Mr.. Rice was hanging out at the school to get kids to steal etc. but Stadium Security was powerless to do anything. Interestingly, Mr. Kempesie is a retired Tacoma Police Officer. The stolen gun report is the only report that I know of that has turned up missing. The good old boy network in Tacoma never ceases to amaze me.
At the same time I was being sued for my child not being in school Mr.. Rice was ordered not to stand in front of Stadium HS. He liked to stand by the Tacoma Police patrol car. (Only after former Police Chief Arreola Tacoma Police Officer took over the Tacoma Police Department was Rice arrested. He plead guilty to statutory rape.)
Mr.. Shoemake is not part of the good old boy network. I hope and pray he will look deeper into what is happening in our high schools and initiate changes. (13 June 99)


Tacoma Police Reforms? Not If The Police Can Help It. Tacoma News Tribune a PR Arm of Tacoma? You betcha!

(Email to Tacoma News Tribune Editor Dave Seago) Thank you for putting me in touch with Peter Bacho concerning his 4 June 1999 editorial stating the Tacoma Police Department (TPD)would now have a “fair and open complaint process...” “The information (regarding the complaint) will be taken by a supervisor or by an internal affairs investigator.” “”Later a department representative will contact the citizen on the status of the complaint.” Mr. Bacho informed me he got ALL his information from a press release sent to the Tacoma News Tribune(TNT.
Yet, today Catherine Woodard who is currently in charge of the TPD Internal Affairs Section, told me all complaints would go to Assistant Chief Darland. He would present the complaints to the other assistant chiefs and the chief biweekly or weekly. They would then decide IF a complaint was to be investigated and WHO would do the investigation. Mr. Bacho stated the TPD failed to mention that step in the press release. Mr. Bacho there would be no correction to the editorial.
I also mentioned the TNT editorial in which the editors suggested Tacoma give employees higher points on their performance evaluations as an incentive to live in Tacoma. Since accuracy is important to the Tacoma News Tribune I advised Mr. Bacho that the City of Tacoma does NOT do performance evaluations on the majority of it’s employees. When the editorial came out I called the TNT to suggest they verify me statement by calling city personnel. How does the TNT define accuracy?
Feel free to print this in a Letter to the Editor I won’t mind. Phyllis A. Barrett
Coincidentally, I ran across a memo from DOJ Asst.. AG Thomas E. Kauper, Antitrust Div.. to DOJ Asst. AG to Henry E. Peterson, Criminal Div. concerning a 51 page memorandum concerning evasion of taxes (duty) by a certain company. The memorandum and exhibits were submitted by Phyllis Barrett (Yes, that is me.). The reason for nonpayment was attributed to a questionable relationship between Customs and ....a subsidiary of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Corp. Not only did the DOJ look the other way on Customs corruption, but, they defended Customs whenever the could, Barrett v. Bureau of Customs, 651 F.2d 1087 (5th Cir., 1981). Of course it is all coming out now how corrupt Customs is. Recently we learned the government has looked the other way on secrets going to the Chinese. The DOJ appears to be ignoring the situation in Tacoma. I sure hope history doesn’t repeat itself. (After getting hammered I promised never to get involved again.) What we won't do for our kids. 4 June 99)


Beretta/Glock Cover-up? Why?

I have been attempting to learn what happened to 427 handguns (mostly Glocks) that the Tacoma Police Department can't account for. They allegedly traded the Glocks into Beretta for Beretta handguns.
On 19 Mar 99, I filed a Motion to Reconsider in Pierce County Court, WA, (No: 96-2-08736-5) asking Judge Sebring to reconsider his earlier decision denying me a subpoena for Beretta records. The Tacoma Police Department stated the city didn't keep any records concerning the transaction. Beretta kept the records. Judge Sebring not only again denied me the subpoena, but, "fined" me attorney fees for filing the Motion late. Judge Sebring also ruled NO party except a defendant or plaintiff can have it's records subpoenaed. (There should be numerous companies ecstatic with that ruling especially the telephone company etc..)
Now the questions-Why did Beretta give a "donation" to the Tacoma Police Firing Range? Did Beretta deal directly with the Tacoma Police Department? The police allege they did. Beretta in a lawsuit against them in New York City swore they only dealt through firms with firearm's dealers licenses The police did not have a firearm's dealers license, so was this transaction legal? Could these transactions prove Beretta sells directly to consumers without going through an independent gun dealer? How involved are Beretta and Glock in this cover-up? Why was there a murder attempt on my daughter last summer? Why wouldn't the Tacoma detectives go to the scene of the shooting to gather evidence? Why wouldn't they even take the jacket of the bullet out of the back window of her car? Why are Governor Locke, Wa. State Auditor Sonntag, AG Gregoire and WA State Police Chief Sandberg looking the other way? What is everyone afraid of? (15 May 99)


I attempted to make contact with the Tacoma School District. I tried to find out which Tacoma Police Officers were liaison officers to the Tacoma High Schools. (My daughter expressed the belief someone could bring a gun to a class room, but, the Assistant Principal at Stadium High School. Told her no she would be safer in a classroom. Last summer someone did attempt to shoot my daughter in the park. When my daughter was 14 she informed me the police said she didn’t have to go to school. They were bringing her to Mickey D’s ((McDonalds) at lunch time. The Tacoma Police Department uses our children as witnesses without telling parents because it isn’t required by state law.)
I finally spoke with Tacoma Public School Assistant Superintendent Apostle. I gave him documentation that supports what I have put on my web site. We didn’t have time to go over all the documentation so he agreed we would meet again. He not only promised to review my documentation, but, he also agreed to go to this web site.
I tried to make another appointment on 14 May 99, but, Mr. Apostle’s secretary put me off. I find this highly unusual since the local paper, the Trib, reported on 14 May 99 that a high school teacher had resigned earlier this month after he was arrested by the FBI and charged with having child pornography from the Internet. (The Frugal Gourmet has not had charges filed against him for the indecent acts with the boys from Stadium High School.) Remember it was my child who wrote, “...you will see through my eyes the girls you have raped and the people you have killed through my eyes.” The police just laughed at me when I tried to give them the letter. The young man has been arrested for rape, but, only after an outside Police Chief Arreola came to Tacoma. (Chief Arreola was dismissed after only two years.) Interestingly, the young man had his parole revoked for a few says because he had on his computer downloaded pornography.(15 May 99) line

That's Not My Job

Tonight (1 Dec 98) I made the following comments at the Tacoma City Council meeting: Again we face the next biennium and in lieu of doing performance audits to lower costs you again have chosen to raise fees. You did have one cost study done by Mann and his Assoc. The study used lies and false data to come to it's conclusions about the cost effectiveness of bringing Tacoma police vehicles to officer's homes outside of Tacoma. I would call this nothing more than academic prostitution.
You wondered why the TPD is over budget. Well, I found out. I perused the Tacoma Police Department ARMS report. The ARMS report reflects the money appropriated for various budget line items such as health insurance and the money actually spent on the items. What I discovered is that the police, your new acting Chief Hairston, built cost overruns into it’s budget. For example ,the TPD budgeted $47,000 for Group Life insurance, yet actually spent over $2,100,000 for the insurance.
1. For 97/98 TPD appropriated $560,000 for Data Processing yet spent $1,400,000. For the upcoming biennium they only budgeted $608,000 for Data Processing.
2. a. Finance & Property budgeted $933 for Equip Repairs & Maintenance yet spent $203,000.
b. Finance & Property budgeted $364,000 for Tele & Tele yet spent $772,000. Police Officers are allowed to use their cell phones while off duty, but, are to reimburse the city. With this cost over run I wonder what type of controls are in place to ensure the city is being reimbursed?
c. Finance & Property budgeted Vehicle Maintenance for $0, yet spent $528,000. (TPD has over 300 vehicles.)
d. Finance & Property budgeted $0 for Automotive Equip yet spent $426,000 for patrol vehicles so every officer can bring a patrol car home to places like Moses Lake, Fox Island etc. There are NO controls on the patrol take home vehicles to ensure they are not used for extra curricular activities.
Why are there NO safe guards to ensure the police don’t use their take home vehicles for extra curricular activities? Why are there NO safeguards to ensure that the police only spend what is in their budget?
What bothers me the most is that this council represents our business people and educators- UPS, the Tacoma School District, Bates and Clover Park Technical Colleges are represented on this council. You accept this farce of a budget without doing any independent fact finding. You look the other way when you learn the police lied to get their accreditation, lied to get federal grants, lied to you about donations to their firing range. You look the other way when the police won’t investigate the murder attempt on an 18 year old girl. Is this the quality of business ethics and education that we can expect from the Pacific Northwest?
Councilman DeForrest responded to the above with that is not our job.


How Low Will the Tacoma Police Go to Get Their Take Home Vehicles?

I met a man at the Tacoma City Council meeting. His complaint-SOMEONE (No city agency would admit to the act.) took down signs alerting motorists that there were HOV lanes on the road where the city was performing construction work. The police were giving out tickets like candy. I received a $208 ticket for speeding in a school zone, but, it was late in the morning and no school children were in the area. Yesterdays Tribune (20 Nov 98) had an article about the police seizing a van used by a paralyzed couple. The van had expired plates. Traffic infractions bring in revenue to indirectly fund the take home police program? Yet, my car was stolen, totaled, the thief, Mr. Rice, had NO driver's license, NO insurance and was given NO ticket. I was told to keep my mouth shut.
Someone attempted to murder my daughter by shooting her in the back. The police wouldn't even take the jacket of the bullet out of the back window of her car. I just completed major surgery for the second time. My wrist was broken as a result of a threatening letter to our house. (The police refuse to enforce the anti-harassment order I have against Michael J. Rice DOB 11/03/76.) The police wouldn't even take the original letter to lift prints. First operation, the doctor's scraped my wrist nerve and straightened it. This week they re broke an arm bone, did a bone graph from my hip and attached 12 pins to my arm bone and hand.(21 Nov 98)

broken wrist

Brian Ebersole, Tacoma News Tribune and Family Values.

Last week (8 Sept 98) at the Tacoma City Council Mayor Ebersole called me WACKO. The mayor was a guidance counselor for the Tacoma Public School District and now works for Bates College. Tonight (15 Sept 98) the city agreed on it's strategic plan. They decided one of the measurable outcomes was civic involvement by citizens. Apparently, Mayor Ebersole wasn't happy when I again pointed out that Councilmen Miller, Crowley and Phelps put in $50 per diem to attend neighborhood council meetings etc. At one point, the mayor stated he hadn't called me WACKO, but, only called my comments WACKO. (I had referred to a seating arrangement between an Assistant Chief of Police and a city employee who had advised me to watch my back especially in the City of Tacoma) I replied that terminology was an insult to the mentally ill. Being a former guidance counselor he ought to know better. I added, I hoped no one who was getting sick had come to him for help. He then replied he didn't know I was mentally ill and thanks for the info. This is our part time professional mayor who now makes over $67,000 and will still be able to put in for per diem for doing his job. Anyone who disagrees with the mayor will be called mentally ill, a grave put down in his mind. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize mental illness has physical causes and can be controlled by medication and stress reduction. He thought his comment was a put down, but, many famous and successful people have had a mental illness. This is the type of Democratic leadership we have here in the City of Tacoma. The Trib, by its silence, obviously agrees with him


What made Mayor Brian Ebersole Count to Ten?

Tonight was citizens forum and a few citizens appeared to view their disapproval of the drug activity in their neighborhood. I was last and made the following comments. To these comments Mayor Ebersole decided he needed to count to ten.


TODAY THERE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A STUDY SESSION ON THE CITY CONDUCTING PERFORMANCE AUDITS AS MANDATED BY LAW, BUT, INSTEAD THE COUNCIL AND MAYOR OPTED TO STUDY SPENDING OUR TAXES. Last week (8 Sept 98) at the Tacoma City Council Mayor Ebersole called me WACKO. The mayor was a guidance counselor for the Tacoma Public School District and now works for Bates College. Tonight (15 Sept 98) the city agreed on it's strategic plan. They decided one of the measurable outcomes was civic involvement by citizens. Apparently, Mayor Ebersole wasn't happy when I again pointed out that Councilmen Miller, Crowley and Phelps put in $50 per diem to attend neighborhood council meetings etc. At one point, the mayor stated he hadn't called me WACKO, but, only called my comments WACKO. (I had referred to a seating arrangement between an Assistant Chief of Police and a city employee who had advised me to watch my back especially in the City of Tacoma) I replied that terminology was an insult to the mentally ill. Being a former guidance counselor he ought to know better. I added, I hoped no one who was getting sick had come to him for help. He then replied he didn't know I was mentally ill and thanks for the info. This is our part time professional mayor who now makes over $67,000 and will still be able to put in for per diem for doing his job. Anyone who disagrees with the mayor will be called mentally ill, a grave put down in his mind. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize mental illness has physical causes and can be controlled by medication and stress reduction. He thought his comment was a put down, but, many famous and successful people have had a mental illness. This is the type of Democratic leadership we have here in the City of Tacoma. The Trib, by its silence, obviously agrees with him YEAR-TO-DATE SALES TAX REVENUES SHOWED A HALF PERCENT DECREASE OVER 1996.” WE RECEIVE $2,000,000 IN GRANTS FOR OUR HIGH CRIME RATE. YET, THE POLICE ARE $1,839,877 OVER BUDGET. THEY KNOW IT MUST BE THE FAULT OF PIERCE COUNTY SO THEY ARE HAVING AN INDEPENDENT AUDITOR DETERMINE IF THE CITY IS BEING CHARGED CORRECTLY BY THE COUNTY FOR JAIL COSTS. THE CITY COUNCIL IS OVER BUDGET BY $97,000 OR 9.84%. OVERALL GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES ARE OVER BUDGET BY $842,000.


lineBullet hole in car windowBullet hole in car window

Tacoma's Response to Attempted Murder

Police close case after I recover shell casing. My daughter found the shell jacket. Police wouldn't even look in her car. Chief Arreola waved me off. Asst Chief Woodard stated the police are waiting for someone to come to their office to give them information as to who attempted to murder my daughter.Mayor Ebersole was rude. Tacoma City Council concerned with man getting a ticket for his dog being off it's leash. Had Chief Arreola respond to the complaint.(6 Aug 98 See Below)

Update on Community Orientated Policing in Tacoma

LESA refused to release the report on my child and her friend being shot at. Finally, Chief Arreola intervened. My child was driving on the narrow road at Point Defiance. The driver behind her started blinking the car headlights. She pulled into the nearest parking lot to let the driver pass. In the lot my daughter’s car stalled, lurched forwarded. She noticed a car parked in the lot. It had at least three people near it.. She heard a bang, felt something on her neck. She drove away thinking the people in the parking lot had thrown a fire cracker at her car. At the exit of the park where there is lighting she and her friend discovered two of her car windows had cracks where a bullet had gone through.

I went to the scene, bagged a 9 mm Lugar shell casing, some cigarette butts etc. I finished at 3:30 p.m., called the detectives. Det. Shake stated no one had been assigned the case, the detectives like to go home early on Fridays, they were busy investigating the 5 murders of the Vietnamese on 5 July 98 and a possible home invasion that occurred early 10 July 98. He asked me to secure the evidence until someone had time to pick it up. I believe TPD has 118 detectives.

On 11 July 98, the newspaper mentioned someone fired a BB gun into a man's car on the interstate, but, made no mention of my daughter and her friend almost being killed. The police won?t explain why there were 17 squad cars sitting at the substations while my child was being fired upon. I would add more, but, I am trying to be objective. 7/10/98



The Tribune completely ignores the Tacoma Police Department lied to get federal grants, lied to get their accreditation, lied about donations to their firing range, lied about holster and weapons purchases and currently cannot account for 427 handguns etc. Judge Sebring has ruled Tacoma can allow a vendor to keep track of purchase records therefore deny their release to the citizen. Former Chief Fjetland is now CEO for the Young Men's Christian Association. Yet, the Tribune became upset because the library won’t turn over records that match employee id numbers with names. Below is their 8 May 98 editorial.

Tacoma library should turn over its records

The Tacoma Public Library should quit trying to postpone the inevitable - and abandon its unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming struggle to prevent a union from gaining access to public records.

The library was ordered in February by the state Court of Appeals to turn over salary information about its 200-plus employees to library worker Carolyn Cohen, chairwoman of Tacoma's library union. Cohen wants to use the information in labor negotiations with the city.

Appeals Court Judge J. Robin Hunt rightly ruled that the requested data is public information because it allows citizens to monitor government spending.

Despite the court decision, the library has stubbornly refused to release the records, claiming most recently that it has been awaiting final rulings from the superior and appellate courts on Cohen's requests for court costs.

That feeble position was further undermined last week when Pierce County Superior Court Judge Sergio Armijo awarded Cohen $5,000 in attorney's fees and related expenses. That development alone affirmed the strong likelihood that the same thing will occur at the appellate level. In addition, the library has been undercut by the City of Tacoma, which this week gave Cohen copies of the very information she's been seeking.

These events have left Tacoma Library officials in the absurd position of withholding information from Cohen that she already has - and that the court has already ruled she's entitled to. The only issue in dispute now is the final disposition of court costs.

Here's a suggestion: Instead of further enriching Cohen's lawyers, a better idea might be for the library to concede defeat, release the information immediately and get back to running one of the best public library systems in the state.

Below are some interesting facts I documented that might shed light on exactly why the News Tribune is outraged by certain acts and not outraged at other acts.

I was given a listing of Safe Streets subcontractors. Greg Brewis left UPS to start his own public relations firm in Sept. 94. Cathy Brewis, Greg’s wife who is advertising director for the New Tribune became a board member for Safe Streets in l995. In a News Tribune Article dated 3/4/95, Popham wrote, “while Brewis enjoyed the constant and varied intellectual stimulation on campus, he finds running his own business even more fulfilling.” “It helps that he’s developing a solid client list including Safe Streets... “

I found another Tribune article dated 1/18/97. “The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce is coordinating a new image-building campaign for Tacoma.... It will spread our area's positive stories to targeted regional and national editors and writers.” “(Greg) Brewis said. "It's a good package for reporters to use to show our city's development. Wonder if there may be an appearance of conflict of interest here?

Speaking of advertising and the Tribune I found this in a law suit against the Tribune filed in 1992. At an awards banquet, the Tribune employees were shown a video produced by management involving “cross selling”. “The term ‘cross selling’ means that if a customer calls to place a certain type of ad, such as help wanted. The plaintiff was suppose to suggest the customer advertise their place of business in another section of the paper. “THIS particular video shown at the banquet involved people dressed in religious clothing, obviously relating to Bible times, appearing to be Mary and Joseph, holding a baby Jesus.” “These people walked up a hill and then the scene showed several hundreds of crosses, and at the bottom of the screen it said ‘Cross-Selling’. Many people in the audience, with the exception of the Christian employees broke into hilarious laughter.” Cathy Brewis referred in an apology to this incident as an “oversight”

Wonder what the video left out?


Justice in Pierce County

There is a saying in Pierce County and that is when you win in Pierce County Court you lose.

Judge Sebring ruled in the case below that since the city allowed the vendor to keep the documentation that a citizen no longer had a right to review the records. (29 Mar 98).

I had filed a suit under the Washington Public Disclosure Act against the Tacoma Police Department (TPD). In September l997, I filed my Fifth Amended Complaint asking for a list of the serial numbers of the 357 Glocks the TPD stated they traded in as part of the terms for purchasing 400 Beretta handguns. Til this day (17 Feb 98) they have stalled on releasing the information so I attempted to obtain the information by having a subpoena issued for Beretta records.




l. That I am the plaintiff named above in No. 96-2-08736-5, that I have read the above and foregoing Order, know the contents there of and believe the same to be true and correct.

2. In l993 the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) purchased 400 Berettas and holsters.

3. They didn’t choose the lowest bidder allegedly because a lengthy and detailed evaluation by the Police Department showed the lowest bidders as having weapons considered unacceptable I obtained a copy of the evaluation and found the lowest bidder’s weapon was considered acceptable.

4. The TPD stated they turned in 357 Glocks and 70 Smith & Wessons for the 400 Berettas.

5. The TPD stated they didn't have a listing of the Glocks they traded in, in l993, but, Danny Marshall, TPD, through the accounting office gave me a listing of 356 Glocks the TPD had on hand in l992. These were the Glocks that were supposedly traded in.

6. On 3 Dec. 97 Cheryl Carlson sent me a listing of 12 Glocks the TPD still has in service. They are some of the 356 guns Danny Marshall gave to me through accounting which were suppose to have been traded in.. Some officers purchased their Glocks.

7. The TPD couldn't have traded in 357 Glocks, yet, they gave themselves credit for a trade in of 357 Glocks when they paid Beretta.

8. The bid also included sales tax. The TPD paid none.

9. The Tacoma Police Department declined to purchase the holsters when they submitted the resolution to the Tacoma City Council for the purchase of the Beretta handguns.

10. On 20 Jan 98, Cheryl Carlson Legal Advisor to the Tacoma Police Department wrote, “...The holsters were originally bid as part of the weapons purchase.” “The purchase cost of the holsters was less than $25,000.” “Therefore no council action was necessary nor taken pursuant to TMC 1.06.264.”

11. In 1993 bids over $10,000 were to be submitted to the Tacoma City Council for approval.

12. The TPD certainly hasn’t been honest with the Tacoma City Council nor with me. I believe these records will shed light on this transaction. It will explain what happened to 427 handguns and explain why the purchase resolution for the holsters was not brought before the Tacoma City Council as required by law. These documents could also reflect a violation of Customs laws.

13. I certify I have served the attached Order and Subpoena by mailing same to Beretta U.S.A. Corp. 17601 Beretta Drive, Accookeek, Maryland 20607 by certified mail on this 17th day of Feb l998.


Subscribed and Sworn to before me this l7th day of Feb. 98.

After reading the affidavit Commissioner Paul Boyle stated he wouldn't sign the subpoena. I am to wait three days and have the Tacoma Police Department Legal Advisor present when I present the Order for Subpoena. When I protested to Presiding Judge Thomas J Felnagle (Actually I was only allowed to speak with his Judicial Assistant Judy Whitner) about Commissioner Boyle making up his own Local Rules of Civil Procedure, I was told I had to do what the commissioner wanted.

I did as I was asked and went before Commissioner Boyle with a letter from the TPD lawyer, Cheryl Carlson. Cheryl Carlson wrote "Beretta provided officers an option of 'purchasing back' weapons and, as the firearms dealer, was responsible for keeping track of all weapons involved in the transaction(s)." Commissioner Boyle still refused to sign the Order for a Subpoena and now I have had to file a Motion for an Order for a Subpoena! (3/1/98)See Did You Know dated 3/1/98 to see Beretta's "donations to the TPD.

Tonight Bob Blystone, TPD Union President said he thought, but, he wasn't sure that maybe half of the officers bought the Glocks rather then turn them in. The question remains why wasn't Beretta upset when they didn't get the trade ins? You might want to ask yourself the following questions: Where are the Berettas manufactured? What would Beretta stand to gain by not making the TPD turn in their weapons? When I get the documentation I will be sure to share the answer with you. (2/17/98)


Justice at last, but, a lot of questions remain.

Pierce County Judge Steiner sentenced Michael James Rice, 21, to 12 months in jail for possession of pornography. (Al Rose, the Pierce County Prosecutor had the rape charge plea bargained down.) Rice was given the high range of sentencing because he has continuously been in contact with his rape victims. Why didn't the Tacoma Police do anything? Why are court records-bail, Order for Presentence Investigation, presentence investigation- missing from Rice's file? (A Pierce County domestic violence clerk had records sealed that showed Rice violated the anti-harassment order in my case.) The mother of the victim and Al Rose hadn't wanted this man in jail, but, today they did. Why the change of heart? When I asked why nothing was done when my car, gun and checks were stolen? Al Rose replied, "He wasn't prosecuted.". I knew that, why not? Why did the prosecutor sue me, instead because my child was truant while the Tacoma Police were bringing her and Rice to lunch, and insist I give over my parental rights to the state? Why did the prosecutor tell a judge about my daughter, "She is the only one who knows what happened and she's not talking? Why did the Pierce County Prosecutor lie and state they didn't have evidence when they did? Why won't the police still accept a letter my child wrote, "You will see through my eyes the girls you have raped and the people you have killed..."? Now, I am told the Tacoma Police Department Internal Affairs haven't done and won't do an investigation and I am to put in writing my question, "Why not?". Where is John Ladenberg, our fearless, prosecuting attorney, who wants to sue the Puyallup Indians because of their billboards? Where is the Tacoma News Tribune who pushes cross selling? Why is Christine Gregoire, Wa State Attorney General, looking the other way? This is Pierce County, Tacoma, Wa-Home of the Frugal Gourmet. People have told me, "We knew about him, but, you know the way the system is." NO, I don't know how the system is that lets our kids get raped.


Police Accreditation Washington State Style

I should rename this page So What Else Is New? For one thing I was wrong. I felt Chief Arreola would make a difference. He doesn't. He complained about a Blue Code, but, his second in charge, Assistant Chief Hairston, practices it. In order for the Tacoma Police Department to be accreditated they have to state that all complaints are to be investigated by their Internal Affairs. Woila they are accreditated. Yet, Sgt Miller of Internal Affairs assured me today no investigation has ever been conducted and Asst. Chief Hairston told him no investigation will be done by Internal Affairs. He will handle it. Wonder why Asst. Chief Hairston didn't tell me that last night (12 Nov 97) or two weeks ago when he saw me? Why no Internal Affairs investigation?

I spoke with Mr. Lihuang Wung, the city manager's office. He stated he would advise Patty ,the Tacoma Police Department Office Contact, to have her tell the Tacoma Police Department what they are doing. Below is a listing of things stolen from my house or incidents that have happened to me that the police have ignored.

  • Commodore Computer, games and monitor stolen.
  • Nindendo and games stolen.
  • 23 checks stolen and forged.
  • Lawn mower stolen
  • 38 caliber pistol stolen and then used in an assault and fired into a house on Hilltop.
  • Sgt Stevens denied I made any report on the stolen gun even though I personally hand delivered the report to him. I now have a copy of the report he stated didn't exist
  • Car stolen and totaled-no tickets, no accident report-$8,000 damage
  • Three back cats stolen
  • One gold cross with a diamond stolen
  • Police scanner stolen.
  • Sega Gensis and games stolen.
  • Police reports were denied me because there were juvenile suspects involved. One juvenile suspect was born in l943 and one was born in l952.
  • My child at l4 was given alcohol. I wasn't allowed to make a complaint
  • My life was threatened, but, former Chief Fjetland stated my death would be low priority.
  • I was told not to tell the police when an anti-harassment order was violated.
  • The sheriffs office had me believe my child was dead. They thought it was a big joke
  • My child wrote "You will see through my eyes the girls you have raped and the people you have killed..." The police wouldn't take a report.
  • The young man has since been arrested for rape of two minors, the charges were plea bargained down to possession of pornography and he was allowed to hang out at Wilson High School.
  • The young man who suggested killing me was allowed to carry a gun at age l8.
  • The young man threatened a former girlfriend and her new boyfriend. There is a question if he had a gun with him. Two weeks later the girl's boyfriend's step dad was killed in a random drive by shooting which has never been solved The young man was made a year younger in the police report and the report was "lost" at Rehman Hall.
  • My daughter wrote a letter, "I don't have to worry now." "I'm not the one turning and shivering in fear." "I don't have to worry about who's coming near." "I won't have to worry about whos going to be coming into my house late at night with a nine." "Me I don't have to cringe, and fear waiting for him to come living in fear, always wondering is today the day." She was sleeping on the floor behind a couch in her bedroom. She had a BB gun that looked like a nine in a table near where she lay. The police refused to take the letter or a report. LI>The young man at one time had a warrant out for his arrest. (Yes, Virginia there was some honest police here.) I found him three times, sent the police to the location, but, they couldn't find him though his car was parked in front of the house. I took pictures of him.
  • The police stopped him once after he almost ran over three of their cadets. He had no driver's license, no insurance so they let him drive on the ticket. Commissioner Ball gave him a $100.00 fine and didn't order him to have insurance or a driver's license.
  • While I was trying to keep my child in high school she told me no problem the police were bringing her to lunch while she was truant. I was sued under the Becca Bill for not having her in school.
  • DSHS wrote me satanic activity is involved.
  • I have been stopped by the police five times in two and one half weeks. I was given a ticket and threatened with jail
  • When I am home I have had surveillances done on my house.
  • I have had shots fired by my house, but, the police who were sitting around the corner didn't respond until after my neighbor and I called 911 and went out to investigate.
  • I had a man come up from San Francisco and suggested how easy it would be to pick me off with a 30 aught".
  • It has been suggested I be killed for the inheritance. No report was allowed on that either.
  • The Air Force Reserve Lt. Col who has a warrant out for his arrest isn't arrested. He is the reservist who is allegedly on active duty despite the warrant, despite the fact he has IRS tax liens of over $172,000 and despite he has a bad debt of over $11,000. (Wonder who is in that reserve unit and what the LtCol's security clearance is?)
  • We had a message on our answering machine threatening to fire bomb our house.
  • At least until 1991 the Tacoma Police asked secretarial applicants on their lie detector test. "Do you suffer from PMS?" "Are you in your menstrual cycle?"
  • The Tacoma Police lied to get their accreditation.
  • The Tacoma Police lied to get their grants.
  • The city is now going to pay out more than $600,000 because of a discrimination suit against the Tacoma Police Department by female officers.
  • Repeat after me: We have no problem in Tacoma. There is no Blue Code. Art is more important then law enforcement.


    Remember the Air Force Reserve Lt Col who decided to do his civic duty and take in the young man who was charged with statutory rape. The Lt Col was so reputable Judge Cushcoff didn't make him swear in. Right after court I learned the Lt Col had a warrant out for his arrest in another court for contempt of court, he owed over $170,000 in IRS tax liens and he forgot to tell the court he had a nine year old son in the house. I was told he is now on active duty for five months. Not believing my ears I contacted General Reilly at (253)984-5526 and his secretary referred my to Col Mondeck (253)984-5651. I spoke with a secretary who stated she believes he is on active duty. Wonder who else belongs to that reserve unit? Ones attract ones and tens attract tens. Please reassure Lt Flynn the Department of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Force did know about all of this before he was apparently put on active duty reserve status. Wonder if the Air Force has a new recruiting slogan I don't know about?

    The Tacoma News Tribune has a question and answer section and had been quite good about answering my questions except two. I wanted to know who was on the Deadly Force Review Board. (The police had shot two dogs and one Indian youth. The Indian youth was drunk, had a knife, had his hands in the air and cried "Shoot me.". The officer shot and killed him. This was the second minority shot by this officer. (One other question the newspaper didn't print or ask, "Had the officer first told him to drop the knife?".) In an article today (ll/6/97) we learn the review board consists of the bureau commander of the officer who used deadly force, the division commander of the officer who used deadly force, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Division, the captain of the Support Services Division, the patrol lieutenant for the sector where the shooting occurred, a citizen participant selected by the chief of police and a union representative. What the newspaper didn't print-all of the above are eligible to be police union members except the civilian. This is the union that doesn't want performance evaluations, ua's, performance audits for sure etc. Would you believe our officers seem to always follow departmental guidelines. Life goes on in Tacoma, but, unfortunately only for some of us.

    There is only one nagging question I have. It is rumored the Tacoma Police Department is political especially the upper echelon. So who in politics are they trying to please?

    Here is one more Letter to the Editor that the Tacoma News Tribune probably won't print.

    I have read comments both pro and con about the Tacoma Police Department. I for one am not happy with them. They were the main reason I initiated the drive for an ordinance for performance audits for all city agencies, departments and programs. An ordinance the Tacoma City Council passed.

    Some people feel you can't realistically comment about the police unless you have walked in their shoes. My dad was a deputy sheriff, my brother was a beat cop and I was a fed, a distinguished honor graduate from U.S. Treasury school. I am, also, a vet.

    I believe there is so much controversy surrounding the police because there are no standards used to measure their performance. (We are publicized as having the third highest crime rate on the West Coast.) The department did elect in l993 to obtain accreditation from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC), but, one of WASPC's requirements was for annual performance evaluations which the union didn't and still doesn't want. Therefore, former Chief Fjetland led the accreditation team to believe the department did annual evaluations. The accreditation was based on a lie. WASPC in violation of its own standards only followed through once in l994 in an effort to determine if the police still did evaluations. Fjetland answered, yes.

    The union doesn't want random ua's-random drug testing for illegal drug use. Even if there is no drug abuse by officers their refusal to have the ua's raises some suspicions. Even the ACLU won't challenge random ua's given to police officers.

    According to the Tacoma Police Department's own manual, internal affairs is to conduct thorough investigations of all complaints, yet, I for one have been assured no investigation by internal affairs has ever been conducted on my complaints. (On 29 Oct 97, I again asked if an investigation had been done on a letter my daughter wrote, "I don't have to worry now." "I'm not the one turning and shivering in fear." "I don't have to worry about who's coming near." "I won't have to worry about whos going to be coming into my house late at night with a nine." "Me I don't have to cringe, and fear waiting for him to come living in fear, always wondering is today the day." She was sleeping on the floor behind a couch in her bedroom. She had a BB gun that looked like a nine in a table near where she lay. The police refused to take the letter or a report. I asked for an investigation by internal affairs. Since the union doesn't have a blue code I am sure internal affairs should have no problem with my request.) Also, in the past, the head of internal affairs was the union rep.

    There is no record kept of dispositions of officer's arrests. One half of the people arrested in l994 had their cases dismissed. Where does the responsibility lie for that-with the judges, city attorney or with faulty arrests? Could it just be possible that 1 out of 385 officers performs his/her duty in an unprofessional manner?

    The union doesn't like the new chief because he insinuated they aren't doing their job professionally. So how did the union react? Did they offer to have the Center for Law Enforcement Ethics (CLEE) do an audit? Did they request a performance audit by an independent auditor? Did they demand the department follow WASPC accreditation standards? Did they ask the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) be contacted for the department to have national accreditation? NO!

    The union doubled the amount to $1,000 that they gave to Councilmen Kirby and DeForrest for their election. (In the prior election Kirby and DeForrest only received $500 each.) The union offered to reimburse the city $25,000 for the search fee the city paid to find our new chief (The union then felt this entitled them to have our new Chief Arreola fired.) and lastly they stated they will not leave the substation unless they receive a call./P>

    The only measure of performance seems to be on the pistol range when they qualify to carry their weapons. Could it be just coincidental that officers use their weapons in sticky situations so quickly?

    I believe the Tacoma Police Department Union is its own worst enemy. Everyone is held accountable whether from natural consequences or because of standards normally imposed by others. Children have to pass tests in school, doctors have to pass boards, most companies require annual performance audits of it's employees, most trucking firms require random uas, etc. . The union constantly dodges accountability

    I would suggest if the Tacoma Police Department adopted standards set up by WASPC or CALEA and CLEE and actually followed through on them then there would be no question of whether they did their job courteously, professionally and responsibly. Phyllis A. Barrett line

    Tacoma Police Union President Blystone is incensed Chief Arreola would even suggest the department has a blue code so I decided one more time to make a complaint to their Internal Affairs.

    The following is my 30 Oct 97 letter to Sgt Miller of the Tacoma Police Department Internal Affairs

    This letter is to follow up on my telephone call to you yesterday.

    Tacoma Police Union President Blystone avers there is no blue code. Your procedural manual states if a complaint is made to Internal Affairs either orally or in writing that the complaint will be thoroughly investigated. I have made numerous complaints, yet, Ms. Carlson (Assistant City Attorney assigned to the police department.) wrote that no internal affairs investigation has ever been conducted on my complaints.

    First, I am requesting you investigate thoroughly why no investigation has ever been conducted by Internal Affairs on my complaints.

    Secondly, when I requested documentation from LESA, your detectives refused to release the files because of juvenile suspects, yet, when I finally received the reports one juvenile suspect was born in l943 and another was born in l952. Why the lies?

    When I spoke with Officer Blystone, he suggested maybe the following events weren't dealt with because of intervention by "higher ups". Since Officer Blystone is angered that there is even a hint of a blue code maybe he could explain his comments to me.

    I want to know why the police brought my child, who was 14 at the time, to lunch at McDonalds while she was truant from school, why Cpt Williams told me to keep my mouth shut about favoritism to a certain individual, why it was alright to steal my gun, to steal my checks, my computer, my police scanner etc.

    Why did Det Geotz tell Patrolman Henry I couldn't file any reports, why Det Young told me not to call when an anti-harassment order was being violated, why former Chief Fjetland stated my death would receive low priority, why no one would accept letters that suggested rape and murder (The last is especially disconcerting since the young man I believed my daughter had alluded to has now been arrested for rape of two minors. Of course, the charge was plea bargained down to possession of pornography.) and why your officers either sit a surveillance at my home or follow me around and stop me at the slightest excuse?

    Although, I was told by Officer Blystone that things have changed since I was a cop I believe you can still obtain sworn statements from the officers involved in my complaint.

    You can also review my complaint on my web site, http://www.accessone.com/~phyll/. Page me at ...when you want to set up an appointment to review my complaint. Phyllis A. Barrett


    I finally received a list of who is on the board of the YMCA in downtown Tacoma on 29 Oct 97. (The board members who selected former Chief Fjetland is still a mystery except for the five officer's names.) In case anyone is interested the board members are Warren Foster, Fran Greenleaf, Carlen Coulter, Charles Croasdill, Bill Dowling, James Gregory, Terry Harman, Eric Johnson, Liz Mason, Barb McMahon, John M. Meteyer, Bernice Morehead, Randy Mori, Lyle Quasim (He is head of DSHS. His department scheduled two hearings on the same day and at the same time concerning my daughter. Obviously, I couldn't be in two places at one time. Also, his secretary sent me a letter cautioning me that my child may run. Funny thing the letter was dated a couple days before she ran, but, not sent until a couple days after she ran. I was told by one DSHS worker it was too bad my child didn't emancipate herself. When I questioned, "Why because I am still in the picture?". The reply was ,"Yes". That is another entire story.), Carol Sloan and Linda Sullivan./P>


    Tonight (21 Oct 97) I was at the Tacoma City Council meeting. I am known for carrying little bouncy balls, petition boards etc.. Recently, I have taken to carrying a sign that tells my web site address and the site's name. Tonight, Councilman Miller asked me out to the hallway and suggested I not carry the sign to council meetings. He suggested the council might make a resolution to stop me. He also said this piece of poster board could be considered a "weapon". What is wrong with my web site?

    Tacoma Police Union President Blystone, who has now taken to coming to Tacoma City Council meetings, (I guess the union wants to keep track of their investments- cops campaign contributions-74% of the officers don't live in Tacoma and everyone is eligible to join the union, but, the chief) stated maybe the officer who wouldn't give the young man who stole my car and totaled it a ticket for driving while license was suspended, for having no insurance, for reckless driving etc. and who wouldn't give me an accident report was told by some higher up to not write the tickets or an accident report. If there is no "blue code" than why won't any of the union members speak up and say who is protecting this young man if that indeed is occurring?


    This afternoon (18 Oct 97) Councilman DeForrest stated how he just received $1,000 from the Tacoma Police Union. Tonight I watched an officer pull in front of a motorist and do a u-turn. If the citizen hadn't been driving defensively there would have been an accident. Guess the more money the Union invests in the mayor and council the ruder they will become. We need to call Tacoma City Hall (253)591-5100 and let them know we VOTE! The cops may throw their Union (AFL-CIO) money around, but, 74 % of them can't vote in this city. (Did I call this in? Yes. An hour later has the sergeant called me back? No.)


    Today Mayor Ebersole stated maybe Chief Arreola should resign or be fired for commenting that the Union members need to treat community members with respect. Funny thing this very same mayor stated in a News Tribune Article Committee will probe police practices on 28 May 97 that "All the citizens of the city certainly deserve to be treated with respect and dignity by all members of the police force." He made the statement after hearing members of the community complain about being mistreated by the Tacoma Police Department. (Funny the UNIONS say only purchase items Made in the USA, but, 74% members of this Union, an affiliate of the AFL/CIO, won't live in the city they serve.)

    Now, coincidentally, the new chief has cut down on overtime and suggested the officers need annual performance evaluations the Union wants him fired. The Union has stated they will only have performance evaluations if they are used for training. They can not be used for promotion. There are over 8,000 outstanding warrants, this city is publicized as having the third highest crime rate on the West Coast, and the Union rep was head of Internal Affairs. The Union can be generous in giving campaign contributions even though 74% of the Union doesn't live in the city. Wasn't this Mayor Ebersole the same Ebersole who while a Rep in Olympia was sued by a young man named Chuck Coach who received an undisclosed settlement paid for by the taxpayers because he refused to do political work on time paid for by taxpayers? Ones attract ones and tens attract tens.

    In Oct 93 a WASPC Assessor wrote "This policing covers firearms and shootings very well, it does not address the least amount of force an officer would use and everything leading up to the use of a firearm."

    "Other than you shoot juveniles the same as adults-there is nothing directing an officer to use the least amount of force necessary for a juvenile or an adult."

    " Rewrite the policy to outline all levels of force an officer should use." "Who it should be used on and when." (Remember the dogs that have been shot this year not to mention the people. Under the "old" chief the officers felt, "...most in-service use of force training has been on firearms." What message does that send to the troops? These officers suffer from not knowing that they don't know.)


    Tacoma Police Department Overtime-1994 thru Aug 31, l997-General FundIDT


    Tacoma Police Union Local No. 6 Letter to Tacoma City Council dated l4 October l997 by President Robert R. Blystone, Jr.

    Mayor Ebersole, Deputy Mayor Baarsma, Honorable City Council members. I'm Robert Bylstone President of the the Tacoma Police Union Local #6 and in my 2.5 years as union president this is the first time I have the need to publicly come before this distinguished body. As you witnessed tonight by the attendance of a large number of police officers something is terribly remiss with your police department.

    Our purpose before you tonight is to reinforce to the citizens of Tacoma that their police officers are professionally responsible, courteous and considerate to all.

    I assure you that on August 28, l997, when Officer William Lowry gave his life for this city, the only thing he had on his mind-was-his professional responsibility.

    Policing is a difficult process. However, it is made more difficult by irresponsible comments of corruptibility, lack of professionalism and uncaring.

    Your police officers want to get on with the business of forging a partnership between the citizens and the police through community oriented policing, and to that joint effort we ask for your wisdom and support.(This letter is in response to Chief Arreola saying the officers follow a blue code-they protect their own)

    I challenge Robert Blystone to publicly explain his fellow officer's actions in regard to the drug dealer who lived next door to me and had 50 "visitors" an hour and the police saw nothing wrong with it? (Multiphy $30 times 50 people times 8 hours of peak drug traffic times 90 days. Funny thing the union doesn't want ua's.) Maybe he needs to answer why 74% of the police officers choose not to live in the city, but, are generous to a fault in providing campaign contributions? Maybe he would like to explain away all the incidents that have befallen me since Dec l994? I will provide him the documentation and maybe he can explain his fellow officers actions. I will be at any place any time of his chosing. All I ask is that everything gets totally reported. I am waiting.


    1997-1998 Addendum Agreement to the Labor-Management Master Agreement by and Between the Tacoma Police Union Local #6 I.U.P.A. and City of Tacoma

    Article 1-Subordination of Agreement

    It is understood that the parties herto and the employees of the City are governed by the provisions of applicable state law, the City Charter and City Ordinances. When any provisions of the City Charter or City Ordinances conflict with or are different than the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement are paramount and shall prevail.

    Section ll.5 Insurance

    A. ...Employees and their families, including all dependent children age eighteen (l8) and younger, will be provided with medical and hospital insurance including major medical...

    Article l8 - Callouts and Court Appearances

    Section 18.1 Call-out-When an officer is called out, he/she shall be compensated at the appropriate overtime rate, with a minimum payment of three (3) hours at time and one-half the regular rate. If the call-out is voluntary, the overtime compensation begins when the employee arrives at the station or crime scene. If the employee is ordered to return to work the overtime compensation begins when the employee receives the order to return to work. The supervisor shall specify at the time of the call-out whether the call-out is voluntary or ordered. (It pays to live far away from Tacoma not only do you get a patrol car to drive home, but, you receive with forced overtime compensation at time and a half for the commute back to work. The supervisor is part of the union.)

    Section l8.2 Court Appearances-When an employee is required to testify in court...he/she shall be compensated at the appropriate overtime rate with a minimum payment of three (3) hours at time and one half the regular rate.

    18.3 Cancellation of Court Appearances- Whenever a court or hearing appearance not scheduled during an employee's normal duty hours is canceled after l800 hours on the day preceding the scheduled appearance, the employee shall be entitled to the overtime minimum payments called for by this Agreement.

    Article 33- Employee Rights...5. Dismisssal, Demotion or Suspension:The Internal Affairs unit will conduct all interviews that may lead to dismissal, demotion and/or suspension. ...
    c. The employee shall be allowed the right to have a union representative and/or an attorney present during the interview. (The head of Internal Affairs was also the union representative.) Interviews shall be done under circumstances devoid of intimidation, abuse or coercion.
    10. The employee under investigation shall not be subject to offensive language or threatened with punitive action. ...

    Article 35 - Education Attainment Pay

    A. $1,000 annually to be paid as a lump sum in January, to each bargaining unit member holding one or more Associate's Degree, in any degree subject.
    B. $2,000 annually, to be paid as a lump sum in January, to each bargaining unit member holding one or more Bachelor's Degree or higher, in any degree subject.

    Article 36- Tuition Reimbursement

    The Police department agrees to provide up to $50,000 in the l997-l998 biennium for tuition reimbursement for bargaining unit employees working toward accredited college degrees.(There is no requirement that the employee remain with the City after obtaining their degree.)


    Employee Concerns - The Tacoma Police Department

    December l996

    Presented by the Police Executive Research Forum


    Late in l996, the Police Executive Research Forum was contracted to provide a "snapshot" of key issues within the police department. Extensive interviews were conducted to gain a wide variety of perspectives on the department and its operations. ...

    l. Department Direction

    A recurrent theme sounded by many was that the department lacks direction. Few were aware of the mission statement stated on the organizational chart. ...
    Many were also concerned about a lack of vision for the department....A consistent issue surfaced by almost all of the interviewees was the feeling that the department has lacked leadership. ...
    There are no stated values for the agency.
    Community Policing
    ...Many in the department have come to view community policing as little more than special unit assignments that kept people away from call response. Many view community policing as without an operating philosophy and as subject to too much political influence and intervention....To many, it seemed that community policing has been primarily a way to get increased manpower rather than an organizational vision or crime control strategy.

    2. Internal Communications (Flow):

    The dissemination of information of, both vertically and horizontally, is not facilitated by any formal communications flow. ...
    ...Perhaps worse, is that with no up/down communications flow, many officers think the department's leadership is either unaware of patrol staffing realities or that they don't care. Because they remain uninformed, to many it doesn't appear that anyone is working on this or other problems.
    Supervisors, by virtue of their position and experience feel they know what constitutes good performance on the part of subordinate police officers, but they admit there is little or no guidance from the top as to the overall role of patrol... .
    Patrol officers assemble for turnout/roll call at the start of each shift. Traditionally, this is an opportunity for the relay of currently useful operational information regarding wanted persons, vehicles, suspicious activity, crime trends and other crime analysis information. In Tacoma, these appear to be regularly missed opportunities. ...Similarly, patrol and other investigation information that could prove useful to detectives is rarely shared, unless an informal relationship exists between individual officers and detectives. Some officers expressed concern that roll call and the opportunity to share vital information will be further lost if the take home car program leads to officers checking on duty in their assigned patrol area without station roll call.

    3. Supervision

    ...Many patrol officers report that their sergeants are stretched very thin. There is no minimum staffing for sergeants. This coupled with a rotating shift schedule that does not align with the officers they supervise, results in too little opportunity for supervisors to interact with their subordinates. Some report they only see their sergeant one or two shifts out of eight. When training, vacation or sick days are factored in, it may be weeks between supervisory contact.
    Much of the failure of sergeants to discuss individual performance expectations stems from the lack of a performance evaluation system.

    4. Discipline

    At virtually every rank level, sworn officers report that there is no consistency in the administration of internal discipline. The prevailing feeling is that the severity of discipline, or if one is subject to discipline at all relies on who the subject officer is and/ or who he/she knows-or how ambitious the officer's sergeant is.
    ...Similarly, there is no formal "Early Warning System" as used by many departments to flag and track officers who exhibit recurring problematic behavior. ...
    The current lieutenant in charge of the department's internal affairs function is also the current vice-president of the officer's labor bargaining unit. Although there were no complaints voiced by officers or command-level personnel about this situation, it raises some concern. As high ranking labor organization official, this individual assumes responsibility for protecting the interests of all union members. It is not uncommon for this to include representing officers who are the subject of internal investigations and discipline. As the senior police official overseeing internal investigations, this same individual is responsible for protecting the interests of the department and ensuring citizens' complaints are fully investigated.

    5. Training

    Other Training Issues
    The consensus is that the Department has excellent use of force and firearms training....Also concern was express that as the Integrated Use of Force Model is being introduced to TPD appropriate and adequate training is provided for all levels of force (ex. Voice command, OC spray and impact instrument qualification, deadly force etc.) since, it is felt, most in- service use of force training has been on firearms.

    Coming next grants, accreditation and the Tacoma Police Department

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